7 places to visit this summer in Romania

Summer travels in Romania: what to visit first in this East European country?

In 2019 thousands of travels from Europe plan to visit Romania at some point or another. Driven by business or touristic plans, people come with pleasure to this East European country. They want to experience the most out of their trips, planning with great enthusiasm each step of the way. It is absolutely normal for some planning to be in order, especially if you’re on a first Romanian visit. The more you know about the places you’re about to see, the easier it will be to go through positive experiences. Fortunately, it is quite easy these days to gather information on a place, service, accommodation, restaurant and more.

We can always use various websites and other offline sources of information in order to gather useful data on the characteristics of a specific location and even its surroundings. This is probably why most travelers invest two or three hours of their time in documentation before leaving to a new country. It is an attitude that helps them have a good time. If your plans include a visit in Romania this summer, take the time to look for places to visit, where to stay and eat and how to get around. Once you figure out some answers to these questions, it becomes a bit easier to go on the road.

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In most situations, people come by plane to Romania and then they search for alternative means of transportation. They want to continue their trips without running into stressful situations. Most travelers prefer to opt for rent a car services in order to complete their plans without feeling restricted from one fixed point to another. People that look for such services in Romania are not disappointed. These firms that can accommodate such transport needs, by offering access to a wide range of vehicles.

Picking a good collaborator takes a bit of time. You can’t simply choose the first firm that gives an offer. Why not? Well, if you don’t know a thing about them, how can you be sure that they will offer great services? This is why doing a bit of research online might just be the right call to action. In the present you can opt for our renting services, carefully designed to help clients drive good cars. Still, before we get into more details about car renting services, we invite you to discover 7 amazing places to visit this summer in Romania.

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7 places to explore in Romania in the jolly summer of 2019

If your plans this summer include a long visit in Romania, this is the perfect time to plan ahead and thus be ready for a great time. In this beautiful country you will come across countless stunning locations that can be visited with pleasure. There are fascinating places that promise to impress and delight visually and intellectually. In addition to the cultural, historical, artistic and natural monuments of beauty, Romania is also known for its traditional food. The Romanian cuisine is a mix of oriental, Slavic and Romanic trends, which results into amazing dishes, worth trying when in Romania. You will be able to discover a couple of unique culinary treats, distinct from what you have back home. In addition, it is recommended to try the local food in order to get a feel of the true Romanian spirit.

When it comes to places to visit in Romania, it is quite difficult to limit the list down to seven places. There are a lot of stunning locations, with distinct stories to tell, that can be included in various travel itineraries. Still, because we move around a lot in the country, we decided to use our knowledge base and craft a short travel guide in Romania for the summer of 2019. It was a real pleasure to draft an itinerary which can be followed with ease, especially if time is of the essence. Now, we managed to emphasize on the characteristics of different places to visit. Hopefully, we were able to find out cool places, with the capacity to become amazing sources of joy and fun.

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The first place on our list is Bucharest, the Romanian capital city, which seems to be a major attraction to Europeans. You are probably not surprised. Capitals have a way about them to attract visitors. The most important city of a country is packed with life and stories. Bucharest is not a city that can be taken lightly. You will discover a beautiful and modern city, which deserves a day or two for proper exploration. The Parliament Palace seems to be the major attraction in this city. Still, you can also visit the local parks, Cismigiu, Tei and Herastrau. You can also check out a great museum: Grigore Antipa.

The second place that should be on your list is Suceava, a city that keeps on surprising visitors.  Why should you consider a visit to this Northern city? Well, seemingly a Romanian version of George R.R Martin’s Winterfell, Suceava has a secret: The Citadel. This is a beautiful fortress, quite imposing and worth a visit. Get your digital camera ready because you will use it. Take a walk down the historic streets of Suceava and discover an amazing place.

The third place on our list of recommendations is Targoviste, a tiny and yet important city in Romania’s history. This stunning city is where the tyrannical Communist leaders Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu met their well-deserved end. In addition, Targoviste was the former capital city of Tara Romaneasca and home to an astonishing Court. Remember to visit it and climb up Chindia Tower.

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The Northern monasteries that keep on attracting visitors from all over Europe. The fourth, fifth and six places of our list are monasteries: Voronet, Gura Humorului and Arbore. These are amazing monasteries that keep on attracting visitors from all over Europe. Bukovina is one of the most visited Romanian regions. Discover the joyous stories of beautiful monasteries! It is important to discover them live and in the presence of great friends. You won’t regret it later on, especially if you are a spiritual person.

The last place on our list is Iasi, a beautiful and modern city in Northern Romania that keeps on attracting visitors from all over the world. This is where you will find the Palace of Culture, Trei Ierarhi Church, Roznovanu Palace and many others. Take a moment to visit Copou Park which keeps on impressing with every single walk.

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