Discovering the Romanian seaside in the summer of 2019

sunset romania black sea

Why should opt for a seaside vacation at the Black Sea? Let’s find out together!

The summer has started and we began to think about visiting new countries. Most European travelers are curious about Romania’s touristic potential. Seeing as summer is characterized as a hot season, with high temperatures, most people want to spend their days near the seaside. The time has come to seriously think about vacation and the joy of putting distance between us and common stress sources. When we have the possibility of doing so, we better go with the flow and enjoy an amazing vacation with friends or family. Why should we go on vacation? Well, this is a good way to invest in our physical and mental health. After working hard for months on end, we feel the need to relax and even have a good time.

We have waited for quite some time for summer to arrive. The months of June, July and August seem to be more than welcoming with foreign tourists that plan to visit Romania. The season of vacations has started and everyone tries to find great places to discover. It is not particularly surprising to see so many people searching for vacation ideas in Romania, more precisely in one of the Black Sea resorts. They want to discover the beauty of the Romanian seaside and uncover its many secrets.

Foto: Constantin Seghedin

Seeing as more and more of our friends have flooded their Facebook or Instagram feeds with pictures from their vacations, it is time for us to do the same. We tend to look with at attention at their photos and clips, trying to identify places that we would love to visit a certain point in time. When we see amazing locations on our friends Facebook walls, we start to look for information about them. This is how we could end up with great travel experiences without having to put in the hours into documentation. We simply borrow our friends travel ideas. Slowly but surely we feel the enthusiasm building up. Our own vacation starts to take shape.

We can’t wait to hit the road with friends and family. They can make the vacation stunning and in the right conditions even transforming her into something unique. In most situations, the expectations for great fun are quite high. Tourists want to have a good time and forget about their problems. Stress, anxiety and depression seem to be problems that poise our existence. It is quite difficult to shake these emotions off. Yet, though the joys and benefits of a vacation, we can do so. If friends are near then the ideal vacation can begin. For a good time, we should make an effort to relinquish our emotional biases.

Photo credit: Constantin Seghedin

Are you getting ready for a great time in Romania?

The silky sands of the Romanian beaches are within our grasp. If you want to enjoy a great vacation with friends or family in Romania, take the time to research the possible travel destinations. This is a good way to make sure that the vacation will be great. With the right information, it becomes way easier to find the right place to visit. The Black Sea is home to a lot of interesting resorts, which should be on your radar. There are many resorts that can accommodate the necessities of tourists. People from Europe visit with excitement the Romanian seaside. This is where they can have fun and gather amazing memories. When you get the opportunity to gather information on the best places to visit with friends and family, it becomes clearer where to go.

Among some of the most popular Romanian resorts you will find Costinesti, Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Neptun, Olimp and Vama Veche. These are some of the most popular spots, where people come to have fun. Constanta is also a city that should be in your travel list. This is a town that reunites historical, cultural, artistic monuments that should be visited. You’d be surprised by the amazing places that you will see.

Still, the main attractions of the area revolve around the sea and its interactions with the Sun and Moon. There are some amazing visuals in the making, especially at sunsets and sunrises. To this particular regard, you should take the time enjoy them. Who doesn’t love to catch a sunrise? Who doesn’t want to enjoy a sunset? When we have the free time to enjoy the beauty of Romanian seaside, you are in for a real treat!

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