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Romania has drawn the attention of many foreign tourists, especially in recent years. Why? Because more and more people are starting to realize what real natural treasures are hidden in these lands. Also, due to the Internet, the exposure is much larger and avid explorers can search for themselves what are the touristic possibilities in this marvelous country.

They can go on forums, websites and even read about the experiences of other travelers. There are many travel stories that have Romania as the center stage of fun and excitement. Why shouldn’t you take the time to discover more things about this beautiful country? We are confident that you will love certain places in Romania.

Photo credit: Vasile Prisacariu

However, admiring Romania in the virtual environment is definitely not enough. Seeing the real thing is a pleasure that few can truly appreciate. Even if a picture is worth 1000 words it cannot overcome the reality of actually being somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains and taking in the incredible beauty presented in front of your eyes.

Not only that but pretty much any area in Romania has a unique story to tell and comes with hundreds of years of history. The remains of past civilizations will still impress you today and will make you ponder about their ideologies and ways of life. There are hidden stories that can brighten your day and amazing landscapes that will stick with you for years. Once in Romania, you can discover many beautiful locations.

Photo credit: Marius Isac

Castles, palaces, fortresses are open to the public and can be an excellent opportunity to polish your portfolio (especially if you’re a professional photographer or it’s just your hobby). Some of the main objectives in the country have made it on the topmost wonderful places to visit in the world.

Bigar Waterfall, Voronet Monastery, Arbore Monastery, Targoviste Royal Court, Chindia Tower, Corvin Castle, Bran Castle (and the list can continue) are just a few examples. You can always gather information on the best places to visit and thus set your itinerary with more ease.

Castelul Corvinilor Hunedoara

Photo credit: Felicia Prodan

For this reason, thousands of foreigners come to Romania’s main airports, all enthusiastic about starting their exploration of this magnificent country. There is so much to do and to see here, that you could spend months on your discovery and still not get bored. It’s not just tourists that visit Romania, but also a considerable number of business people. There are many opportunities to be seized and many possible partnerships that can turn out to be beneficial for any multinational looking to expand.

Poze castel Peles Romania

Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

However, even if you have just a couple of days off on your hand, it would be a real shame not to try and see as much of Romania as you can. Big cities like Cluj, Iasi, Bucharest have plenty of charming locations and interesting legends to enchant your senses. You only need a few hours and the right mood for exploration. Once you get to our country, you will get in the mood to discover more, more and then even more!

One major concern for every person that comes to Romania (especially the very first time) is finding good-quality services that could aid them in their trip. The means of transport used plays a major role in the whole touristic experience.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

You won’t be able to get around freely if you can’t rely on the vehicle chosen. For this reason, the majority of the visitors are opting for a rental service. It’s the most efficient and easy way to get a good car and take care of this important issue. However, how to find a professional rental service in Romania? Most likely you will want to access the very best, as your vacation has to be a wonderful and memorable experience.

Best way to choose a rent a car service in a new city is by accessing information on the top firms out there. This is a good way to make sure that clients opt for the right service, and not for disappointing ones. In Iasi (and all the other major Romanian cities), AutoBoca has a professional renting service, offered by experienced agents.

They are very well trained people and can offer swift access to very good cars, perfect for different types of trips (short or long). Will you be getting a good value for the money? The answer is YES. But you don’t have to take our word for it. It’s best that you read what our customers have to say about our rental services.

With that in mind, in the following lines, you can read the feedback left by Mr. Riddy Paul. He rented a Suzuki Vitara in Iasi for 4 days. At the end, he was very kind to give us more details on his experience with AutoBoca. Let’s find out how Mr. Riddy would describe his collaboration with us.

Suzuki Vitara, a great SUV for exploring Romania

Whenever you’re going to a new country, it’s slightly difficult to get around, as you’re not accustomed to the area nor you know which route would be most advantageous. However, if you come equipped with a high-quality car, then you can feel more safe and stable on the road. For this reason, we would recommend that you rent the new Suzuki Vitara for your explorations in Romania. Why exactly?

First of all, Suzuki Vitara is a powerful vehicle with a robust constitution. This means that despite the road conditions (they can get quite problematic, especially in the mountain areas), you will have enough stability to feel safe and at ease.

Second of all, this beautiful SUV is very spacious inside and in the trunk. You won’t feel limited with it comes to taking your luggage nor that the passengers will feel cramped within the seats. And finally, the new Vitara, is fairly easy to handle, even if it’s a larger car compared to other models. With this SUV you will have all the conditions for a stress-free travel.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

But let’s find out what Mr. Riddy has to say about his experience with Suzuki Vitara. In the following lines, you can read this answers to our quality questionnaire.

1. How satisfied were you of the value for money? 4 STAR Comment: I look for good value, and think that you provided that.

2. How happy were you with the way you were received/greeted by our agents at the renting office? 5 STAR Comment: Courteous, helpful and efficient. I have annual insurance for car hire and really appreciated that there was no hard sell for your insurance coverage.

3. How do you appreciate the time spent when you picked out the car? 4 STAR Comment: Slight delay in picking up the car because of only one person on the desk.

4. How do you appreciate the time spent when you dropped off the car? 3 STAR Comment: It was on Sunday morning. There was no one on the desk and we didn’t know what to do. We were initially concerned but after several attempts, we were able to speak to someone on the phone who told us what to do. Leave a sign with instructions!!

5. How satisfied were you with the cleanliness from the car? 5 STAR

6. How happy were you with the technical state of the car? 4 STAR – Comment: Right front brake efficiency was reduced (probably due to small stones between disk and pads) and the rear luggage cover support was broken on one side, so kept falling down when we drove. These were small problems which didn’t impede our use of the car.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

As clients point out, our firm is always on track with the monthly offers providing good value to all of our customers. Of course, we can’t always do things perfectly, but we definitely try our very best to ensure that you’ll have an amazing auto experience. Our welcoming cars are checked thoroughly after each rent and they will be handed to you in mint condition.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

Not only that but with AutoBoca, you will have access to extra services (such as GPS, Internet to Go, baby chair and so on) which will offer more comfort for a pleasant time. In our fleet, we recently introduced many new models that can turn out to be excellent road companions. Why not take advantage of them and select one for the trip ahead? You will get the chance to explore Romania in a pleasant manner, with no stress whatsoever!

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