Another season, another trip to Romania

Autumn comes with promises of amazing touristic experiences: discover some of the most amazing locations in Romania with pleasure and delight! 

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting and thrilling sensations is the idea of traveling to a new location and also meeting new and fascinating people. The thought that we’re breaking our routine, trying something different (which may lead to a new experience), simply makes us a little bit more enthusiastic. And that’s what life is really about, isn’t it: feeling energetic, exploring something new and spending quality time with the people we love. All of a sudden we start to smile.

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Even if we spend most of our days working and focusing on finishing one too many tasks, we could still take advantage of the weekends and begin preparing for a fun little trip. Some of the most precious memories are created while traveling with your family. It’s a chance to let go of stress and worries and focus only on the elements that bring us joy, calm, and serenity.

Why shouldn’t we get away from stressful elements? It is pretty easy today to enjoy great trips and wonderful emotions. When you get the chance to get away from stressful situations, simply do it and recharge yourself. Attaining a high state of calm and quiet can in done in certain locations and it is pretty easy. 

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Finding tranquility in Romania

Romania is quite generous when it comes to touristic possibilities. We were blessed with many natural resources on which we can add centuries of history. Romania is a country built through the merging of various nations (the Dacians, Turks, Hungarians, Germans and so on). This led to a colorful palette of beautiful customs and traditions. Some of the past traditions have voices even now in certain Romanian regions. It is truly a pleasure for travelers to gather information about these traditions live.

We were under ottoman siege for many hundreds of years and our culture was profoundly influenced by the oriental one. As a result, even to this day, we maintained in our language several words, dishes, and rituals that are similar to our neighbors from the east. In every region of Romania, you will notice something unique and intriguing that has a strong historical background (whether it’s a construction, tradition or fascinating location).

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Depending on your preferences you could spend a couple of days in the northern region visiting the beautiful mountains and the dozens of monasteries and churches. Or you could venture in the middle of the country, towards mysterious and fascinating Transylvania. Here, you will come across several medieval fortresses, castles, and palaces (Bran Castle, Corvin Castle, Peles Castle and so on).

In the south, you will be greeted by warm and energetic people that seem to be constantly on the move. Also, you will have quick access to the Black Sea and the Danube River which is a real natural wonder. These are only a couple of places that you should consider for a future trip in Romania. Still, there are also other places that should spark your interest today. 

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There are many amazing touristic objectives that are worthy of your attention while visiting Romania. Bigar Waterfall, Monastery Curtea de Arges, Tihuta Pass are just a couple of examples of locations that you should include in your itinerary. And if you’re a fan of exploring the mysteries of the underground, you could visit some fascinating salt mines like Cacica and Turda Saline. 

These are impressive locations located hundreds of meters underground. It’s already a blessing that we can walk casually towards the core of the earth. But also, what’s truly impressive about these salines is the hard work of the miners. As a plus, the air in here is very healthy and purifying for our lungs so the more time spent in the saline, the better. 

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Needless to say, Romania is a real natural paradise for tourists that are seeking to have a relaxing and exciting holiday. There are activities and locations fit for everyone’s taste and in just a couple of days, you will have your batteries recharged. During autumn, the mountains seem to be the preferred vacation destination, mainly because the natural surroundings are truly breathtaking. This is a season that places first nature and inner feelings.

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Some even say that vehicles with an automatic transmission will have a lower gas consumption as the engine will minimize the changes from one gear to another. In this manner, the car is protected from over usage and enjoy a much smoother ride. VW Polo Automat can be an excellent choice for a couple vacation through the country or visiting the major cities. It adapts perfectly to urban travels and it’s very easy to park and handle.

Opel Astra Automat is a compact model which translates into a bit more space compared to Polo. This can be a great selection for a family vacation, a group of friends or for attending a business meeting. It performs very well on long drives and it provides a high level of comfort and safety. We are convinced that you will be happy with the new Opel Astra Automat!

Of course, at AB you will find many other interesting models which are worthy of your attention. In our fleet, you will find diversity as we know that each travel has its very own specificity. Some people prefer mini models, other lean towards bigger and more powerful models like SUVs or even minibusses.

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