Discover Romania in the first days in 2018

Each welcoming car brings a new outlook of beautiful Romania…through stability and comfort!

In 2018 there are so many points of interest around the world that can bring to light amazing memories. It is important to learn about possible touristic opportunities. Knowing some of them can bring you closer to beautiful emotions and delightful joys. Traveling can become a real adventure on the road if you leave equipped with a good car and with enthusiasm for discovery.

Even if you’re not going on vacation this doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the fact that you will visit a different place. Surely you can spare a few moments to admire a unique historic monument or enjoy a breath-taking sight. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, but a simple method to combine business with pleasure. How does that sound? Probably the answer is GREAT!

Photo credit: Vasile Prisacariu

Luckily, Romania was blessed with generous natural resources (incredible mountains, seaside, unique natural reservations and others) which means that with each visit within the country, there will be something worthy of your attention. You can’t be disappointed by what our country has to offer.

Regardless of the area that you will go (Moldova, Transylvania, Oltenia, Dobrogea, Bukovina and so on), there is a fragment of history which will fascinate you, a small meadow that will leave you breathless or a particular tradition which will make you fall in love even more with Romania. Our country is definitely a place of wonder for thousands of tourists from all over the world. It can be a pleasure for you to discover new and fascinating things about the place you’re visiting.

Photo credit: Vasile Prisacariu

Nonetheless, each trip has its own specificity and according to the route you will take and the locations you will visit, there are certain practical elements to consider. Some roads are easier to go through, some come with more difficulties, but in the end, you can make your vacation memorable. A very crucial factor whenever you have to travel is choosing a car that if a match for your transportation needs. It is quite easy nowadays to choose a good car and rediscover the thrill of exploring. No stress. No headaches. This is the recipe for a good auto experience!

For instance, a mini vehicle would not be such an excellent selection if you plan on driving on Trasnfagarasan, Transrarau or Transalpina (one of the most amazing mountain roads in Romania). These are fairly difficult areas to go through with many tricky curves which would challenge even some of the most experienced of drivers.

Nonetheless, the sights will make any effort worthwhile. The magic, majesty, and intensity of the natural views are almost impossible to describe in words. You simply have to be there to experience the greatness of the Carpathians yourself.

Photo credit: Marius Isac

It’s truly a unique sensation to be at very high altitudes and absorb the real masterpiece of nature. Moments like these make you feel you’re alive and motivate you to accomplish more. However, you definitely need a high-quality vehicle by your side. Which models would be best suited for your vacations through Romania? AutoBoca has a few recommendations that you may want to consider. Curious to know more? If your answer is yes, then keep on reading! The rows below might come in handy if you read them with attention and patience.

High-quality auto experiences with brand new VW cars

Whenever you think of highly performant cars, one of the top brands that come to your mind is VW. This major auto producer has been around for decades and never seemed to disappoint. Their vehicles truly stand out and exceed their competitors at many aspects. And the best part is that VW provides an excellent combination of cost efficiency and quality.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

For this reason, we believe that VW cars can be great selections for travelling through Romania in safe and comfortable conditions. Depending on the areas you plan on visiting, you can choose a particular model. The brand new VW Jetta could be an excellent choice for travelling through the mountainside. It provides a very good control while driving and a high level of stability and safety.

When travelling through the mountain areas, it’s normal to expect a certain difficulty when it comes to the roads. Nonetheless, with a model like Jetta, driving will be a real pleasure. Besides a beautiful and elegant design, the new VW Jetta comes with a great performance even in the most troublesome situations. It was built to be stable and reliable. Thus, it can be a great choice for a family trip meant to discover some of the most amazing places in Romania.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

However, if you intend to plan a more extended circuit through the country with your friends and family, then you would need to consider a different model. Larger groups of people (5-7) need a spacious car which can accommodate all passengers without a problem. Not only that, but it has to be sturdy, reliable and appropriate for a variety of roads.

Planning a circuit throughout Romania can be a real outstanding touristic experience. But with the wrong vehicle by your side, things can go downhill pretty fast (especially your mood). For this purpose, you may want to consider the new VW Touran. It’s a beautiful minibus which received millions of positive reviews from people all over the world. Touran can be seen as a practical combination between a minibus and a compact car. It’s not too big, which makes it easier to drive, but it’s spacious enough to provide comfort for everyone (quite essential, especially for long trips).

With the new VW Touran, you can easily venture on visiting some fascinating locations in Romania from Brasov to Sibiu, Targu Mures, Sighisoara, Cluj, Maramures to Iasi. You will have all the necessary conditions to travel for hundreds of kilometers without stress or worries.

Of course, sometimes you may be in dire need of a practical and efficient means of transport for trips within the big Romanian cities (or in their near surroundings). In this case, a good solution would be to opt for the new VW Polo Automat. This model belongs to the mini class which makes it ideal for facing areas with intense traffic. Polo Automat is quite simple to drive and the new version comes with many interesting features meant to provide a high-quality auto experience.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

Needless to say, it’s very important to pay attention to the means of transport chosen for your trips in Romania. How can you also find the perfect car model for your trip? Where can you rent good and new cars? AutoBoca may have the answer to these questions. In the following lines, we’ll explain just how easy it can be to rent a reliable welcoming car for your travels.

Pleasant travels through Romania with excellent VW welcoming cars

Our main goal, as a rent a car company, is to provide very good models and professional services to all of our clients. We always put your needs first, as the only way to succeed as an enterprise is by having happy customers. It’s a two-way street and AutoBoca prides itself on a 100% transparency policy. With us, you will know exactly what you get and what you are paying for.

Since we want to surprise our clients with interesting models that they would enjoy driving, we recently introduced many new cars into our fleet. Among them, you will find the new VW Polo Automat, VW Jetta, and VW Touran. You don’t have to take our word when we claim that these are highly performant cars. On the contrary! We invite you to read the testimonial section on our website and see what our customers have to say about us and these models.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

How can you rent new VW cars? It’s really very simple! You just contact us and one of our agents will prepare the right vehicle for you within minutes. Tell us our preferences and AutoBoca will take care of the rest. Also, we decided to begin 2018 with a series of promotions and discounts that you should not miss. Discover them today and enjoy your touristic experiences in Romania! We are always there for you to make sure that travels in Romania are amazing!

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