Dragobete: The Romanian Valentine’s Day

Romanian traditions on the 24th of February: the significance of love for all Romanians

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Love seems to the strongest human feeling, being comprised of a wide variety of emotions. It is not surprising to see love as the most cherished feeling of them all. In the name of love countless artists have created amazing songs, movies, sculptures, paintings and poems. In the realm of poems, one Romanian poet seems to tackle this feeling better than others: Mihai Eminescu. This is the most cherished and celebrated poet, being loved by young and old. To this particular end, you could take the time to read “Luceafarul”, Eminescu’s emblematic poem.

We can all understand why humanity felt the need to have a day that celebrates love, in all of its wonderful aspects. Even though Valentine’s day represents the highest love standard, Romanians have not forgotten the joy and uniqueness of Dragobete. There are many things that can be said about this beautiful Romanian celebration. On the 24th of February, thousands of Romanians plan to go out, exchange presents and make the most of a wonderful day. Love’s gifts come in different shapes and sizes. Still, they all have one important goal: to create a special atmosphere and bring about smiles and happiness.

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They say that if we love what we do, then we won’t work a day in our lives. That may be true but at the end of the day, we have to go home and relax. If someone amazing waits for us at home, then life becomes a real gift. This is probably why people tend to place love as a major aspiration: they don’t want to be alone. Sharing a life with someone you love represents a solid step towards daily happiness.

As a result, people in relationships and marriages want to celebrate love. It is absolutely normal for Romanians to celebrate love in their own style. There are many traditions linked to Valentine’s Day and Dragobete. Both days have been the subject of heated discussions among Romanians and not only.

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A special day in our hearts: 24th of February

The path to an unforgettable love experience on Dragobete day starts right now. As we begin to understand more things about this special celebration, the easier it will be to make the most of it. The month of February can be a source of joy and pleasure for Romanians that want to embrace love’s gifts. Why not tape into your romantic side? You never know how love can transform your day into a wonderful experience. Now, let’s spend a couple of minutes trying to uncover the particularities of Dragobete. We will try to start with the holiday origins and its role in the development of Romanian society.

Dragobete was a day dedicated to the god of youth, happiness and love. As a character from the Dacian mythology, Dragobete was later on transformed in the patron of love. According to the legend, it seems that he was the handsome son of Baba Dochia, known for its power of seduction and dedication to please women. Do you remember Baba Dochia? If you don’t, use a search engine and discover more about her. In the present, Dragobete is seen as a symbol of love.

During this particular day, every single Romanian wants to celebrate love, as much as possible. The folklore states that unmarried women practice a lot of rituals in order to meet their future husbands. Some manage to do so, while others keep on gathering experience in theory. The Romanian culture is full of traditions that keep on surprising visitors. There are many traditions that can make the Dragobete holiday something special.

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As we mentioned before, 24th of February is a special day for Romanians. They can’t wait to put in motion various plans to impress their loved ones. Some people even plan marriage proposals, which usually receive solid YES answers. This celebration manages to attract the attention of foreign travellers, used to the marketing trends of Valentine’s Day. Celebrating Dragobete is something special for most Romanians. It also represents the end and beginning of two seasons: the end of winter and the start of spring. A new season is brewing with green joy, nature revitalisation and lots of love.

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In the “good old days” men used to dress in their best clothes and went on a special activity: picking up flowers for the girls they fancied. They used an expression “Dragobete kisses the girls! Such gestures are common on Dragobete day. Some girls respond in a positive manner to such expressions of love and affection. If you plan to visit a specific location in Romania on Dragobete day, take into account renting a good car.

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