In August, AutoBoca welcomes you with new cars!

Enjoy a stress-free ride behind the wheel of a high-quality car from Autoboca

August is usually the month when most people go on vacations and travel to different parts of the world. They are interested in discovering new and exciting places (which is to be expected, as most of us want to try something special during our free days). This is the proper time to reconnect with your family and plan fun activities together (maybe a trip to the seaside or the mountains). It is said that memories are made with the people you love, as these are the precious moments you will value for years to come. And a good way to create these memories is by going on short trips around the country. In August, the majority of Romanians that live abroad have time off from work, so they return to their homeland eagerly to reconnect with relatives and friends. Since the weather is mostly

In August, the majority of Romanians that live abroad have time off from work, so they return to their homeland eagerly to reconnect with relatives and friends. Since the weather is mostly favorable, it would be a real shame not to venture in through Romania’s hidden gems. With proper information, you will be able to create a fun and interesting vacation destination.

Marea Neagra Romania

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Each year, millions of tourists decide to spend their holidays in Romania. Why? Well, they absolutely adore our country and what we have to offer. From a commercial point of view, this means that there will be a higher demand for touristic packages and other services associated with traveling, for instance renting a car. It’s much more convenient and efficient to use this particular service, as you’ll be able to move freely and without any stress.

If you contact a professional agency, then you will know from the start that you have a high-quality vehicle by your side. However, how can you identify the best deals for renting cars in August? And most importantly, what type of model would be best suited for your trip? We will try to answer these questions in the following rows!

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AutoBoca can help you find the right path towards success. You can always count on us to stir you in the right direction. Our main goal is to supply great means of transport to our clients that can be adapted to any type of travels. For this reason, we made sure that our fleet is generous in options and that it includes various car models (only from top manufacturers). Our specialists are quite thorough when it comes to the vehicles that are added to the fleet. The selection process is structured in multiple phases and we always make our decision based upon our customers’ preferences. In this manner, we can be certain that you will have a pleasant auto experience with a car that you actually enjoy driving. You will not be disappointed by our welcoming cars!

And since we want to see our clients smiling, every month we create special offers for renting cars. Not only that, but recently we have included over 100 brand new vehicles in our auto park! This means that you can go on your vacation behind the wheel of a great car which will be delivered to you in mint conditions. Why would you say no to this opportunity? In the following lines, you’ll find out more details with respect to what AutoBoca has in store for you for the entire month of August.

What type of cars can you rent from AutoBoca? Enjoy a high-quality auto experience with our latest additions in our fleet!

As we’ve previously mentioned, we want to ensure our clients all the required conditions so that they can feel safe and comfy on the road. We understand that everybody has different transportation needs and that is why we made sure that we can offer you, various models. Among the latest additions, you will find a great selection of new minibuses that can accommodate larger groups of people (from 5-9).

Renting a minibus can be an excellent choice if you plan to go on vacation with your friends and family and you want to stay together. A few options in this category are: Chevrolet Orlando, VW Touran, Renault Trafic Combi, Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer and the list can continue. These are all new vehicles, with very few km on board. This means that you can expect a smooth ride and a high level of safety and comfort.

Compact cars can also be very good choices for your vacation in Romania. They’re perfect for a family trip and very easy to drive. According to the feedback left by our customers, cars such as VW Jetta, Hyundai Elantra, Skoda Rapid, Dacia New Logan can be excellent road partners, especially if you have to drive a few hundreds of kilometers. You’ll have plenty of space, a generous trunk and many other features meant to make your trip nicer.

If you’re a fan of smaller cars, AutoBoca won’t disappoint you here either. Among our latest additions, there is the new VW Polo Automat. It’s an excellent mini car, very easy to drive and it can really save you from terrible traffic. Millions of people all over the world were praising this mini model from VW, as it seems to offer quite a lot for a car of its class. The same positive reaction we received from our clients, so we’re convinced you will love VW Polo Automat as well. They love this tiny but sturdy model from VW!

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And the best part is that in August, you can rent these brand new cars from AutoBoca at a real special price. We want to give you the chance to rent a high-quality car and also save some money at the same time! In order to offer you all the conditions for a swift ride, our specialists have developed a set of extra services such as Internet to Go, GPS navigation system, baby chair, personal driver and much more. You can choose the ones that are the most useful for your trip. With AutoBoca you won’t feel limited: there are plenty of options which can adapt easily to your requirements.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the renting process either. Due to our system, in just 3 simple steps, you can have your car ready for you and with a tank full of gas! We don’t want to waste your time or give you headaches with unnecessary forms. We want to help you make the most of your days off and your vacation in Romania. Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact one of our agents. They’re always prepared to assist you through the renting process and they can provide you guidance in renting the right car for you. So give us a call! Within minutes, we’ll have a brand new car waiting for you!

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