Accessing December deals on vehicles to rent in OTP airport

Discover Romania in December with a car from Autoboca! It is a real pleasure to drive a welcoming car!

December is without a doubt an eventful and charming month: Christmas is just around the corner and people begin to think about enjoying a trip. Besides the standard gift giving activities, more and more people desire to explore new and exciting new places. There is a special kind of magic in the air and the holiday spirit is encouraging you to feel a little more generous, adventurous and perhaps explore new locations and burst the bubble of the daily routine.

More and more people are now opting for trips in Romania, right alongside friends and family members. The road is open to their new desires and expectations!

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If you are planning to visit Romania in December, you can expect a lot of agitation, as this month also makes quite an important event for our country: the Great Union from 1918. The whole nation is celebrating and if you are lucky, you can even assist one of the ceremonies. It is quite a sight to see and you will get to learn more about Romania’s culture.  You won’t regret participating in such a fascinating event, packed with emotions and dances. So, get ready to gather a couple of amazing memories!

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The majority of tourists that choose to come here expect to start their journeys with delight and no headaches. A lot of tourists come to Romania by plane and usually land in Otopeni airport. This is one of the busiest centers of transit in Romania, especially near and during the holiday season. Hundreds of thousands of people arrive in OTP airport on a daily basis, most of them in a hurry to reach a specific destination.

Finding a good and reliable means of transport seems to be the number one concern for the majority of visitors. Traffic in Bucharest can be on occasion (more than you might like) problematic and if you don’t come prepared you may end up experiencing some unpleasant situations. A solution that a lot of tourists choose in their travels, is to rent a car. In this manner, you can rest assured that from the moment you set foot in Bucharest OTP Airport, there will be a good vehicle waiting for you – ready for a next trip!

However, the next concern on the list is where to find good offers for renting cars? Since December is the time for presents, you can expect some amazing deals for a variety of products and services, including the rental packages. In OTP Airport, there are some trustworthy companies that offer good cars for rent. Nonetheless, you will have to find the one that can also provide good prices. And this is where AutoBoca comes in.

We are a professional firm, with many years of experience in the field and we are always prepared to welcome our customers with amazing vehicles and promotions. The month of December is no exception to that rule. On the contrary! For this period of the year, we have some interesting models that can be ideal for your trip to Romania. All that remains for you to do is to find a good car, one with the potential to impress during all trips.

Our specialists work very hard every single day to make sure that in our fleet there are only high-quality vehicles. We are aware of the fact that if you want good results, you must also be willing (and able) to put in the effort. Thus, recently, we have renewed our fleet with exciting new models from various classes. If you will choose to rent a car from AutoBoca in OTP Airport, you can expect to drive a new vehicle with very few km on board. Not only that, but you will have the opportunity to save some money as well. Curious to know more? If we got your attention, then keep on reading for more details!

In OTP Bucharest Airport, your travels start with AutoBoca

Traveling to a new location (or country) doesn’t come without challenges. You will need some time to get adjusted and it can never hurt to come informed. Professionals and other reliable sources can really help transform your holiday into a pleasant touristic experience. When it comes to accessing a good means of transport, you can count on AutoBoca. What have we prepared for you in December? Quite a lot and we can only hope that you will find our welcoming cars to your liking.

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We know that each journey has its specificity, therefore, we have a vehicle for everyone. For instance, if you are planning for a couple’s holiday and you’re interested in spending a few quiet and intimate days, then we recommend that you rent a VW Polo Automat. Even if this model belongs to the mini class, there is nothing small about.

You won’t feel limited with a Polo Automat. It’s very easy to handle, especially during intense traffic and you won’t have any troubles parking  (nor finding a spot). In AutoBoca’s fleet, you will find the latest model of VW Polo Automat which can also be rented at an amazing price.

Other good examples of new models are VW Jetta, VW Golf. VW Touran, Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer, and others, depending on your preferences and number of passengers. Families can opt for a compact car such as Jetta, groups of friends can rent VW Golf or VW Touran and larger groups of people will have a wonderful time with a Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer.

These are all very capable cars and they can easily adapt to the Romanian roads. According to our customers that chose to use our welcoming cars, their performance was very good and turned out to be trustworthy partners for the road. For this reason, we are convinced that you will be pleased.

Where can you rent new car models at low prices in Bucharest OTP Airport? AutoBoca has an office straight at the Airport so it will be incredibly easy to locate us. Not only that, but our agents are available 24/7 to offer you assistance and any type of information related to the renting process. Believe it or not, but at AutoBoca, renting a good car doesn’t take more than just a few minutes. Quick, efficient and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Not only that, but we also have created some special services which will help you have a stress free vacation. You can opt for Internet to Go, baby chair, GPS navigation and many others. With AutoBoca you won’t feel limited in any way. We have great cars, new models and low prices for the entire month of December. Why would you say no to that? Contact us today and choose your welcoming car!

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