5 reasons to spend your Christmas in Romania

Did you make plans for the winter holidays? We invite you to discover beautiful Romania behind the wheel of a “jolly” welcoming car! 

Christmas is just around the corner and if we don’t begin our holiday planning soon, we won’t find that special location that we were dreaming of for many months. This is the ideal period of the year to have a little bit of fun and enjoy the sweeter side of life.

For most of us, this is a period of the year that springs back memories from our childhood, when decorating a fir tree was the highlight of our day. Of course, the cherry on top was waiting for Santa Claus to bring us the presents we wanted. It was a period when we were truly happy and we believed in the spirit of Christmas.

Photo credit: Mihaela Tănase

“Hunting” those elusive Christmas presents is an activity that children love. It is quite exciting to unwrap the presents and see the toys. Who doesn’t love to feel the emotions of a great present and family dinner?

As adults, we don’t experience the same enthusiast as children, but the magic is still there. The Christmas days are devoted entirely to friends and family. This is when we talk and discover new things about each other. We might have not seen our relatives for months, but on this special occasion, we all try and make an effort to rejoice. It can be very nice and relaxing just to spend a couple of moments enjoying the company of loved ones and without the stress or pressure from work. From time to time we should forget about work-related issues. It is quite refreshing to do so. 

Photo credit: Mihaela Abălăesei

Getting gifts for the people that we care about can be an emotionally rewarding activity. It’s heartwarming to notice the smile on their faces when they thank you for your time and consideration. Many would claim that they enjoy much more giving presents than receiving them. This entire holiday reminds us to be better people and appreciate the real values of life. Some wish for complete spiritual rejuvenation while others for emotional stability. Everyone wants something for Christmas.

And what would be the best way to celebrate the winter holidays with your friends and family if not by going on a vacation? Since the majority of people get days off during this time of year, they choose to go on holidays in a nice and cozy location. Winter can be truly mesmerizing especially within the mountains. There’s something unique at a winter morning spent glaring at the high mountain peaks covered in snow. It’s quite peaceful and fulfilling.

Photo credit: Marius Isac

Therefore, many people are considering going to a charming mountain resort for the holidays. It’s a chance to spend quality time in the company of people that we cherish and create new memories together. However, the difficult part is finding the right destination. Where could you be spending your winter holidays? The number of touristic possibilities is quite generous and in the end, it all depends on your preferences.  

Before making any decisions, you have to take into consideration a couple of practical aspects regarding entrainment options, historical and cultural diversity, places for sightseeing and of course elements regarding the local cuisine. The whole point of a vacation is to indulge in delicious treats and do all the things that normally you don’t have access to (due to routine and other responsibilities). We have a suggestion for choosing the perfect holiday destination: Romania. Why exactly? Find out more details in the following lines!

An amazing vacation in Romania: 5 good reasons to visit this country for winter holidays!

Romania could be an excellent choice for your Christmas holiday. Why? Because here, you will find everything you need for an unforgettable holiday filled with beautiful memories. You could spend 1 or 2 days on the ski slopes in some resorts and another 1 or 2 days exploring the surroundings. You will be surprised by how many interesting touristic objectives will come on your path. It can be a fun holiday but also a good chance to learn something new and interesting about a different country.

If you are not convinced why you should come here for the winter holidays here are at least 5 good reasons to choose Romania:

Photo credit: Marius Isac

Amazing scenery. Any mountain resort in Romania will provide a beautiful and incredible view which becomes truly exquisite during winter. Everything is covered in brilliant white inviting you to play and build your very own snowman. 

Lots of history. Pretty much in any location of the country, you will find a story to be told. Centuries-old constructions and medieval fortresses come with incredible legends that will only raise your curiosity and interest towards the past of Romania. Some of these legends are a little too close to the truth which only gives you more reason to inquire further.

Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

Beautiful customs and traditions. Romania has an old heritage and many customs have been kept alive from generation to generation for hundreds of years. There’s something unique about admiring a traditional household getting ready for Christmas or New Year. Even if some of our customs may seem fairly odd (especially the masked ritual for New Year – like our version of  Halloween), there is a beautiful story behind them. Besides, it’s quite lovely to receive carolers during Christmas Eve.

The food is delicious. Besides breathtaking views and charming stories to be shared, there is another good reason to visit Romania: the food. It’s absolutely delicious, diverse and rich in nutrients. Many tourists decide to come back here for the food alone!

Photo credit: Ștefania Lău

A diverse wine pallet. If you appreciate the taste of a fine beverage, you can easily have access to aromatic or floral wines, red wines or rose. All of them were created from the Romanian vineyards. A glass of wine is always welcomed at a Christmas party, right?

There would be far more reasons to choose Romania as your winter holiday destination, but these 5 are a good start. You will definitely not regret visiting this magnificent country. Nonetheless, in order to truly experience its beauty, you will be needing a high-quality car by your side. Winter is a difficult season in Romania and it comes with low temperatures and heavy snow. Thus, it would be advised to be properly equipped (especially within the mountains). 

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This is a beautiful compact car, spacious and with a powerful engine. You can rely on it for long or short drives and it has a generous trunk as well (ideal for luggage). There were many people that used this car to enjoy nice drives and limited stress. Why not become one of them? You can be a happy customer and a happier tourist! 

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