An exciting view of magical Romania

Summer 2018 travel plans: discover a land filled with mysteries and breathtaking views

In 2018, a growing number of people are considering Romania as their holiday destination. Are you surprised? Probably the answer is no. They are seeking to uncover its secrets and touristic gifts. Why? Because this charming Eastern European country encompasses pretty much what every tourist is dreaming of.

This is the type of country that simply delights visitors with its amazing gifts. The majority of tourists that came to Romania were amazed by what they saw here. To this particular end, we decided to write an article that reflects our country’s stupendous touristic objectives.

Photo credit: Vasile Prisacariu

There are majestic mountains that keep centuries-old secrets, sunny long beaches with the calm Black Sea, breathtaking natural reservations (like the Danube Delta), picturesque villages and hundreds of beautiful customs and traditions. These are only a couple of the serene landscapes that Romania has to offer to the enthusiastic traveler. We also have a deep and nurturing relationship with history, which seems to pop-up in different locations.

Basically, with a bit of planning and proper information, you will be able to create a fun and mesmerizing itinerary fit for the entire family. If you’re passionate about nature and exploring its wonders, then you can venture on a mountain trail on Ceahlau, Rarau, Fagaras or even Moldoveanu (the highest mountain peak in the entire country). There are also other mountain hikes that you might like, especially if you are a big fan of such activities.

Photo credit: Ionuț Dușmanu

On the way to the top, you will face many challenges but the effort is definitely worth it. There are several waterfalls and lakes that deserve your attention: Duruitoarea, Bigar, Balea, Bicaz and the list can continue. Some of these objectives are unique in the world and a real proof that Mother Nature is a masterful creator.

Spending a couple of hours being surrounded by nothing but tall trees, the murmur of the water and a peaceful atmosphere can be a better remedy for stress and anxiety than any other medicine prescribed by the doctors. There are a lot of places that can be visited with delight.

Photo credit: Mihaela Abalaesei

There are also a lot of sight-seeing possibilities. Within many Romanian cities, you will find very old constructions with interesting architecture and fascinating stories to tell. Many of them are associated with mysterious legends that describe different characters which influenced the history of the country or present the real values that form the pillars of Romanian culture. You will be impressed by the cultural voices that spring about in different parts of this wonderful country.

Photo credit: Mihaela Tanase

Seeing as more and more people are now looking for travel opportunities in Romania, it doesn’t hurt to be properly informed. This is a good way to set the basis for a great experience (one that sticks with you for years and years). Besides, that is the entire purpose of a holiday: to provide unforgettable memories with the people you care for the most.

Setting the itinerary of a magical travel experience in Romania requires a little bit of planning. Going from one touristic objective to the next means that you have to put together a route that is easy to follow and will allow you to visit all the main points of interest. With clear and useful information about some of the most popular objectives that one could visit, putting together all the pieces of the puzzles won’t be that difficult. Luckily, there are several traveling blogs and websites that present in detail what are the most beautiful touristic objectives to visit in Romania.

Poze castel Peles Romania

Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

However, their number is overwhelming and since time for vacations is always limited, you will have to make a selection. How can you make the most of your travels to Romania? Which are the landmarks that you should include in your itinerary? In the following lines, we’ll provide some suggestions on how you can have a spectacular time in Romania!

Every day becomes a touristic adventure with a welcoming car by your side

Visiting Romania (especially for the first time) can turn out to be an incredible experience that you will want to do it again. Nonetheless, how can you take advantage of your vacation here? An idea can be to choose a particular part of the country (like Bukovina, Transylvania, Dobrogea and so on) and focus on exploring the big cities in the area and its surroundings.

Photo credit: Ionuț Dușmanu

There is a bit of magic in every region of Romania. The Northern part is known for beautiful customs, traditions and incredible culinary treats. Also, here there is an impressive number of churches and monasteries which will fascinate you with their architecture and carefully painted frescos. Voronet Monastery, or the Sistine Chapel of the East, is an important landmark in Bukovina. It was built centuries ago, but even to this day, it manages to surprise visitors with the stories painted on its walls.

Photo credit: Bogdan Almajan

The majority of them depict scenes from the Bible with emphasis on Judgement Day. Even if you’re not a religious individual, you can appreciate the work and talent put into creating these masterpieces. Barsana Monastery and other several wooden churches in Maramures are also important attractions in this part of the country. Everywhere you will go you will be greeted by welcoming and warm people and you will have the chance to enjoy some very delicious dishes prepared after traditional recipes.

Transylvania is a land of mystery in itself. The majority of foreign tourists are drawn to this location mainly to the legend of Count Dracula and they end up discovering an entirely different world. There are several medieval cities (Cluj, Sibiu, Brasov) which will leave you breathless with their amazing natural surroundings and rich history.

Photo credit: Constantin Seghedin

Of course, as it’s summertime, a great vacation destination could be the beautiful shores of the Black Sea. Nothing is more relaxing than a day at the beach, enjoying the sun and sipping a cold cocktail. During this time of the year, there are several festivals organized so if you’re looking for fun this is the place to be!

With other words, Romania is a destination that is worthy of your time and attention. After a visit here you will be looking for reasons to return as soon as possible. In order to travel care-free and visit all the major attractions, you will need a high-quality transportation means. The majority of tourists choose a rental service as this is the most convenient solution.

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