Can VW Polo Automat get you through the winter?

Traveling this winter to Romania? Find out if VW Polo Automat is the right choice for you!

One would dare to say that during winter, there wouldn’t be much traveling to be done, as the weather is not favorable and the temperatures can get pretty low. Technically there’s not much fun about traveling during a blizzard or getting out only to realize that you need an extra layer of clothing.

Strangely enough, during this period there is a lot of agitation and people are in a hurry to get to various places. Just because it’s winter, this doesn’t mean that we have to put on hold all of our activities. We just have to prepare ourselves properly for the current weather and road conditions. 

Every single time we think about a great experience in a new country, we take into account the transport conditions. During the winter period it doesn’t hurt to have access to a good car, one that ensures stability and comfort during all moments of the trip. In order to avoid dealing with issues on the road, it is important to proceed with caution, drive safely and respect the traffic rules. When you begin to search for a good way to travel during winter time, it is recommended to take in all options. Analyse them with attention and select one in accordance with your needs!

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Christmas and New Year are very compelling reasons to get in your car and drive (even for thousands of km) in order to get close to your friends and family. Some of us haven’t seen the people we love for many months due to various reason (too busy with work, little time available, living in different cities or countries and so on). Thus, whenever we get a holiday, it would be advised to make the most of it. How? Usually by traveling and seeing new locations in good company. The most incredible memories are created when we’re on the road exploring the natural beauties that surround us. Of course, having the right people around also helps!

If you have friends and family members close, then the whole experience becomes more pleasurable. There are many things to do during this special time of the year. Winter in Romania can be a wonderful experience, especially if you choose the ideal destination. There are many things to consider when you plan a trip.

For the winter holidays, there are many people coming to Romania in order to have an amazing holiday or to visit their relatives which they haven’t seen for a very long time. Thousands of Romanians that work abroad return home in this period, all excited and eager about rejoicing with the people they missed so much. Even if you stayed here all year, for the winter holidays, you can take advantage of this opportunity and plan a short getaway to a charming mountain resort and forget about your worries for a while. 

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For Christmas and New Year, the entire country is beautifully decorated with bright lights and very welcoming towards tourists. Basically, you will have access to all the necessary elements for an unforgettable trip. How does a couple of hours on the ski slope sound to you? Or perhaps sipping on a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows? Or maybe you’d be more excited about taking incredible pictures of the green fir trees covered in snow? There is plenty of activity that one can schedule for a short winter getaway. 

However, you will need a good car to get around. Snowy streets, freezing temperatures, slippery roads are all real dangers of winters. Thus, it’s important to have access to a reliable vehicle which can get you safe and sound to all of your desired locations. Some people prefer an easy to drive a car which can help you “cheat” traffic. The goal is to get as fast as possible to the places you want to see. With that in mind, we recommend that you choose VW Polo Automat. Why? Because it’s a beautiful model, simple to handle and very much appreciated by millions of drivers in the world. 

Nonetheless, winter driving conditions can be pretty rough. Will VW polo Automat be the right choice? Should you choose this particular model for your trips? Let’s find out right now!

VW Polo Automat, a choice for winter travels? Advantages of driving a mini car in the busiest streets in Romania…

With Christmas and New Year knocking on our door, we have very little time available to begin planning for these events. We all want to have an amazing experience with all of our friends and family, thus the “hunt” for advantageous touristic offers begins. Some people prefer going to the mountains to places like Poiana-Brasov, Gura-Humorului, Colibita, Durau and other prefer to spend some quiet moments at home surrounded by loved ones. 

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This also means that there are a lot of trips that need to be done. Whether that it’s for buying supplies for Christmas dinner, buying presents or making reservations to a restaurant or hotel, we have to move fast and efficient. Therefore, we recommend that you rent the new VW Polo Automat. What are the advantages of choosing this model? First of all, you will travel with ease to all of your desired destinations. Due to its size, you can get through high traffic areas and also you won’t have any troubles finding a good parking spot. Secondly, due to the automatic transmission, driving will be a real pleasure even through winter! And thirdly, VW Polo Automat has a low gas consumption, which in the long run will help you save some money.

Nonetheless, there are some downsides of renting VW Polo Automat. If you are planning to travel to a mountain destination or through the mountains, then Polo may not be the ideal choice. Of course, you will get to the desired location safely, but not as fast and smoothly as you would with a Suzuki Vitara for instance. In conclusion, VW Polo Automat is the right car for traveling within big cities and their close surrounding. This is a beautiful mini model that received lots of high praise. You will get your Christmas shopping done in no time!

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