Minibuses for family to rent in Otopeni: good offers

What minibus should I rent: VW Touran or Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer? Time to find an answer! 

In December, besides the magical atmosphere brought by the special winter days, you can also feel a general state of celebration and happiness. There is a particular energy in the air that makes people more energetic and enthusiastic. The Christmas spirit can be felt almost everywhere, which makes travelling a real joy.

Everybody is in a search to find the most amazing presents for their loved ones and also to discover some interesting touristic offers. The shopping frenzy starts just before the final Christmas week. Some are lucky and get their wishes while others begin to panic.

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It’s not at all uncommon to travel during holidays, whether that you’re going on vacation or simply coming to your hometown to rejoice with friends and family. Traveling this season might mean coming to terms with a higher sense of stability and joy. Actually, on Christmas, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of your days off and visit a charming mountain resort far away from the agglomeration and agitation of the big cities.

In this period, you can put on hold all the stress, worries, and financial responsibilities and focus solely on things that are truly important in your life. Besides, what could be more relaxing and enjoyable if not a family dinner where you can all tell stories and be thankful for all the times you shared together? Furthermore during such family sessions you get to eat a couple of amazing dishes.

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Many tourists travel to Romania during Christmas, as the Carpathian Mountains are known at an international level for their natural beauties, old history, and many interesting traditions. During this special time of the year, you can attend several Christmas festivals where you can be mesmerized by lots of singing, dancing, and many culinary treats. You will have fun and enjoy pretty amazing moments with friends and family. Why should you pass this opportunity of discovering new and fascinating Christmas emotions?

Romanians definitely have a unique style when it comes to celebrating and you can feel the joy and friendliness anywhere you go. The main mountain resorts (Brasov, Sinaia, Predeal, Busteni and others), are thoroughly preparing to welcome curious visitors on Christmas day. You can expect to indulge in many traditional treats and also be caroled by children which are considered to bring good fortune for the coming year. There some Romanian traditions that can bring about amazing memories if you see them live.

Photo credit: Marius Isac

So why not plan a beautiful trip to the magical mountains of Romania? It doesn’t have to be a complicated activity, it can just be something simple and without headaches. All you need is good company and a good car by your side. If you plan on being on the road for a few hundreds of kilometers, you might as well make sure that it will be enjoyable.

For this reason, large groups of people (7-9) choose to rent minibuses for their travels. Why choose to rent cars? Because it’s an efficient method to have access to quality cars and with a good minibus model you can all stay together for the entire touristic adventure. It is quite easy today to choose a good car from the available offers.

Families that are about to travel to Bucharest, and are in need of renting minibuses with enough space to ensure comfort and stability, can always come to AutoBoca. In Romania’s capital city there are many rent a car firms with generous fleets, packed with amazing minibuses, but in the end, you have to choose the one that has the most advantageous deals. It is important to choose a car that can offer smooth auto experiences.

And that’s exactly what you will find at AutoBoca! For the entire month of December, we have created some special promotions which will allow you to rent brand new cars at very low prices! Sounds too good to be true? We invite you to see if what we claim is real or not! Not only that, but you can rely on us to help you find the right model, appropriate for your trip. It’s not always easy to find a good minibus, but with guidance from our agents, it can be done. They are professionals with many years of experience in the field and they won’t let you down!

In AutoBoca’s fleet, you will have access to many minibuses, some of them being recently added and they have already left an impression on our clients. Why not travel in December with a brand new minibus model? Our recommendations for your winter holiday are VW Touran and Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer.

Why these two particular minibuses? Because they received amazing feedback from our customers and they are fit to take you safe and sound to your desired destinations. Let’s find out more details why these two models can be the right choice for you!

Where to find new minibuses to rent for December travels? Discover the new VW Touran and Mercedes Vito Tourer from AutoBoca!

There were many people that decided to collaborate with AutoBoca and were not disappointed by the cars they rented. On the contrary! According to a recent analysis performed by our specialist, 96% of our clients would recommend us further. If you want to know more about their experiences with AutoBoca, you can visit the testimonial section on our official website.

In this manner, you can discover more details with respect to the quality of the vehicles and services that we provide. We’re quite confident that you won’t regret choosing one of our welcoming cars as your partner for the road.

Bigger groups of people (5 – 9) that need a high-quality minibus to rent in Bucharest, can opt for VW Touran or Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer. These are two excellent models that received hundreds of positive reviews from drivers all over the world. You will have plenty of space so that every passenger will travel comfortably and enough room in the trunk to deposit all the necessary luggage for your vacation.  Not only that, but you will benefit from high-tech features which will ensure a relaxing and safe auto experience.

Romania is indeed a very beautiful country, but traveling here during winter (especially on the mountainside) can be quite difficult (the roads get icy, lots of snow and so on). Nonetheless, if you choose VW Touran or Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer, you will be able to face these issues without problems. These models have been tested on Romanian roads and they have passed with flying colors. For this reason, we are confident that you will enjoy using them too.

As we’ve mentioned previously, for the entire month of December, you will find many special offers for renting minibuses at AutoBoca. We want to be among the first to start the Christmas cheer with considerable discounts and good cars! Reserve your welcoming minibus today and make the most of your Christmas vacation! Believe it or not, it only takes just a few minutes. So, are you currently ready to enjoy a good auto experience?

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