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Planning for a vacation is one of the most exciting things to do for millions of people around the world. As you start thinking about all the new places you will discover and the adventures that may come your way, you might come to discover diverse opportunities. It is a great chance to relax, forget all about your worries and daily responsibilities. This is a state of mind that all want to achieve. Today’s travel opportunities can take you to joyful places, where you can relax and have fun.

Unde este pasul Rucar Bran

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Not only that, but you will spend more time with the people you cherish the most. However, choosing the holiday destination can be a far more difficult than you may expect. You have to find a location that will manage to combine a wide array of elements which make the right ingredients for a perfect vacation. It should be a mixture between culture, history, breathtaking natural sighs, charming traditions and also the possibility to venture into fun activities for the whole group. There are many places in our country that you could visit without any problems whatsoever. All that remains is for you to choose a destination that speaks to your touristic desire.

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Of course, there are many places that could fulfill those requirements; however, you must also consider your budget. Going on a secluded tropical island can sound like a dream holiday, however, it does not come at a low price. On the contrary: you might want to save money an entire year to go in such a location. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t find a location that will meet your expectations and your budget as well. On the contrary! Romania can be a great example of a holiday destination that will give you hundreds of reasons to come back here. It’s one of the most beautiful Eastern European countries and it won’t cost an arm and a leg to explore it. For this reasons, millions of tourists from all over the world, choose to spend some of their days off on Romanian land. A lot of things are waiting for you here. Are you ready to discover them?

Romania can be a great example of a holiday destination that will give you hundreds of reasons to come back here. It is one of the most beautiful Eastern European countries and it won’t cost an arm and a leg to explore it. For this reasons, millions of tourists from all over the world, choose to spend some of their days off on Romanian land. A lot of things are waiting for you here. Are you ready to discover them?

Photo credit: Ștefania Lău

The Carpathian Mountains are a real touristic paradise filled not only with mesmerizing natural environments but also with centuries of histories that are waiting for you to re-discover them. The Carpathians are a big mountain chain which crosses many countries, but a large part is in Romania. This means that in pretty much any region that you will go to, you can expect to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

However, Romania is much more than pretty natural environments. Romania is rich in history, medieval constructions, picturesque mountain villages, carefully crafted and painted churches and monasteries and quite a generous number of castles built in different eras. Most likely, the most popular of them all is Bran Castle as it’s directly connected to the infamous Count Dracula. The stories about vampires have taken over Hollywood and never ceases to stimulate people’s imagination. For this reason, many decide to include Bran Castle in their itinerary. Besides, what could be more exciting than walking in the same place as once this did Bloody Count? Inside Bran Castle, you will also be able to admire many collections of antiques and admire the luxury on display. Be sure you have your camera ready because you will use it!

Romania castel Bran

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Romania is a gorgeous country, packed with thousands of touristic objectives, each one more stunning than the other. How can you make the most of your time spent here? How to start this journey with an open heart and a delightful smile? Well, a proper documentation wouldn’t hurt. To this particular end, it is recommended to have a better grasp of the touristic possibilities in Romania (there are many blogs to read and recommendations from experienced travelers to follow). You will be surprised by the number of entertainment options. At the end of your holiday you will return relaxed, filled with energy and with knowledge (as most likely you will find out some things related to Romanian culture and history).

Photo credit: Ștefania Lău

In order to enjoy your travels, you must also have at your disposal a good means of transport. You should have the freedom to go to any desired destination as you please. After all, the point of any holiday is to liberate yourself from any unnecessary restrictions. For this reason, many people choose to rent cars when they come here. It’s convenient, efficient and it will save you from many headaches.

How can you find the best deals for renting good cars in Romania? With the right information, it won’t be difficult at all. There are many reliable rent a car agencies that can provide good transportation means. You just have to choose the one that can also provide advantageous prices. Be patient and look through all available offers. This is probably the best way to enjoy the benefits of a good offer!

AutoBoca is a Romanian rent a car firm that can offer assistance to everyone with a desire to travel by car. Our fleet is more than ready to accommodate a wide range of transport necessities which will allow you to obtain maximum ride comfort and safety. In our fleet, you will find countless cars, designed to match all the necessities of your trip. A lot depends on your preferences and the number of passengers. With AutoBoca, you can rest assured that you will find the right vehicle for you. Let’s find out more details about what we have prepared for you in autumn 2017!

Best cars to visit Romania? Discover new models available to you at AutoBoca!

Many people ask themselves: which are the best vehicles for exploring Romania? It’s very difficult to find a clear answer to this type of question, as every car model is fit for a particular type of trip. For instance, if you plan on spending more time in the big and crowded Romanian cities, then your best choice would be a vehicle like VW Polo Automat. It’s a mini car and it will allow you to move swiftly and without any issues. A very big plus to this new Polo model is that driving will become a real pleasure. The automatic gear transmission will help you feel relaxed and stress-free while being behind the wheel. These are key elements in places where traffic can get quite intense.

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If you’re considering visiting areas surrounding big cities, then you should rent a compact car such as VW Jetta. At AutoBoca, not only that you will find the newest Jetta model, but you’ll be able to rent it at a real advantageous price! VW Jetta has received countless positive reviews from our clients: it is indeed a car that you will enjoy driving!

Group travels can become easier with a minibus. These are spacious vehicles which will provide enough room for everyone to feel comfy and safe. VW Touran or Mercedes Benz Tourer can be excellent choices if you will be coming here with more people (5-9). With a minibus, you will be allowed to travel together and have more fun on the road!

If you’re looking for space, comfort and an extra level of safety, you can opt for renting an SUV like Suzuki Vitara. It’s a powerful car which can be perfect for exploring Romania with your family. Vitara can be a great road companion even for the most difficult areas in the country (especially the mountainside).

At the end, the choice is yours. We just want to make sure that you have all the needed options. And since we want to make sure that you’ll have a pleasant touristic experience, in autumn 2017, you will be able to rent our welcoming cars at really great prices. Take advantage of our offers and plan your holiday today! You can contact us anytime, we’re here for you, 24/7!

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