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A good drive sticks with you for years on end. It is not surprising to see so many people search for new places to visit. They get to discover amazing locations and explore different emotions. As so many tourists pointed out, there is something in each trip that makes us smile. In the past few years, Romania has become a point of attraction for many European tourists or entrepreneurs.

This is not at all surprising, as Romania is in a continuous development and there are a plethora of new services created as the customers’ needs change. Big cities like Bucharest, Iasi, and Cluj Napoca are the key areas where multinationals have opened various headquarters. The workforce is highly trained and it can easily adapt to worldwide requirements. More and more people have set up shop in Romanian cities and enjoyed amazing experiences, courtesy of locals and more.

Photo credit: Marius Isac

In addition to these changes (multiculturalism, higher buying power, developing new skills and abilities), there are consequences in the service sector as well.  People are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to the products or services they buy. They expect high-quality and a great performance. This is not strange at all, as it’s normal to want the very best product on the market.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a wonderful experience in a new location? Today a growing number of people are searching for touristic experiences in the new country. We thought that it would be nice to share our insight on the true potential of our country.

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Since globalization is no longer a term for the future, Romanian firms have adapted to serve foreign customers as well. It is an impressive transformation of business models given our communist background. Thus, in order to be successful, it’s essential to bring the services to the same quality level they are used to. Of course, it is not simple, nonetheless, with devotion, interest, and passion things can be done on a professional level.

And these are the elements that AutoBoca considers whenever we create a service. We always look at our clients’ needs and we try our very best to provide the cars and support required in order to ensure positive auto experiences. It is very important for us to offer professional services, easy to use and capable of changing your transport experience – in a good way.

Photo credit: Vasile Prisacariu

Many foreign tourists come to Romania to spend their vacation days. The natural resources, the historical background, and the charming customs and traditions are enough reasons to make you want to visit this beautiful eastern European country. The Carpathian Mountains will welcome you with breathtaking views, natural masterpieces and many constructions that live on for hundreds of years. Each location has something unique about it and there are interesting stories attached to every touristic objective. Fortunately, the Carpathian Mountains do not disappoint.

Traveling through Romania can be a real adventure where you can test your endurance (especially if you plan on going on a mountain trail), spike your creativity and enchant all your senses (either with incredible landscapes or with delicious culinary treats). Nonetheless, in order to make the most of your touristic experience, it’s mandatory that you’ll have a good car by your side.

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In this manner, you can go freely and without restrictions to any location that you may desire and spend as much time as you’d like. There are hundreds of natural treasures hidden within the Carpathian Mountains (and not just there) and it would be a real shame not to make the most of your visit here.

Cluj Napoca in itself is a major attraction. It’s one of the few medieval cities and you will acknowledge the mysterious and elegant atmosphere of this lovely western establishment from the moment you will start walking on its streets. The buildings have a unique architecture, a combination of all the past civilizations that once dominated this area. You could spend a day or two exploring Cluj and from here you can venture into the heart of Transylvania (maybe visit Dracula’s Castle as well).

Unde este pasul Rucar Bran

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As we’ve stated earlier, the means of transport used influences considerably the quality of your touristic experience in Romania. With a good car, fit for your transportation needs, exploring this country will be a real pleasure. For this reason, a good solution is to go for a rent a car service, preferably one that is accustomed to dealing with foreign clients. Why? Because this means they adapted to the international market and they can provide high-quality cars at good prices.

AutoBoca can be of help whenever you need a good car for the road. In our fleet, you will find many new and interesting models which are worth discovering. Not only that, but you can rely on our agents to help you in choosing the right vehicle for your trip. How can you access high-quality rent a car service for your vacation in Romania? You just contact us! Why should you collaborate with AutoBoca? In the next section, we will give you a few good reasons!

Next time I am visiting Cluj I will rent from AutoBoca again!

AutoBoca has hundreds of customers from all over the world and according to their feedback, we have done excellently when it comes to the services and vehicles offered. Our specialists are very demanding when it comes to the models included in our fleet. Quality and professionalism with each welcoming car is our mission and we’re not afraid to put in the work.

We keep an open channel of communication with our clients because we want to know what type of cars you’d like to drive. Our goal is to ensure that for all your stay in Romania, you will have zero issues with the vehicle you have chosen.

Of course, we don’t ask that you take our word for it. In the following lines, you will be able to read the answers to our quality questionnaire by one of our foreign clients, Mrs. Julliete Bucaille. She came to Romania all the way from France and rented from AutoBoca a Suzuki Vitara in Cluj from the 1st until the 6th of January 2018. This is a superb SUV, ideal for exploring mountain areas in Romania. And the best part is that you can find a new model of Vitara in AutoBoca’s fleet! Let’s find out what Mrs. Bucaille had to say about our services!

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

How happy were you with the way you were received/greeted by our agents at the renting office? 5 STAR – Comment: Darius waited for us at the airport and was very helpful and friendly

How do you appreciate the time spent when you dropped off the car? 5 STAR – Comment: Quick and easy!

How satisfied were you with the cleanliness of the car? 5 STAR – Comment: The car was very clean and smelled nice

How happy were you with the technical state of the car? 5 STAR – Comment: No complaints

Would you recommend us to others? 5 STAR – Comment: Absolutely will recommend the company to French friends visiting Cluj

Will you contact us in the future? YES – Comment: Next time I’m visiting Cluj and its region, I will rent from AutoBoca again!

Can we publish your answers on our site www.autoboca.ro? YES – Comment: Yes because we were very satisfied with the service.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

You can easily notice that Mrs. Bucaille was very pleased with our car and the way we handled the renting process. She was impressed that we managed to rise to her expectations and at some aspects, we even did better than the French rent a car companies. Such answers only encourage us to continue in improving ourselves and impress our clients with better vehicles and attention to detail.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

In other words, if you would also like to have an excellent companion for the road for your stay in Romania, a good idea may be to rent one of our welcoming cars. You can rely on AutoBoca to provide excellence and quality! Contact us today and discover what we have in store for you! In our fleet, you will find a good car, proper for your next trip!

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