How can I rent a rent a minibus in Otopeni airport?

A family vacation in Romania: on the road with a good minibus from Autoboca

Mitropolie Iasi centru oras

Foto: Dusmanu Ionut

Taking some time off to relax and go on a trip with your family is a well-deserved reward after working so hard during the year and struggling with daily problems and routine. It is not easy to keep up with the constant pressure of society and its many demands. Sometimes you just have to unwind, leave everything behind and start exploring new territories or simply go back to the places you love and that make you feel at ease. Does sound like an amazing proposal, no?

Romania is a great destination for family vacations: every region of this country has its specific history and tradition which will “challenge” you to embark in a real adventure. Not to mention the amazing sights, landscapes, vegetation and wild life. This is where you are most likely to find relaxation and serenity. What are the best sights to visit?

Photo credit: Laura Seghedin

The Carpathian Mountains are filled with incredible natural reservations, mountain resorts, ski slopes and many other entertainment possibility especially designed for tourists.  Every day you would get to discover something new and exciting that will not only be interesting but also educating for your children as well. Romania has a rich and vast culture and history, and according to the region you are in, you can admire numerous palaces, artifacts, weapon collections and breath taking architecture.

You should not miss visiting the main important cities in Romania such as Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Brasov, Sibiu and so on. Here you will find not only an active city life but also remains from other long lost civilizations like the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and Habsburg Empire and so on.

However, in order to be able to explore all of these amazing places, you need a solid, trustworthy partner for the road. A car big enough to accommodate you and your family and that will get you safe to the desired destinations: A car such as a minibus. If you’re planning to travel in large groups (more than 5 people), then you will need a vehicle that is fit for this type of crowd. Think of how much luggage space you will need, especially if you travel with children.

A minibus is also solid which will give you some leverage on the road. This is very important, as Romanian roads can get pretty difficult especially in the mountain area. With this in mind, AutoBoca rent a car has prepared for you a great selection of minibuses perfect for large group holidays. Let’s find out what benefits you will get if you decide to rent a minibus.

Where can you find a good minibus for rent in Otopeni, Bucharest?

If you decided to travel to Romania, then most likely your plane landed in one of the largest airports in the country: Otopeni Airport in Bucharest. And since you’re already tired from your flight you wouldn’t want to spend more energy on looking for minibuses to rent, where you can find them, if they’re available and so on.

On this matter, you can rely on AutoBoca to be close by and there for you. Our HQ is very close to Otopeni Airport, and we are very quick to help our clients to be set for the road. With just one phone call, you will have your minibus ready to pick you up in no time! The sooner, the better, right? You can take your family and head out to discover the beautiful Romania!

What does AutoBoca have to offer you? The answer is: clean, quick and professional services. We know very well that you didn’t come here to waste your vacation time on boring renting processes, filling forms and dealing with other types of difficult procedures. Most likely you have to do that in your normal job ad that is precisely why you came to Romania: to escape from it! That is why; our agents are especially trained to work fast and efficient. With a few simple questions you will have the right car ready for you, in pristine condition and with a full tank.

What minibuses can you rent from AutoBoca?

De unde pot inchiria masina in Bucuresti

In the car fleet of AutoBoca you will find minibuses like Opel Zafira, Mercedes Benz Vito, Fiat Doblo and many more. They will all make a suited companion for the road, and our agents will help you pick the one that serves your needs best. Not only that, but you will have at your disposal a wide range of extra services that are especially designed to make your trip more enjoyable. You can choose a GPS navigation system, Internet to Go or extra baby seats if you’re having a little one traveling along with you.

AutoBoca rent a car is constantly trying to improve the services offered so that you will find in us a partner you can trust. The only thing that you have to do is give us a call, let us know of the date that you arrive and we will have your mini bus ready and waiting for you at Otopeni Airport!

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