5 places to visit in Transylvania this September

Autumn comes with new touristic exploration possibilities: discover the magical and mysterious land of Transylvania behind the wheel of a welcoming car! 

Without even realizing, summer is nearly over. August is welcoming but running its course. Time really flies, especially when we are having a good time in the company of the people we love. Besides, how could we even measure correctly this resource, especially when we spend our days relaxing on a sunny beach?

There is still a little bit of time left to plan a short vacation. In order to do so we have to be informed. Today we can use the internet in order to plan a trip and make the most of it, with no stress or worries. 

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Who could get enough of visiting exciting locations and doing only the activities that are fun and thrilling? It’s sad that we can’t do this all the time, but if we did, then we would not really be able to work for our goals or appreciate our achievements.

Balance is always key to a healthy and happy life. As a result, it is recommended to relax from time to time and forget about work. Some of us have difficulties in doing so, but doctors say we have to let at least for a couple of days.

Relaxing is a forgotten art of life

We are often faced with the question: “did we really make the most of our vacations?” We would hate the thought of missing out on something spectacular. However, since our days off are always limited, it would be impossible to see everything in just one go. That is why it’s best to plan your holidays gradually. Each season has something unique to offer from a touristic standpoint. This summer end can be a chance to enjoy the Sun more than ever seeing as June and July were pretty complicated weather-wise.

The end of August, for the majority of us, equals to returning to work, following a hectic schedule with very little time left for fun and enjoyment. Luckily, it doesn’t necessarily have to go that way. Autumn has several magical elements on its own. We only have to pay close attention to discover it!

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Mother Nature has its way of painting our surroundings with amazing sceneries meant to fill our souls with happiness and joy. Fortunately, nature in Romania is an open gift, available to all. This is a country that always delivers subtle emotions and warm embraces from nature (The Carpathian Mountains, Danube, Danube Delta, Olt, Mures and Siret rivers). 

September can be an excellent month to visit the mountains and spend your evenings looking at a vivid colored meadow. There is something fascinating in this season, how the transition to winter translates into the entire environment wearing intense tones of brown and gold. One might even say that this is like the last celebration before that somber and cold season.

In the end, it all depends on your preferences and how you like to spend your time. If you want to spend your time going from one spot to another in search of a tranquil and serene place, then you will not be disappointed.

Photo credit: Vasile Prisacariu

Thus, regardless of what time of the year it is, there are still many touristic possibilities that can fulfill your expectations (some may even exceed them). With proper information and the right guidance, you will be able to create amazing itineraries in all seasons of the year. Romania is a really beautiful country with an impressive landscape and hundreds of locations that are worthy of your attention. You will definitely not get bored on a visit here! One thing is certain: fun activities are always at your disposal, but you need to find them.

This September, we invite you to discover one of the most popular an mysterious regions of Romania, more precisely: Transylvania. The reputation of this particular area has crossed borders and inspired many writers, actors and movie producers.

Transylvania is portrayed as a land filled with magic, mysteries and many fascinating legends. Are you ready to discover them? If your answer is YES, then we invite you to visit 5 amazing places in Transylvania this September. We’re convinced that you will be thrilled! Hopefully, the rows below will prove to be quite helpful in your endeavor.

Top 5 beautiful destinations in Transylvania for a September vacation

Whenever we are going on holiday, we want to make sure that we have at our disposal all the necessary conditions for an outstanding touristic experience. First of all, we must pick a fun and thrilling route (decide which attractions to see, where to eat, or stay and so on). Secondly, it’s important to ensure that there will be fun activities fit for the entire members of the family. You can’t expect a child to be very amused at a historical museum, can you? Thus, it would be a good idea to inform yourself about possible festivities nearby, or perhaps a small fair where you could take the little ones.

And finally, for a stress-free vacation, you will need a reliable means of transport, one that won’t leave you hanging in the middle of the road. A good car can really help you travel with ease to all your desired destinations. Considering that Transylvania is a mountain region, it would be advised to choose a vehicle that is properly adapted to face the difficulties on the road.

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This is where AutoBoca can help. We are a professional rental firm and we can provide reliable and trustworthy cars for your vacation. Since 2008 we have worked with thousands of clients, to help them explore different parts of Romania behind the wheels of food cars. More details in the following lines.

So, which would be the top 5 destinations to visit in Transylvania this September? We can provide recommendations with respect to the means of transport to use but also what to visit. Without further ado, here are 5 amazing places you should consider visiting:

Photo credit: Tinel Andronic

Cetatuia fortress in Cluj. One of the most popular cities in Transylvania is Cluj-Napoca. And for good reason. This charming and lovely establishment has been flourishing in the last couple of years from an economic and cultural standpoint. Here you will find a beautiful mixture of modernism and traditionalism. Cetatuia Fortress is one of the legacies left behind by our ancestors. It’s an exquisite location, situated at 400 meters altitude, which means that you will get a panoramic view of the entire city. Sound amazing, doesn’t it?

Turda Saline. Another major attraction in this area is this magnificent underground saline which was transformed into a real live entertainment park. You can go sailing, play mini-golf or explore the mine on your own (of course there are guides and carefully explained maps).

Foto: Adrian Daniel

Palace of Culture in Targu-Mures. This palace is an example of what an architectural masterpiece looks like. It’s also a display of luxury and that can be observed from the moment you set your eyes on it. Every little detail seems to be carefully placed, and the mosaic of colors indicate a luxurious constructions fit only for the elite. Luckily for us, we can visit it today and admire its true beauty.

 The Clock Tower in Sighisoara. Transylvania is filled with medieval constructions and fortresses, one more beautiful than the other. The Clock Tower in Sighisoara is an excellent example of such a building. It’s impressive, tall, and the best part is that you can climb on top and obtain a panoramic view of the entire city. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Photo credit: Ștefania Lău

Brancusi’s sculptures in Targu-Jiu. Romania has many artists (writers, poets, painters, sculptors and so on) that left real riches to our cultural patrimony. Constantin Brancusi was one of them and we can admire some of his work in Targu-Jiu. Each and every one of them has a powerful meaning which will leave room for contemplation.

Photo credit: Ștefaia Lău

In other words, Romania has quite many touristic treasures to offer to curious visitors. And we are here to help you discover them with ease. AutoBoca is one of the top rental firms in the country, with 10 years of experience in the field. We are always ready to greet our clients with beautiful cars and excellent services. It is important for people to access professional services. This is why we always work to improve our services.

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