Amazing Christmas destinations in Romania

What plans did you make for your Christmas holiday? Discover some incredible winter locations in Romania with a smile on your face! 

Without a doubt, Christmas is one of the most beloved and sought-after moments of the entire year. All of us are waiting with enthusiasm and excitement for these magical days to come. Some even begin daydreaming about decorating the tree, sharing hot chocolate with friends and enjoying the first snow.

After 11 months of hard work and serious challenges, we can finally enjoy the magic of Christmas. Irrespective of our plans on the 25th, we can expect fun, joy and amazing moments. Still, it is important to plan things ahead. This is a very good way to make the most out of the whole experience! 

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Even if there are freezing temperatures outside, it won’t matter. Christmas feels absolutely magical and it gives us the strength to transform winter into a creativity challenge. Children are more than happy to play with snow, build snowmen and go skating. Even adults will indulge and break free for a little while from their overburdening responsibilities. What could be more relaxing and entertaining if not playing in the snow, laughing and truly enjoy the day without concerning ourselves with the future? The Christmas tree, in all of its glory, will become a source of happiness and emotional stability. Why not make the most of it and listen to a sweet carol?

Christmas has a powerful meaning: not just from a religious standpoint but it’s also an opportunity to get closer to family and create amazing memories. We seldom have a chance to have all members of the family coming together to celebrate an event. Most of the time we’re too busy working or we live in different parts of the country or the continent. This is the ideal moment to stand still and enjoy the presence of friends.

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Time is always too short and we keep postponing friends and family for later. Our focus is mainly working and trying to create some sort of financial security for our loved ones. Even if this is an important aspect, we shouldn’t neglect the emotional bond from spending a couple of quality moments with people close to our heart.

And that is why celebrations such as Christmas are excellent for putting everything on hold and simply enjoy the simple things: a delicious family dinner, decorating the fir tree and sipping a glass of wine while admiring the magic of winter.

Also giving and receiving presents has an important part as well. There’s something rewarding about making the other person happy. Nothing pleases us more than putting a smile on the faces of the people that we love the most. After a hard and long year, we finally get a couple of days to spend entirely by doing things that bring us joy and relaxes us. 

Photo credit: Marius Isac

There is also something magical in the atmosphere during this time of the year: the preparations, the decorations, the food, and the beverages make every Christmas day incredible and we are all excited to experience them. Since we have so little free days at our disposals, why not use them to go on a small vacation? Winter can be truly mesmerizing when everything is decorated carefully and we get to see beautiful and bright lights everywhere and charming Christmas trees. Our worries seem less terrifying when all of our surroundings are lively, brightly colored and we are in the company of people that matter the most.

That is why the majority of us prefer to go to a special location to celebrate the winter holidays. Getting away from stress, agitation and agglomeration sounds like an excellent choice especially after a long year of hard work. Romania has a couple of winter destinations which will leave you breathless. You only need to take a little of your time to do some research and choose the one that best fits your preferences. We can be of help! In the following lines, we have a couple of recommendations that are worthy of your attention!

Amazing Christmas vacation destinations in Romania: have an unforgettable trip with a welcoming car

We are all looking forward to the winter holidays, but which are the best destinations to go to? Romania has definitely been blessed with incredible natural surroundings, majestic mountains, charming villages and many unique customs and traditions especially during this time of the year. Caroling is extremely important in Romanian culture and every host is getting thoroughly prepared for visitors. 

All households have prepared dozens of dishes cooked after specific recipes handed over from one generation to another. Apple pie will taste different in all regions of the country, because of the other type of special ingredients. And that’s what makes Romania unique and intriguing. With other words for Christmas, you can expect to have an amazing time without any culinary restrains!

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Nonetheless, there are a couple of winter destinations in Romania which will make your vacation memorable for years to come. A little bit of research on the forehand can help you make up your mind. Here are some beautiful locations which you may want to consider for your holidays:

Durau, a quiet yet a very charming mountain village that keeps Christmas traditions alive. This part of the country is known for its picturesque atmosphere, warm and welcoming people and also for the amazing customs during important religious celebrations. Christmas and New Year are very important events and the locals tend to dress up, sing carols and invite everyone to a cup of mulled wine with cinnamon and a hint of sugar. Also, Durau is a mountain resort which means that you have a ski slope nearby ready to test your balance!

Photo credit: Laura Seghedin

Poiana Brasov, a lively and popular mountain resort. A little further to the south of the country, you will find another beautiful destination fit for your winter holiday. Poiana Brasov is where the majority of tourists choose to spend their vacation. Why? Because it’s close to Bran castle, Rasnov citadel, and Brasov city. Basically, you have at your disposal a plethora of activities to fill your days (visiting medieval constructions, learning a bit of Romania’s history and enjoying the views of majestic mountains).

Ranca resort, a beautiful destination situated over 1600 meters altitude on Transalpina road. This is the 2nd most beautiful mountain road in the country after Transfagarasan. People choose Ranca if they want to be completely isolated from noise, agglomeration, and agitation. This is like a little piece of heaven far away from stress and worries. It can be an excellent idea if you want to recharge your batteries in a quiet and lovely location.

Photo credit: Vasile Prisacariu

Colibita, the lake surrounded by mountains is another favorite winter destination by many tourists. During the cold season, the lake freezes, which makes it an ideal surface for skating (but don’t overdo it, as safety always comes first). The small cottages with a lake view, where you can start a small campfire, the incredible natural surroundings, and the peacefulness in the atmosphere make Colibita a perfect location to relax. Christmas can truly be magical here.

The list of possible destinations can be extended, it all depends on your preferences and number of passages. However, as most of these locations are situated within the mountains, you will need a good car to get around. AutoBoca can help you travel with ease anywhere in Romania. How exactly? With the new Suzuki Vitara! This is a beautiful SUV, powerful, spacious, easy to drive and ready to take you on your Christmas holiday. Many clients have rented it and were satisfied with the experiences they had. 

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