Best car models to choose for urban travels in Romania

Exploring big Romanian cities with a welcoming car from a Romanian rent-a-car company: Autoboca!

Nowadays it’s not at all uncommon for people to travel often from one city to another even from one country to another. There is a fluidization on an international level whether that it is for forming business partnerships (shipments, new headquarters, product delivery and so on), for tourism or for studying. So many people are currently looking for good ways to travel in new places, with limited “interactions” with stress or headaches. This is a nice way to enjoy the most each trip and gather beautiful memories.

Due to globalization and removing the visiting restrictions among countries, there are a lot of students and business people from other locations (UK, France, Denmark, Israel, USA and so on) that have to spend a lot of their time on the streets of Iasi, Bucharest or Cluj.

It is definitely a new experience and a chance for many young people to discover a different culture and expand their horizons. They can gather interesting information on a wide variety of new places. So many touristic objectives are there for the taking, time needs to be on your side!

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Regardless if it’s for study or business purpose, one fact remains certain: they have to face the traffic difficulties in major Romanian cities and find a good solution to get around with ease and stress-free. Most likely you would like to use your energy for constructive purposes instead of being worried that you will be late for a meeting or a class/conference. With proper preparation, you can experience the most out of each new interaction.

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It would be a real shame not to take advantage of your stay in Romania and not visit some interesting touristic attractions here. Romania is an old European country with lots to offer from a touristic standpoint. Some of the main attractions here are known at an international level (such as Bran Castle, Voronet Monastery, Bigar Waterfall and so on). However, there is no need to go in the heart of the mountains in order to discover some natural treasures.

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Bucharest, Iasi or Cluj even if they are major urban establishment they have much more to offer than busy streets and agitation. In Bucharest, you can escape the stress and enjoy a few relaxing moments in one of its beautiful parks and gardens. Herestrau or Cismigiu Park can be excellent choices. These are real natural oasis right in the middle of the city.

You will have access to a lake and an impressive display of flowers and other plants. There many other smaller parks that can offer moments of quiet and relaxation. It is nice sometimes to have a moment of joy and quiet fun.

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The capital is not short on historical monuments either. The Parliament Palace (the 2nd largest administrative building in the world), CEC Palace, Arc of Triumph are just a few examples of impressive constructions worthy of your time. You can discover cultural and historical objectives every single time you begin a journey in Bucharest. So, are you ready to discover something new?

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Iasi is also a beautiful cultural masterpiece. It’s definitely quieter than Bucharest, but you’ll have your fair share of agitation. Here, you can visit the Palace of Culture, Metropolitan Cathedral, Copou Park and the mesmerizing Botanical Garden. The list of touristic objectives is far longer, but it all depends on your preferences and the amount of time on your hands. In Iasi, you can explore a wonderful city, with a lot of places to visit.

Unde este pasul Rucar Bran

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Cluj is considered to be the gate to Transylvania and this beautiful medieval city has its own story to tell. Cetatuia is one of the most remarkable attractions here. This used to be a powerful fortressed positioned at 400 m altitudes. Nowadays, you can still admire the ruins and enjoy a panoramic view. It’s also an excellent place to take pictures or simply spend a romantic evening with your significant other.

Nonetheless, visiting major Romanian cities will require having a good means of transport by your side. This brings us to the following questions: Which would be the best car model to rent for your urban travels? Which vehicle would best support your transportation needs? This is where AutoBoca can be of help. Our specialists are always there for you to provide support and information, and of course excellent vehicles.

For your urban travels, we have a recommendation that is worth considering. Most likely you are looking for a vehicle that is easy to handle, efficient in traffic and easy to park. These are the major issues in any big city, and we have a solution for them: the new VW Polo Automat. Why do so many people opt for this beautiful car?

This brand new mini model from VW has impressed millions of drivers all over the world. It brings a unique mix between a compact and a mini car. How come, you may ask? The new VW Polo Automat comes with a little bit more space compared to other models, but this doesn’t get in the way of maneuverability. On the contrary! You will get to travel comfortably and safely and not feel stressed about not having enough room.

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Also, the new Polo Automat comes with an optimized engine to consume less, which means that you can even make some savings! Why would you say no to all of these benefits? And the best part is that you can rent the new VW Polo Automat from AutoBoca. Let’s find out right now just how easy it is to get this vehicle form us!

In March, you can rent the new VW Polo Automat from AutoBoca at a special price

It’s not unknown that traffic in big cities can turn into an issue. On one hand, you can expect that to happen. Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, are major access points in Romania and daily there are thousands of people coming here, all in a hurry to go on their way. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that you have to avoid these places. On the contrary! There are lots to see and do here.

With a good car by your side, you can escape these difficulties (or at least make them more manageable). In Bucharest or Iasi, parking is a terrible issue. That is why with a mini car like VW Polo, it will be easier to get around. Not only that, but you’ll actually enjoy driving and be more willing to start exploring the wonders of these cities.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

At AutoBoca you can rent this beautiful car at a great price any time of the day. We have offices in Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj and many other important access points in the country (including airports). This means that you can easily find us. One of our agents will guide you through the entire renting process and believe it or not, within minutes you can have the car ready for you! Why not take advantage of this opportunity and begin your urban travels with the new VW Polo Automat today?

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