June in Romania: Driving with pleasure a spacious minibus

New travel plans for June: explore the natural wonders of Romania without feeling any pressure!

What can we expect from a welcoming summer? The beautiful feeling of exploring new and fascinating areas lingers within us. We all want to make the most of our days off and visit as many interesting locations as possible.

With the right set of information, we can set the basis of a thriving and interesting experience. Thus, it is very important to choose the right destination, the one that best complies with your preferences and where you feel that you can truly relax and unwind. Who doesn’t love to relax and just enjoy a little bit of time off? There are many people that want to escape their daily routine.

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Some of you may prefer a sunny beach, some would love to explore the mystery of the mountains, visit medieval constructions, venture in the magic of natural reservations (or a charming meadow) and others are seeking for fun festivals to attend. Or perhaps, you would be interested in a mix of all of these activities.

In Romania, you will have a chance to create a fantastic vacation which will leave you wanting for more. Take the time to set the basis of a joyful itinerary. This is a good way to make sure that everything goes in the right direction. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to set the basis of a great experience, with amazing elements! Set the basis of a great story, one that will stick with you for years to come.

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This beautiful Eastern European country has a lot to offer to its visitors. There are centuries of history hidden within these lands (beautiful palaces, castles, fortresses and so on), dozens of breathtaking natural reservations (like Danube Delta), vibrant and modern cities and of course, many customs and traditions. Here, you will have a chance to discover a magical place, filled with wonder and beauty.

All the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday are at your disposal, you only have to know how to search for them. It would be a shame not to take the most out of each trip you make here.

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There are many tourists that plan to visit Romania in June, some of them are recurring and some are coming here for the first time. A little bit of help is always welcomed, in order to take in amazing experiences and create beautiful memories to cherish for years to come. Our country is more than ready to welcome people from all over the world, and the majority of foreign tourists are very impressed with what they find here.

Each region in Romania holds beautiful touristic source, where one can find bits of history, culture, art, politics and more, displayed with joy for all to see. It is important to have access to information in order to discover without stress the objectives that make Romania special. How exactly can you plan a perfect trip for June?

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First of all, you will have to do a bit of research. Knowledge is power and it can save you from many unpleasant situations. If this is your first time coming to Romania, you are in for a real surprise. As strange as it may sound, in one single location you can find an area that looks like it’s taken from a 19th-century scene and an area that strives in modernism and technology.

Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi are just a few examples. In the mornings you can enjoy a very delicious breakfast at a fancy hotel or restaurant and in the evening you can walk through the gardens of a medieval palace, surrounded by beautifully crafted architectural pieces.  On the way, you can even learn something about the vast history of Romania. Peles Castle, Mogosoaia Castle, Bran Castle could be some of the attractions to include in your itinerary if your starting point is Bucharest. Now, that sounds like a great plan, no?

Poze castel Peles Romania

Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

If you love spending time in nature, then a quiet place in the northern part of the country may be the right destination. Moldova is known for maintaining a picturesque atmosphere with many charming mountain villages and resorts which will mesmerize you with their landscape. This is a region that impresses with its deep historical and cultural links with the past.

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Here, you can visit some of the oldest monasteries and churches in the country, like Voronet Monastery, Putna, Moldovita and the list can continue. You could also venture on a mountain trail or spend a few relaxing moments at Bicaz Lake, Colibita Lake or explore Durau and Vatra-Dornei.

If the sunny beaches of the Black Sea are more appealing to you, then you could plan a trip to Constanta this June. The city in itself is a touristic treasure. Constanta is the largest port and the oldest establishment in the country. Nearby, you can admire the legacy left behind by the Greeks and Romans or venture towards Danube Delta.

Marea Neagra Romania

Photo credit: Constantin Seghedin

Needless to say, the touristic possibilities are very generous in Romania. Even if you’ve been here before, there are still many parts left uncovered. Not even after months of exploring this country, you wouldn’t be able to see all the attractions of interest. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t get a glimpse of all that Romania has to offer. Not only that, but you will have a chance to take some really amazing pictures.

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After deciding on a possible route, the next step is to find a reliable means of transport. Driving for hundreds of kilometers can be very tiring and without the proper model by your side, the entire trip will turn out to be stressful and unpleasant. For this reason, many tourists opt for a rental service. It’s the most convenient solution for an important matter. With help from professionals, it will be far easier to identify a proper car fit for your travel endeavors.

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What type of minibus to rent? Why should you choose to collaborate with us? These are all good questions and they deserve a proper answer. In the following lines, we’ll provide more details!

Good minibus to rent in June for visiting Romania

Traveling to a new country is a reason for excitement but it also comes with many challenges. You will have to adapt to a new culture and also be able to find your way to all the desired destinations. There are some applications which can help you get around easier and you could use Internet to gather useful information, but having a good car by your side is essential for the entire touristic experience.

With the help of AutoBoca, you will be able to travel stress-free anywhere in Romania. We are professionals and all of our agents are ready to help you 24/7. Renting a minibus can be an excellent idea for such a trip. Why? Because this is a spacious, sturdy and powerful vehicle which can adapt to all the road conditions. In our fleet, you will have access to many new models such as VW Touran (fit for 7 people), Renault Trafic or Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer (fit for 9 people).

Depending on your preferences and the number of passengers, you can opt for a particular model. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the renting process. Our staff is ready to help and within minutes, your desired minibus will be ready to take you on an adventure. Not only that but if you rent online from us and you opt for full payment, you will get a 5% discount! Why would you say no to that? Contact us today and reserve your minibus for June trips to Romania! We can’t wait to help you rent with ease the car you need!

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