A few days in beautiful Moldova: a touristic heaven for all

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The need for discovery and contact with beautiful regions and interesting people is growing from month to month in the hearts of millions of people around the world. Everyone wants to escape their daily lives, trying to access points of relaxation and good fun. From time to time it is recommended to go to a new location and discover interesting things.

There are a lot of places that can be visited by friends and family members. Setting the basis for an unforgettable trip requires research and attentive documentation. This is probably the best way to make sure that every single trip can become a source of pleasure and good fun.

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If you’ve set your eyes on Romania as a future travel destination, you are in for a real treat. There were many people that visited this country in the last couple of years. They were more than happy with their choices. Tourists from all over the world managed to discover interesting things about our country and its countless treasures.

Some of their travels were immortalized in photos, short videos, and written notes. Such touristic breadcrumbs are useful to those that never visited Romania. It is highly recommended for first-time tourists to gather information about the country they are about to visit.

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Many people that have visited the northern part of Romania have been mesmerized by the rich culture, incredible landscapes and beautiful traditions hidden in this charming land. One could even dare to say that this is where the authentic Romanian spirit lies. Moldova has a special type of energy that will help you forget all about your stress and worries and rediscover your spiritual side.

Not only that, but there are many historical monuments, medieval fortress and a plethora of beautiful monasteries and churches that are waiting to share their stories with you. There are many things that you can discover in this part of the country.

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Depending on the amount of time that you have available for exploring Moldova, you can include on your list a few touristic attractions that will make your trip worthwhile. Not only that, but on the way, you will discover new things about a different culture and the roots of past civilizations that make Romania the country that we see today.

With the Internet at your fingertips, you can easily find out useful information which will point out to the most emblematic places in Moldova. An interesting route could include cities like Suceava, Vatra Dornei, Iasi, Bacau and many others. These are a couple of places that are simply amazing, with interesting stories and fascinating people.

In each and every location, there will be something that will draw your attention. It may be a very rustic mountain village filled with breathtaking views and picturesque surroundings. Or, it may be a big modern city that under the urban outlook has a few historical constructions that will take you back in history. In the end, it all depends on your preferences. The whole purpose of a vacation is to relax, have a good time and enjoy the company of your loved ones. And all of these things can be achieved in one single trip to Moldova. You’ll have a chance to create many memories that you will cherish for years to come. Some of these memories can take the form of photos and videos.

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If you will start your exploration in Romania with the city of Suceava, prepare yourself for an amazing touristic experience through the impressive Carpathian Mountains. One of the main attractions in Suceava is the medieval fortress with the same name. This massive construction was finished at the end of the XIV century and still remains a sight to see. Within the citadel, there are yearly medieval festivals organized where it’s commemorated an important part of the history of Romania. You can go back to the time of the powerful knights and kings. The Citadel is pretty amazing, worth your time. You should reserve around two hours for a dedicated exploration of the Suceava citadel.

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Another touristic objective in Suceava that is worth seeing is the Voronet Monastery. Called also the “Sistine Chapel of the East”, this beautiful establishment is also centuries old and was included in UNESCO patrimony. What makes this monastery special and unique are the paintings on the walls and the colors used to recreate various scenes from the Bible. Voronet Monastery is an emblematic location in Moldova and it should definitely be included on your list. Surely when you visit this location monastery, you will understand why so many people come here.

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If you’ll feel more adventurous then you can go on a mountain trail and Vatra Dornei is the perfect place to do so. You’ll be surrounded by nature, fresh air, local restaurants serving traditional food and many fun activities prepared for curious tourists. Just one day in Vatra Dornei will be enough to recharge with energy and get ready for your next adventure. This is a good place to relax and forget about day to day problems.

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Your vacation in Moldova would not be complete is you won’t visit the city of Iasi. It is the cultural capital of Moldova and a single library would not be enough to encompass the greatness of this establishment. Iasi is the city of poets, writers, important political figures and the place where some of the greatest events in the history of Romania took place. The list of touristic objectives that you could visit is pretty lengthily but definitely worth it.

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The Palace of Culture can be a top priority. This is one of the most impressive buildings in the city and it can easily be spotted thanks to its grandeur and size. You can end your vacation with a quick visit to Bacau, another lovely city in Moldova. It may be smaller, but it compensates with hospitality and the charm specific to a province. Here you can visit some castles, museums and beautiful gardens. At the end of your vacation in Moldova, you will look forward to the next occasion that you can return!

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