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10 years of professional car renting services in Romania: Autoboca and its beautiful welcoming cars

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Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

The rent a car industry is always evolving, trying to offer clients the best possible services. Taking into account that more and more tourists from all over the world are spending their vacations in Romania, it is not surprising to see them search for good cars to rent. Sometimes they manage to find a good offer and other times not so much. In such situations, it is recommended to be informed. When you know more things about the car that you will drive through Romania, you will manage to get the most out of each trip. Why shouldn’t you explore a new country in style and without stress? We can certainly help you here. How? Read the following rows with attention and you will discover why so many people are currently renting cars from Autoboca whenever they visit our country. So, are ready to discover more things?

Driving through Romania’s cities can be a real pleasure, especially if you have access to a good car. There is a subtle emotion linked to auto stability that lingers on during drives. After a long flight, it is recommended to have swift access to a reliable vehicle. This is where Autoboca can offer a much-needed assistance. Our welcoming cars are always ready to offer safe and comfortable auto experiences. We add attention new cars to our fleet. Every car present in Autoboca fleet is carefully analyzed. Our primary goal is to offer clients swift access to good quality cars, perfect for different types of trips. As a result, you will find in our fleet models carefully placed in distinct categories: minibus, mini, compact, standard, SUV and cheap (low prices). We carefully pick cars with potential.

A new trip with smiles and fun all around: pick a welcoming car from us

From the beating heart of Bukovina, a tiny town called Radauti, we started our journey in the rent a car business. Since 2008, Autoboca managed to expand national, offering professional services in cities like Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj Napoca, Suceava, Radauti, Targu Mures, Bacau and important airports like “Henri Coanda” (former Otopeni), “George Enescu” (Bacau), “Avram Iancu” (Cluj Napoca), “Stefan cel Mare” (Suceava) and Iasi.

Autoboca values are present during all interactions with clients: professionalism, hospitality, respect and dedication to quality. Our agents are always ready to offer professional services, with discretion and tact. All members of our team work with dedication to help clients’ access good offers, without any stress whatsoever. In just three simple steps you can rent a car from us. It is that simple. If you have questions regarding different aspects of the renting process, take the time to contact us. It is very simple to do so. Our agents are always friendly and willing to go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

As you can see in most of the latest client testimonials, you can see that our agents do their job. It is quite comforting to know that you have around trustworthy agents, always ready to provide assistance. More and more clients use our agents expertise in order to go through the process easier. In addition, we have a 100% transparency policy, which means you won’t be surprised by hidden fees. No! We make it our top priority to offer clients clear and useful information. This is a good way to keep our clients informed. The more they know, the easier it will be for them to rent a good car without hesitation.

During our 10 years activity in the rent a car industry, we helped thousands of people from all over the world, to explore Romania without stress. It is a real pleasure to be behind the wheel of a high-quality car, perfect for the Romanian roads. In 2018 anyone can explore our beautiful country with a welcoming car, carefully selected by our specialists.

We carefully analyse each car that will become part of our auto family. Autoboca is determined to offer clients only good cars, optimal for a wide range of travel activities. This is why you will always find in our fleet models from top auto producers like Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Opel, Citroen, Chevrolet, and Hyundai. Autoboca specialists carefully analyse every single addition to the fleet. Our welcoming cars are known for their quality and efficiency on the Romanian roads, which can present some challenges.

Our dedication to quality is reflected by the testimonials left behind by clients. As a summary, 96% of Autoboca clients recommend our services to friends and family members. They come back to us with enthusiasm and joy, knowing that a good car will wait for them ready for a new drive. Every client is important to us. Autoboca agents work tiresomely to make sure that the best experience possible is assured. Even though we have to go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction, we will gladly do so. Remember to check our testimonials page.

This is where you will find testimonials written by different clients, coming from all over the world to visit Romania. They were greeted by true Romanian hospitality, which lead to positive experiences. Our welcoming cars managed to impress clients with their quality and comfort levels. Discover them today without any problems whatsoever. And remember, if you have questions about our services, contact us with confidence. We are more than ready to answer questions and help you understand more things about the renting process.

The three major quality pillars of an Autoboca renting experience are professionalism, correctness, and transparency. Every member of our team understands that the pillars of quality will help clients feel at home when they rent a car. In addition, in a staggering 85% of the time, we offer the chosen model and not the auto class. This is an important distinction because most firms offer the auto class. As an Autoboca client, you will benefit from our complete attention. Discover our beautiful country with a welcoming car!

Since we believe in a beautiful Romania, always welcoming and joyful, we encourage clients to explore our country with pleasure. Taking into account the 100 years since the Great Unification of the Romanian provinces and the 10 years of Autoboca activity, we have prepared a couple of surprises for clients this year. So, if you want to rent a good car and at a fair price, contact Autoboca today! We will be more than happy to help you explore Romania in the year of the centennial.

Our welcoming cars are ready for you in all offices. Take advantage of our monthly offers and choose a car that matches your transport needs! As you will discover, our services are easy to access and help you reach your destination with ease. Rent online the desired car through our 3-steps form.

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