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Get ready for fun and excitement! This beautiful month of December we can go to mountain resorts and have fun with friends and family members. It can be a real joy for some tourists to travel through Romania and explore virgin lands. Some stories are yet to be written and to this extent, we can help you do exactly that! How? Well, we invite you to read the rows below and discover more interesting things about possible travel experiences.

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Finally, one of the most anticipated months of the year has finally arrived. Are you excited? We are! With each day that passes, we get closer and closer to celebrating Christmas, a time to rejoice and be surrounded by friends and family. Who doesn’t love this special day? This is exactly what makes December a magical month, as it emphasizes on spending some special moments with the people we love. It’s also a reminder for ourselves that we should be less selfish, more generous and focus more on the matters that make our soul happy. Whenever we get the chance to get away from stress, we must do so!

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In this modern society, it is quite easy to get lost in the financial expectations imposed, and believe that the material elements hold the secret to a fulfilled life. Of course, they do have a role to play, but all the goods in the world would be meaningless if you didn’t have people close to your heart to share them with. And that is exactly what Christmas is about: sharing, love, family and enjoying the little things (such as a carefully baked cake by your grandmother). If you plan on setting the prospects of a good experience this Christmas, make sure you have proper tools to enjoy every moment.

Bran cetate vizita Brasov

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There is a lot of agitation in December, as everybody is trying to plan the most relaxing and charming vacation with friends and family. We’re all looking for the right presents and the right locations for our holidays. Also, in this period, you will be able to access many discounts and promotions which means that if you’re patient enough, you will even be able to save some money!

Travelling is a big part of the whole Christmas celebration, as most of us don’t get to spend the whole year with our whole family (due to work or study reasons, or perhaps you had to leave the country and so on). Therefore, it’s very important to have a reliable and good quality car by your side. How hard can it be to find a reliable car? Well, not so much!

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Winter can be a beautiful season, but it also comes with some difficulties, especially on the road. The low temperatures and heavy snow can make it problematic to drive in safety conditions. However, with the appropriate car model, you will have fewer headaches and the right conditions to travel safe and comfy. In December, a lot of Romanian and foreign tourists choose to spend their days off somewhere at a mountain resorts.

They are seeking peace and quiet, after a full year of stress and heavy working. And a beautiful village within the Carpathian Mountains can be the perfect remedy. You will get to enjoy breathtaking sights and also participate in the Christmas festivities. The Romanian Christmas traditions are quite charming, filled with joy, singing, dancing and plenty of delicious treats to entice your senses.

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People that have plans of visiting Romania need to know that they can rent a good car, appropriate for their endeavors. It is easy to do so, once travelers get in touch with a professional firm. Choosing a rent a car service has become a relatively simple solution for an important problem. Nonetheless, before taking any decision, there are certain questions that need to be answered. How to determine whether or not a certain company deserves your attention?

How to find reliable sources that can help you understand how to approach the renting process? Depending on the answers you will find, it will be more and more clear which option is the best fit for you. The lack of information can be harmful, especially if it keeps a good traveler away from a good car.

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Customer reviews, testimonials, and feedbacks are good and valuable sources which can help you identify a professional service out of many. You will have access to an unbiased overview of the real quality of that particular firm. Not only that, but you will be able to receive recommendations and suggestions of car models that could be rented for your trip. Every travel has its particularities and it would be best to come prepared.

When it comes to finding a high-quality means of transport, AutoBoca can be the solution you were looking for. We’re a professional rent a car company that always puts our clients’ needs first. Our primary goal is to make sure that you will leave our office with the vehicle you want and with a smile on your face. For this reason, we work very hard in order for our fleet to contain new models and provide good services.

Not only that but for the entire month of December, you can expect to find many interesting discounts and amazing deals for renting cars! Does it sound too good to be true? Well, we would never ask you to believe us without verifying if what we claim is true. We kindly invite you to read more about what our clients have to say about us!

Professionalism, quality and good prices: a great combo which you can find at AutoBoca

Where and how to find discounts for cars to rent in Romania in December? This is a delicate and beautiful month to travel through Romania. Every city is “dressed” for the Christmas holiday and some are quite amazing. Tourists can discover the beauty of Romania with pleasure and delight, especially if they have a reliable partner on the road.

How hard is it to find a special offer in the renting Romanian market? Not that hard. Romania is now a place of good rent a car firms, with good reputations. AutoBoca has a special discount for those that want to rent good quality cars and save money: from the 1st of December to the 20th of December, you will be able to rent cars with 10% OFF! This is an opportunity to drive a brand new vehicle and also save some money at the same time! Simply mention ABUK10 and enjoy the special price!

Still not convinced why you should collaborate with us? Read what our clients have to say about their experiences with us! Mr. Munteanu describes his contact with AutoBoca as: “you are real professionals and you are always seeking an innovative solution to satisfy your clients’ needs!”. He rented a Suzuki Vitara from our fleet and was particularly pleased with its performance.

Mr. Popov rates his experience as a “5 STARS: amazing car and amazing price”. His choice was a VW Jetta, which in itself is an excellent model for long travels in Romania. It has a generous compartmentation, powerful engine, and all the required conditions to travel safely and without worries.

Receiving such positive remarks only encourages us to strive for better. According to the feedback received, 96% of our clients would recommend us further! This can only mean that our services are reliable and you will be able to have enjoyable touristic experiences with one of our cars. So why not take advantage of our brand new models and rent your own welcoming car today? Don’t forget about the discount, available until the 20th of December!

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