Amazing cars to drive this Christmas

Winter holidays in Romania: enjoy an unforgettable touristic experience in a wonderful country!

In almost 3 weeks we will all be celebrating the passage of another year and welcome a brand new one. Everyone is rooting for the new year to be better than 2018. This ritual is somehow purifying as it cleanses us from our past mistakes and gives a chance for a new start. 2019 is an opportunity to learn from our wrongs, set new and bold objectives and truly chase our dreams even if it will be a difficult and tiresome journey. New Year’s resolutions are often a set of personal ambitions and goals that we want to achieve. 

It’s like having another chance to try and become a better version of us. Of course, we don’t have to wait for the New Year to begin working on that goal. Every day is a new chance to strive for more, but as 2018 is quickly coming to an end, we are reminded that time is fleeting and so is our life. That is why it’s important to prioritize the things that truly matter to us. We could invest a couple of hours in a calm and sincere introspection, contemplating the year that passed. This is a good way to make sure that the new year will be better than the one before. 

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We are all looking forward to the winter holidays as these are the highlights of the entire year. Now it’s an excellent time to reminisce and remind ourselves that the important things life is those tiny little moments shared with friends and loved ones. Even if we spend most of our days chasing financial gains and gathering as many possessions as possible, real happiness lays in the comfort of our very own family. That’s when we feel at ease and accomplished. When we get the chance to spend some time with friends and family, we should do so without problems.

That is why for Christmas and New Year, many people choose to go on a short vacation to a cozy and private place. They want to use these days off to disconnect from stress, agitation, and agglomerated places. It is already pretty tiring dealing the whole year with crowded and busy cities, at the end of it, we deserve a little bit of peace and quiet. These are the small moments that bring a big smile on our faces and plenty of joy in our hearts. Such moments easily transform our day, making it quite special.

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Romania has many beautiful locations which could turn out to be fit for the holidays, especially within the mountains. Here, you will discover some lovely secluded destinations where you can admire the real wonders of Mother Nature. You will be surprised at how much beauty you could encounter in just a small mountain village.

People here lead simpler lives and are focused on the spiritual aspect a little bit more compared to the material ones. Religion plays a big role in the local’s activity as they cultivate their crops and organize their schedules according to the weather and the religious importance of the day. Thus, for Christmas and New Year, you can expect to witness a real display of rituals and traditions which consist of dancing, caroling, lots of delicious food and wine. Who doesn’t want to eat something delicious on Christmas day?

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With other words, you have at your disposal all the necessary ingredients for an unforgettable holiday. You could go to Sinaia, Poiana-Brasov, Vatra-Dornei, Durau and many other resorts which are very well prepared to welcome tourists for the holiday. Not only that, but you can witness some traditional displays: children caroling, people dressing up in the national port and in New Year’s Eve, adults wear masks and will visit every household to sing and dance, in order to chase bad spirits away. In the entire atmosphere, you can feel the excitement and happiness that gathered to celebrate the coming of a new year.

However, before venturing to a road trip through the mountains, we need to make sure that we get to these destinations safe and sound. A little bit of planning and a good car could really save us from a lot of unwanted troubles. For this reason, the majority of tourists prefer to rent a car for their journey in Romania. In this manner, they can let professionals take care of this important matter. Wouldn’t you like to have a high-quality vehicle to drive for your vacation? With the optimal car for the trip ahead, you get the chance to explore the wonders of Romania in a pleasant manner. 

If your answer is YES (and we’re quite certain that it is), we would like to invite you to discover right now some amazing cars. AutoBoca is a rental company with 10 years of experience and always prepared to help our customers travel with ease. We work hard and with passion on a daily basis to ensure that the cars we provide are the very best. With that in mind, here are 5 great recommendations for your winter travels in Romania!

5 good cars to rent for winter holidays in Romania

Find “the best” anything is quite a complicated matter. For most of us, this process is a real journey which consists of tedious research and lots of attention to details. In the end, all the effort is worth it, as you will get to enjoy that very best product or service that suits your needs and meets your expectations. Nonetheless, it couldn’t hurt to have professionals guiding you through every step of the way.

The same principle is applied when searching for a good car to rent. How can you identify the best one for your travel endeavors? AutoBoca is here to help. Our specialists are people with many years of experience and they can provide good answers to all of the questions related to the renting process.

So, which model would be best to rent for your winter travels in Romania? here are 5 good recommendations that are worthy of your attention: Suzuki Vitara, VW Jetta, Opel Astra Automat, VW Touran or Chevrolet Orlando. These are all different models, that come with various strengths. For instance, Suzuki Vitara is a powerful and spacious SUV which can be used without issues to go through mountain areas. It can be a wise choice for families or a group of friends.

VW Jetta and Opel Astra Automat are both compact models with a generous trunk and easy to drive even in difficult road conditions. These are excellent selections for a 3-4 people that are looking forward to exploring the country. VW Touran and Chevrolet Orlando are minibusses which can accommodate up to 7 people. That’s what makes them very handy for people that are interested in traveling with a larger group. 

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And the best part is that you can find all of these amazing 5 cars and more at AutoBoca at an amazing price. Why should you choose to collaborate with us? Because we deliver what we promise. But there is no need to take our word for it. Check out yourself (on our testimonial page) what our clients have to say about us. 96% of them would recommend us further! Clients love our services because we work tiresomely to keep the quality bar high.

“I chose this company for their reliability. I am happy with the cars rented and the agent who delivered the car at the airport!” is the feedback left by one of our customers that chose to drive a welcoming car. “Great car for the price! AutoBoca agents? Courteous, efficient and knowledgeable!” is another testimonial that underlines our customers’ satisfaction with our services.

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Thus, we are convinced that we can help you as well to travel without issues through Romania, especially during winter. So contact us today and take advantage of our promotional rental offers. We have many surprises that are worth discovering! The winter period can accommodate a lot of transport activities, especially if you choose one of our welcoming cars. You should get to know our offers and choose one in accordance with your needs!

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