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Enjoy a fun vacation at some of the most beautiful mountain resorts in Romania

The second month of Autumn is welcoming and challenging to all curious tourists that want to explore interesting and exciting places. Their desire to enjoy trip after trip comes to fruition during their vacation. Even if the temperatures have considerably dropped, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a two-day vacation (or more, according to your schedule) somewhere at the mountainside. This is where tranquility resides and offers access to relaxation and serenity. Some of us want to take in as much as possible the free time on our hands.

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It is a great opportunity to admire the beauty of this season and also have a taste of the finest wines. Romania has many vineyards (Cotnari, Murfatlari, Panciu, Odobesti, Dealu Mare and so on) that are carefully tended to by specialists in the field. They produce some of the best wines in the world with over 2000 years of tradition and experience in brewing this fine beverage. For this reason, Romania is an important world wine exporter and the crop of our vineyards have delighted many visitors and wine critics. Going to a beautiful vineyard can be an emotional experience, packed with sublime stories, some more interesting than others.

Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

If it is your first time visiting Romania, it would be a real shame to miss out on the opportunity to try some of our traditional foods and beverages. In the rural part of the country, you will discover a different lifestyle: people are focused much more on the importance of nature and religion in their existence as a whole. Even if the area will have modern elements, there is a slower pace at how things happen, which will also provide you a sense of calm and inner tranquility.

On top of that, you can also add breathtaking views and many other touristic treasures. It’s almost impossible not to find a historical monument or construction in pretty much any place in Romania. We’re one of the old countries, with centuries of history and many fascinating stories and legends to tell. In addition, due to the country’s communist past, we have extra stories to tell to a visitor.

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Photo author: Dusmanu Ionut

A very good vacation destination (and also preferred by many foreign tourists) is the Carpathian Mountains. Here you will find many places filled with mystery, natural wonders and impressive customs and traditions. For this reason, many people decide to spend their time off here, in a few mountain resorts, such as Brasov, Gura Humorului, Sinaia, Predeal and many others. With careful planning, you’ll be able to discover a whole new world.

For instance, in Brasov, you can admire some of the popular touristic objectives (like the Black Church, the Council Square, Museum of Art and History and so on) or you could venture into exploring the mysterious catacombs underneath the city. Not even in present day, archeologists are not sure of their purpose and you never know what hidden treasures you may find there! Get ready to go back home with thrilling stories to tell friends and family members. Simply draft an itinerary with a twist and explore Romania without problems.

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On your way to some of these lovely mountain resorts, you can take a short detour to some of the vineyards nearby. The majority of the foreign tourist will arrive in Romania, at one of the main airports here (Baia-Mare, Suceava, Iasi, Bacau, Bucharest, Cluj and so on). According to your starting destination, you can find some very delicious and unique Romanian vineyards where there are produced some of the best wines in the world. Any trip to a vineyard can become a thrilling experience.

The northern part of the country is known for preserving intact traditions that are hundreds of years old. You will notice a striking difference compared to other regions in Romania (especially modern cities). There is a large number of churches and monasteries that will impress you with their beautiful frescos and paintings. Also, you can stop at some medieval fortresses and imagine the powerful battles that took place there many, many years ago. And if you also want to have a taste of some really good wines, you can stop at some of the vineyards nearby like Cotnari and Panciu. Cotnari is a vineyard known all over the world.

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If you’ll venture a bit more to the south (especially if you’ll want to visit Brasov or Sibiu), you will find other vineyards like Dealu Mare, Basilescu. In Dobrogea are said to be one of the best wine manufacturers and if you’re interested in the process of production and also treating yourself with a good glass of wine, you can spend a few hours at Murfatlari.

Travelling throughout the country will allow you to get a glimpse of what Romania really is about and there will be plenty of moments when you will be amazed. You can transform your vacation with your friends and family into a real adventure (and you’ll have many memories to cherish for years to come). In addition, we are pretty sure that your friends will love your stories.

Nonetheless, such an exciting adventure requires a trusty partner for the road. You will need a good car that can allow you to travel with ease and without any difficulties. And at this aspect, AutoBoca can be of use. Let us help you choose the right vehicle for you!

In October, take advantage of the new rent a car deals from AutoBoca

An easy and efficient solution for having a pleasant touristic experience is to rent a car. In this manner, you won’t have to trouble yourself with the technical condition of the vehicle and you will know that you have selected the right model for your trip. With the help of professionals, you will find a good car within minutes! And that is exactly what AutoBoca intends to do! We want to help you go on the road with a vehicle that you will love driving.

According to the feedback that our customers have kindly provided, the best cars for traveling through the country (including the mountain areas) are the ones from the compact class. Why? Usually, these cars manage to fulfill some very important quality criteria for a swift and smooth ride: space, comfort, safety and easy to handle. Compact vehicles can be good choices for groups of 3-4 people or families that want to explore the wonders of Romania. These cars can be used with confidence on open roads.

In AutoBoca’s fleet, you will find many models of compact cars and all of them are kept in mint condition. We would recommend that you rent a VW Golf 7 or a Citroen C-Elysee. Besides having a good engine, an elegant design they also come with a generous trunk, so you won’t have to be concerned about luggage. These cars have performed very well on very long roads and we’re convinced you will be pleased with them too!

Of course, you could rent other models like VW Jetta, Skoda Rapid or Dacia Logan. With AutoBoca, the choice is yours! And if you’re not sure which car would be best for your trip, you can always count on our agents to assist you! So contact us today and take advantage of our October offers! It takes only a couple of minutes to browse through our offers and pick one!

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