Deliver professionalism in Bucharest: rent a good vehicle

Where can you rent a good vehicle in Bucharest?


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Whenever you travel to a new place, it doesn’t hurt to have access to a professional rent a car service. For most tourists having the liberty to explore is essential to a good experience. This is why you should take a second to discover the best rent a car offers in Bucharest. Everyone likes to accomplish their objectives!

A reliable car can help them get to any location without stressing out too much. Just imagine taking on Bucharest traffic without a good vehicle. Trust us: it is not a good experience – best avoid it if you can. We are probably saying normal things but we wanted to emphasize on the importance of renting a car in Bucharest. The public means of transportation (excepting the subway) are not exactly worthy of a European capital.

In the present there are many people that need to establish the best travelling conditions. They need to enjoy the whole experience and take home good memories. How can you discover easier Bucharest and all of its secrets? Well, there are many ways to approach this issue but the one constant remains the same: access to a reliable car. You are probably trying to find out where to rent a car in Bucharest. Finding trustworthy rent a car service is never easy. It is recommended to be well-informed before choosing a company. You will find in Otopeni international airport many rent a car companies, each and every one of them trying their best to catch your attention. How can you choose a trustworthy rent a car firm, one that can offer high quality cars at affordable prices!


AutoBoca Welcoming Cars in Otopeni international airport

VW Golf de inchiriat Bucuresti

Thousands of Romanians and men and women from all kinds of countries have rented cars from AutoBoca. They managed to find in no time a high quality car without having to dig deep in their pockets. It is important for you to know that we have low prices, in accordance with most budgets.

AutoBoca has always tried to help customers find quickly a good car to rent at an affordable price. Today, you have the possibility of renting a respectable vehicle without spending a lot of money. What are the types of cars that you can find in our fleet? Well, given that there are so many clients, with different desires and transport needs, we tried to develop a generous fleet. Our Welcoming cars are known for their quality, elegance and utility on the road. It is important for you to choose a model that can match your transport needs. Are you ready to discover a couple of our Welcoming Cars?

Along the years we received demands from different clients for car “X” or “Y”. Sometimes we could accommodate their desires, whilst other times not. In order to make things easier for you, we decided to divide all cars intro precise categories: SUV, premium, medium, compact, mini, minibus and also vans. This is the best way for you to identify in the neck of time a car that matches your needs. Why should you waste time in the airport when you can quickly rent a car and be on your way? AutoBoca representatives are always at your disposal.

They are more than willing to help you identify fast the best option. If you plan on spending a couple of days in Bucharest, take a second to browse through our mini category. Here is where you will find models like Toyota Yaris, Dacia New Logan, Opel Corsa, Skoda Fabia and also Hyundai l20. Most of the times these models benefit from promotional prices!

Family matters or business meetings? We have the right car for you…

A lot of families choose to spend their holidays in Romania. In the same time many business men try their best to attend conferences and meetings with associates or potential clients. This is where the right type of vehicle can make things easier to manage. We have many vans which families can rent without any problem whatsoever. For instance you can find in our fleet: Opel Zafira, Citroen Grand C4 Picasso, Fiat Doblo, Dacia Lodgy or Renault Trafic. These are vans which can offer stability and comfort during family drives in Bucharest or other parts of Romania. For business men and women we have very special cars: Porsche Cayenne S, Mercedes Benz C200 CDI, Jaguar X-Type, VW Touareg and Bmw 320d.

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