A weekend trip to Colibita

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Beautiful mountains, calm waters and sunny days: the perfect recipe for an amazing weekend

Summer is making its presence felt with each day that passes. The weather seems to be on our side (high temperatures, sunny days) and the entire environment is going through several changes. We can officially say goodbye to those gray colors which not too long ago, were taking over the entire landscape.

Taking the most out of each summer trip done in various parts of Romania is something that we can do without problems. The warm season is obviously a chance for us to discover new places right alongside friends or even family members. If you have only a weekend to use for free and joyful trips then you might want to know a couple of things about some of the best spots to hit. In Romania there are many places that can be visited with dear people. Visiting them with pleasure and comfort is easier than ever these days. As a result, we invite you to read an interesting article about some of the most visited weekend spots.

During summer time, we are being spoiled with beautiful shades of green and an entire rainbow of colors especially if we are to visit a lovely garden or a park. Everything around us is making us feel more enthusiastic and the need to travel is stronger than ever. You can’t really unravel the real masterpieces of nature within the big concrete walls of the city. Thus, a good idea may be to take several trips to the mountains or the seaside.

What are the best places to visit in a tight weekend? Well, the answer depends on more elements, which can’t be taken lightly. Time is without a doubt the first element to take into account. When you have a two or three days window to travel, you can’t simply pick to visit a destination located far away. Picking the perfect spot to visit can be rather easy if you access reliable sources of information. This is probably the best way to make sure that the road ahead can be exciting and even fun.

Romania is a touristic heaven filled with wonders regardless of the region you will visit. We have mountains, beautiful sea, charming medieval establishments, centuries of history waiting to be unraveled and of course, incredible traditional dishes.

Food is a wonderful treat that you’re entitled to, especially during holidays. However, when it comes to planning a vacation, the majority of us will complain about the lack of time, finances or simply about the lack of energy. After long periods of hard work, it can be difficult to get enthusiastic about the idea of being on the road.

Every single time we get the opportunity to travel, we leave behind stress and worries. The scope of any travel is to relax and have fun. During a brief period of time we should forget about the issues that make our lives problematic. Are you ready to discover more? Read with patience the rows below. We are confident that you will discover interesting things about possible weekend trips.

Photo credit: Mihaela Abalaesei

The weekend is an opportunity to unwind, forget about your worries and focus solely on the things that make you happy. Travelling can be the perfect remedy for all the negativity and be discouraging thoughts that you may have, some of them sticking with us on a daily basis. Besides, Romania is an incredibly beautiful country and it deserves to be explored accordingly.

Where can you go to relax for a 2-day trip? One of the most beloved weekend vacation destinations is Colibita. This little piece of heaven is also known as the “sea within the mountains”, mainly because Colibita Lake is one of the largest and deepest lakes in the country. It’s being carefully guarded by tall and massive mountains in an attempt of nature to preserve this wonderful location as unaltered as possible. And this goal was almost succeeded; Colibita is a secluded place perfect for romantic getaways or for clearing out your thoughts and recharging with energy.

What can one expect from a trip to Colibita? Well, there is much to be said about this wonderful location, nicely tucked away in the heart of nature. People can really have fun here and enjoy a quiet escape from the busy life in town. Sounds like an amazing plan, no? The truth is that travelling can be an amazing activity, one with beneficial effects on the body and mind.

Photo credit: Mihaela Abalaesei

There are also a lot of fun activities to perform: trekking, rowing on the boat even fishing. Basically a quiet place far away from the craziness of modern cities and a chance to recharge your energies in the heart of nature. Going to a short mountain trail (that is if you can’t opt for an extended one) could lead you to beautiful wonders hidden within the forests (like a waterfall).

However, there is a practical element of your trip that you need to consider. In order to get to this little piece of heaven also known as Colibitia, you will have to find a reliable means of transport. The mountains are indeed breathtaking, but the roads are very challenging. You will need a vehicle that has a sturdy construction, easy to drive and comes with a powerful engine.

AutoBoca can be of help when it comes to identifying reliable vehicles. We are a professional rent a car agency with 10 years of experience in the field. During this time, we learned how to listen to our clients’ needs and how to meet their expectations. More precisely, with interesting models and professional services. We are always prepared to welcome you with a good car and advantageous offers. Our goal is to see you leave our office with a smile.

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Thus, for your weekend trip to Colibita, we recommend that you rent the new VW Jetta. Why should you rent this model and not another? In the following lines, we’ll provide more details. We’re convinced that you won’t be disappointed!

VW Jetta: the perfect choice for a memorable weekend tip

A large part of each holiday consists of being on the road. It’s definitely much more fun to be able to travel freely from one place to another and manage to see as many interesting locations as possible. With a good car by your side, driving can turn out to be an amazing experience in itself. And this is where AutoBoca comes in. With one of our welcoming cars, you will be able to make the most of your weekend trip to Colibita.

Rent VW Jetta in Romania great price

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VW Jetta is one of the most beloved vehicles by our clients. Why? Because it combines certain elements that many tourists are seeking: comfort, space, elegance and a powerful engine. The new model has many improved features meant to make driving easier and stress-free. Also, Jetta has a generous trunk, which means that you don’t have to be concerned about luggage. Overall, VW Jetta is a reliable partner for the road.

And the best part is that you can rent this beautiful car from AutoBoca at a really special price. If you’re considering the possibility of online rent, then you may even be eligible for a 5% discount! All you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps to complete our form and if you choose to make the full payment, you will get 5% off! Simple isn’t it?

In case you may have further questions, feel free to contact us anytime. One of our agents will assist you throughout the entire renting process and will greet you with the new VW Jetta at a location most convenient for you. Reserve your welcoming car today and spend an incredible weekend in the heart of the mountains!

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