Choosing a good small vehicle for December travels

In December you can travel fast and efficient with a welcoming car from Autoboca!

December, in the mind of many people, means Christmas, time spent with family, rejoicing and enjoying this beautiful holiday with people you care for the most (even if you haven’t seen them in quite a while). It is a chance to recollect old memories and enjoy their vibes. In this particular period, you can sit back and think about your achievements so far, if you’re happy with the results and in which direction you should go for the coming year.

It is without a doubt an opportunity to reflect, ponder on things and focus your attention towards what really matters in your life. December is one of the most loved seasons of them all, and for good reasons.

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However, besides this beautiful idea that underlines strong values such as family, generosity, being selfless, there is a negative part of this month, more specifically: traffic, agitation and many, many busy stores and crowded places. Everybody is determined to complete their gift list, looking for the best deals around. In December, you will be able to find some interesting offers for a plethora of products and services and it would a real shame to miss out on these promotions. Why should you miss a stunning opportunity to explore certain areas of Romania? It gets easier with the right car!

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A considerable number of Romanians live abroad, in various European countries such as Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and so on. In December, a lot of them are planning to return home, especially for Christmas. They have left behind relatives, friends and many childhood memories that are always nice to look back to. It’s a chance to use some vacation days and visit places that shaped their young minds and also spend quality time with people close to their heart.

However, with an increased flux of visitors in Romania, there will be some downsides: lots of traffic, agglomeration and if you plan on visiting some of the main cities here (such as Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, Constanta), you have to come well prepared. You don’t want to waste your precious time off stuck in traffic instead of doing activities you love. Simply rent a good car and reach your destination without stress!

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Since it is almost impossible to escape the general busyness brought by December, you can find some clever ways to get through it in a more efficient and pleasant manner. A major issue is transportation: how to get fast and stress-free from point A to point B? The goal is to get through heavily circulated roads as fast as possible.

This can be done with a good vehicle that is built for such purposes. For this reason, many tourists and Romanians that come home for holidays, choose to rent cars. It’s a great solution to a big problem. With the help of a reliable rental firm, you will be able to find an excellent car and enjoy driving throughout your stay here. It doesn’t take long to find a professional firm with whom to collaborate.

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However, which car would be the best choice to rent? This vehicle has to meet a particular set of criteria: easy to handle, simple to drive, efficient, practical safe and comfortable. Parking spaces are also a large issue in big cities, so it would be preferred if the car you rent, would also be easy to park. With that in mind, a good idea may be to rent a model from the mini class. Usually, these vehicles are designed in a special way to avoid traffic and agitation.

At this aspect, AutoBoca can be of help. Renting a reliable and a good car can turn out to be a confusing process, but we can make it clear and simple for you. We are always ready to help you get to your destination with no stress whatsoever!

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For your travels to Romania in December, we recommend that you rent a beautiful car from the mini class such as VW Polo Manual or VW Polo Automat. The automated transmission is slightly easier to drive than the manual one, nonetheless, both types of vehicles perform very well on the road and you will have no reason to complain. As you already know, VW only brands cars that can attain a particular set of quality criteria and the Polo model definitely does. It is a high-quality mini car, perfect for driving in crowded and busy areas of a city or village.

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However, we don’t expect you to believe us blindly! We invite you to read testimonials left by our customers and find out for yourself if VW Polo is an amazing car or not. And to make things even more appealing, in December, AutoBoca has prepared some special offers for renting small cars! Curious to know more? If your answer is yes, then continue reading and even take advantage of an offer!

VW Polo, the perfect mini car for December travels

When we include a new car in AutoBoca’s fleet, our specialists take some time to analyse the auto market, the feedback left by our customers and the travel necessities. Our purpose is to offer you reliable vehicles that you will enjoy driving. For this reason, we chose to include the brand new model of VW Polo in 2 versions: Automated and Manual. Many of our customers have underlined the fact that they would like to drive an automated transmission car and we made that request into a reality.

VW Polo is a great mini car to drive in crowded cities. It’s compartmentalized in a smart manner which combines comfort with necessity. You will have plenty of room to travel safely and with all the required luggage, but it’s still smaller in size compared to another type of vehicles in order to get through traffic easier and smoother.

We are certain that you will not be disappointed with the new VW Polo, regardless of which version you will choose to rent. For the month of December, at AutoBoca, you will also find some very interesting promotions which will help you save some money as well. This is very convenient as you could use this promotion to invest in a small gift for a friend!

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Also, we have developed a set of extra services which are meant to make your trip nicer and without problems. You will be able to choose for GPS navigation system, Internet to Go, baby chair even the possibility to rent a new mobile phone (if you have a SIM card not compatible with phone services in Romania). Whatever you may need, we try our very best to ensure that your travel will be according to your wishes if you choose AutoBoca. We are always prepared to greet you with a smile and an excellent welcoming car. Contact us today and take advantage of our December deals! You won’t regret it!

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