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It can be fun to travel nowadays through Romania. All you need to do is gather relevant information and use it wisely. How hard can it be? Travelling has become an activity that takes part in our daily routine. In the times that we live in, it is almost impossible to get things done without going from one place to another.

Globalisation has changed the idea of the modern society and the only way we can progress is by building and maintaining relationships at a national and international level. Everyone wants to enjoy the comforts of a sleek and joyful trip.

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One major advantage of open borders is that you can visit as many countries as you’d like without worries or stress. It can be done! You have a chance to discover new cultures, learn interesting facts about history and also create memories that will last a lifetime.

Romania has received the attention of thousands of foreign tourists interested in exploring this magical land. There is much to do and see here with locations fit for everyone’s preferences. Why do you think so many people tend to visit our country and not other East European nations? We have something special that keeps on pulling people back.

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Each year, regardless of the season, curious visitors come to Romania in order to enjoy the grandeur of the Carpathian Mountains, incredible natural reservations, impressive medieval constructions and the traditional and picturesque views from small villages and listen to tales of the past. Spending a couple of days at a mountain resort can be the perfect remedy for stress and anxiety.

What could be more pleasant than waking up to the fresh mountain air and an amazing sight? If you are now ready for a memorable experience, one that will stick with you for years, consider reading the following rows.

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Nonetheless, in order to truly enjoy all the beauties of Romania, you will need a high-quality car by your side. In this manner, you will get around without problems and have the liberty to visit all the locations you desire. And a good solution is to opt for a rent a car service. Usually, the big companies have offices in the main airports in the country, which means that you can expect to have the car ready for the moment you set foot in Romania.

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However, the question is: how can you find a reliable rent a car service? How can you access good offers and performant vehicles? The selection process can be slightly time-consuming, but it’s definitely worth it. After all, you don’t want to jeopardize your touristic experience, do you?

A very good first step is to perform an online search for available options and see which companies appear on the list. Then, you have to include the ones that you believe that they can rise to your expectations. How would you like to describe your experience while renting a car? It all depends on the company chosen to provide the car.

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If you’d like for things to go smoothly, fast and be welcomed with an excellent car, then you may want to consider collaborating with AutoBoca. What makes our company one of the best firms on the market? Why should you choose our services? Of course, now we could state that the main reason to rent a car from us is that we’re very thorough and professionals.

However, we believe that the best way to determine the real value of a particular product or service is to see how the customers react. Are they pleased? Would they use it again? What are the pros and cons? With that in mind, in the following lines, you can read an overview of some the feedback we received from our clients. You can have more insight on their experiences and decide for yourself if AutoBoca is the right choice or not. Let’s find out right now!

Excellent service, worth every cent! Will definitely contact AutoBoca in the future!

It’s not easy to provide high-quality services regardless of the field of activity. Behind every great product, there is a team of people that work hard every day in achieving the best possible results. And that is exactly what happens at AutoBoca as well.

Our specialists are very thorough when choosing the models that make it into our fleet and we always put our clients first. For this reason, we keep an open communication channel and after each rental, we send a quality questionnaire which allows people to assess the quality of the service given.

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The answers given have helped us a lot in improving ourselves and providing the right cars that you would actually like to drive. For instance, we just recently introduced the new VW Polo Automat and VW Jetta because we received requests from our clients. Our purpose is to make sure that you leave our office with a smile and with the right vehicle by your side.

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There are hundreds of happy customers that used without issues our welcoming cars and we’re proud to say that 96% of them would even recommend us further. Mr. Grinham rented a VW Polo in Bucharest and his experience with us could be described as: “Happy with our agents? EXCELLENT, Cristi was friendly and helpful. Time spent picking out the car? Very efficient!” Mr. Shelby states: “2017 VW for a great price! Office staff was friendly and spoke English well! Cleanliness of the car? Perfect! The technical state of the car? PERFECT!” Mr. Makim chose one of our cars in Iasi and his feedback was “Your agents in Iasi and Bucharest were very courteous and most helpful great asset to your business.”

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It’s not difficult to notice that we have hard working agents, very well prepared and always ready to provide useful information and advice. On top of that, in our fleet, you will find many new cars ideal for all sorts of trips in Romania. And, at AutoBoca, every month you will find special offers and discounts that you should not miss. Convinced yet? If not, we dare you to contact us now and see for yourself what great cars are waiting for you!

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