Happy travel experiences in Bucharest

Amazing travel experiences in Romania’s capital city Bucharest

Curiosity, enthusiasm and happiness seem to guide our steps whenever we travel to a new location. Life is all about discoveries and joyous moments, worth sharing with friends and family. As a result, it is not surprising to see so many people plan their trips with utter delight, hoping to explore amazing places. The little discoveries that we make in a new country and cities, offer us the incentive to travel more and more. Even though we might run into some difficulties along the way (it’s absolutely normal when visiting new places), overcoming them will give us the strength to move forward and continue on our merry way.

The more we travel, the easier it will be to start a new journey without stress or regrets. The experience gathered by uncovering secrets of cities, villages and people, will help us understand life better. Every traveler has certain expectations from a trip. There are times when we want to give in to the notion of accidental discoveries and other times we immerse ourselves in a dedicated experience.

The latter option involves documentation, preparation and attention to details. This is a good way to make sure that everything goes as planned and any surprises are dealt with rapidly. In addition, by being prepared, we are more likely to discover in-depth a specific location. The more we know about the place we visit, the easier it will be to properly appreciate its value.

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There are thousands of professional travelers that recommend attention to details and patience when planning a trip. In addition, you might want to appreciate what you feel and see without having to run it through the smartphone’s filter. Don’t diminish your whole experience due to the desire to capture your travel in thousands of photos or video clips.

Why should we experience life through a filter or a set of lenses? Why should we diminish the quality of a promising touristic experience by letting the urge to take a lot of photos manage our decision making process? These are questions that seem to appear out of nowhere especially in a present dominated by the latest trends in smartphones and tablets. We can take two or three photos of the place that caught our imagination, not a thousand. It is enough. The digital future is here and the pressure of getting more and more likes and shares seems to drive many of our actions. In should live in the present. In addition, we don’t the validation of others in order to rate our experiences. Everything we feel during a trip, reflects our inner emotions which should not be conditioned by other people’s reaction.

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Finding amazing places to visit in Romania

The present is quite generous with those that want to travel. When somebody decides to travel, he or she wants to go through something new, accompanied by history, culture and art. Let’s not forget about the culinary experience. In most occasions, having a great dinner represents a moment that can’t be replicated. With every bite, we feel the pleasure of amazing cooking. We must appreciate the whole experience.

There are a lot of people that stand behind a simple or complex travel experience. When you reach an airport and rent a car, you undergo the first steps in a country. Some impressions are good while others not such. Still, you should not judge a place by the first experience. Make your conclusion after the trip is over and you have all the data in place. This is a good way to be honest. Now, let’s write about a possible travel experience in Bucharest.

Photo credit: Laura Seghedin

Why should you consider travelling to Romania in the next month or so? Well, there are many answers to this question but we are going to talk about Bucharest, a European capital that keeps on surprising visitors with its beauty and urban charisma. There is much to be said about this beautiful city. First of all, the month of December is absolutely amazing for a trip in Bucharest. How come? Well, the city is all “dressed” up for Christmas and the whole experience can be pretty awesome. Who doesn’t love to see a city with colorful lights and Christmas decorations? In the city’s squares there are countless events in the holiday spirit. There are people singing carols and tiny shops where you can eat something good or even drink a cup of boiled wine with cinnamon.

The 1st of December is Romania’s National day and so you can watch the military parade. It will be quite the spectacle. Hopefully the weather won’t affect in a negative way the moment and people will be able to attend. After this special day of remembering past victories and national heritage, Romanians begin to plan their holidays. The celebration of Saint Nicholas is first, offering parents the opportunity to surprise their children with sweets in boots. This particular holiday is quite joyful and fun for all involved. It is not surprising to see so many people participate in this celebration. A city break in Bucharest during Christmas can be a great experience, especially if you visit Piata Unirii Square, Casa Presei Libere square or one of the major parks (Cismigiu, Herastru).

Photo credit: Laura Seghedin

Remember to spend some time in the old quarter of Bucharest. This is a very special region of the capital, where you can discover the National History Museum of Romania, Stavropoleos Monastery, Saint Antonie Old Court Church, and the Old Medieval Court, CEC Palace, the National Bank of Romania and many other incredible touristic objectives. In addition, in the Unirii square you will find a modern fountain that lights up and “dances” to music. It can be a wonderful sight to behold. There are many restaurants in Bucharest that you could visit with pleasure. The Romanian cuisine is pretty special, bringing forth sarmalute, soups, bors, beans, eggplant salads, stakes and many other dishes.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

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