Driving through Romania with pleasure

A touristic joy that speaks to the soul and mind

As a tourist, you want to explore in complete freedom a specific area. You don’t want to go through problems when you travel in a new country. The path to amazing experiences starts with a more delicate and attentive documentation. It is important to be well organized and look beyond the standard formalities of travel. Romania is currently one of the most visited European countries, attracting visitors from all over the world. Recent statistics from travel agencies have revealed that people are attracted by Romania’s stunning natural wonders and strong historical roots. If your plans involve a trip to this European country then you might want to drive a solid car.

You probably heard that this country is not exactly known for the quality of the roads. This is why you could opt for a solid vehicle, designed to match the road’s unique particularities. Don’t get us wrong: there are good roads in Romania, mostly in Transylvania but as a general rule you have to drive a good car. This is a thing to consider when you begin to look for a car to rent. There are many car renting agencies that can offer assistance. It is recommended to work with an agency that has a diverse fleet, with countless cars. Now if you want to rent a quality vehicle, you need to work with true specialists.

Inchiriere de autoturisme in Henri Coanda aeroport

Driving a welcoming car in Romania

Winter is upon us and we start planning our vacation. This is a good time to be creative and discover places that escaped your interest in the past. Today’s travel plans vary from country to country. There are places known for their historical sites while others for their natural wonders. Fortunately, Romania is blessed with a symbiotic relationship between history and nature. More and more tourists come here drawn by the sublime gifts of a forgotten country.

Romania has been in the shadow of bigger European countries but now things have changed. As more and more tourists come to our country, it comes as no surprise to see firms develop professional services. If you are now looking for a car to rent in the most visited Romanian cities (airports), you have to be patient. You can’t simply jump to the first offer you see. That is not exactly a recipe for good experiences.

There is joy in driving a welcoming car from Autoboca…

Today clients want to be greeted by experienced agents and obviously good cars. It is important to be in command of a good car, capable of ensuring stable and comfortable experiences. Now you can opt for a welcoming car from Autoboca, a Romanian firm that seems to be favored by many foreign clients.

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Autoboca is one of the firms that seem to impress clients with its wonderful cars, available for rent at pretty convenient prices. In addition to the high-quality cars, the firm has a flexible price policy, mostly due to their dedication to offer good services. You will get the chance to experience true Romanian hospitality, accompanied by respect and attention. What are the cars that you can rent from this company?

Well, as you can imagine the list is quite long. Still, we can emphasize on a couple of models that were recently added to the fleet. For instance: you have the possibility of renting VW Polo with automatic transmission, a very popular car among couples that are on city breaks. Another vehicle that you could rent is VW Touran. This minibus can be used by medium-sized families or groups of friends (7 persons) to travel in a safe and comfortable manner.

We also added in our fleet two other minibusses but with 9 person seating: the new Renault Trafic and the new Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer. These minibusses were added as a response to a growing demand from clients for new and quality models. What are the primary advantages of renting a welcoming car from Autoboca? Let’s see:

  • A wide diversity of cars, available for rent at fair prices
  • New models added periodically in the fleet
  • Professional assistance during all phases of the renting process
  • Monthly special offers on some of the most rented cars
  • Offices in the most important Romanian cities and airports

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