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Summer travels in Suceava, a chance for unforgettable touristic experiences, especially behind the wheel of a welcoming car from AutoBoca! 

Traveling is considered to be one of the most efficient methods to relax, unwind and spend quality time with friends and family. It’s also an opportunity to discover a new country, culture and perhaps learn something new on the way. When you begin to ponder the idea of visiting a new country, you have to be well-informed. This is a good way to make sure that you experience something amazing. Every single country has its own particularities, worth cherishing for years to come. Travelers love to discover the hidden stories of the place they visit.

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During summer, you can take advantage of the beautiful weather and go on real touristic adventures with friends and even family members. The possibilities are generous and depending on your preferences, you could explore the majestic mountains, a sunny beach or visit some fascinating landmarks. There are many places with impressive touristic potential, worth accessing. 

However, there are certain practical elements that you have to take care of when you are planning a vacation. You definitely want to maximize your days off, so you can’t afford to waste time on activities that are neither fun nor pleasant. Thus, you will have to do a little bit of research on the forehand to ensure that your holiday will be memorable and filled with amazing moments. It is quite easy nowadays to perform a research online. There are many articles that can offer useful information to those that look for them.

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Internet is a powerful tool during this stage, as one can easily access information on which are the best vacation destinations, where to stay, what restaurants to try, which is the best route to take and so on. Finding the proper means of transport is also an important element, as you will need a good car to take you to all the places that you want. With the help of professionals, this can be much easier than you think, even if you are planning to visit a completely new country. Accessing a good renting service might be quite easy.

In the last few years, many foreign tourists come to Romania for their summer holidays. They have discovered this magical land where breathtaking natural sights, mysterious legends, and unique medieval constructions are always ready to welcome curious visitors. If you’ve been to Romania at least once, you already know the reasons to come back again. It is a gorgeous country with a lot of touristic objectives, worth discovering. 

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Each region is like a completely different piece of a puzzle and if you combine them all together, you will get a magnificent picture of what this East European country is really about: picturesque mountain villages, charming customs and traditions, breathtaking nature, hypnotizing sea, impressive historical monuments and of course many vibrant and modern cities. So, are you ready to discover some of them? Hopefully, your answer is YES! 

Reliable and trustworthy rental services in Suceava: AutoBoca, always ready to help you travel with pleasure

Suceava is one of the major access points in Moldova and a historical city in itself. From here, you could visit some of the most beautiful monasteries and churches in the area (like Voronet, Sucevita, Moldovita, Putna), or spend a couple of hours at the Suceava Fortress or simply go mountain trekking (there are dozens of interesting trails that will lead you to a mesmerizing waterfall or a hidden meadow or palace). Suceava Airport is packed with thousands of tourists from all over the world that are coming here all excited to begin their adventure.

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However, before going on the road and start discovering what Moldova has to offer, you must make sure that you have access to a reliable vehicle. That is why many tourists opt for a rental service. This is a simple and efficient solution to a very important problem. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your car ready (and with a tank full of gas) waiting for you straight at the airport? The answer is probably yes.

If you will collaborate with a reliable rental agency, this can be done easily. Why waste your time on looking for possible rental options, when you can arrange this aspect before you get on your plane to Suceava? AutoBoca can be of help in this aspect. In just 3 easy steps, you will be able to rent a beautiful car, perfect for your trip to Romania. We have an online reservation form that takes online minutes to complete.

Why should you collaborate with us? Why should you choose one of our welcoming cars in Suceava Airport? These are excellent questions and they deserve a proper answer. AutoBoca is a serious rental firm with 10 years of experience in the field and we always put our clients first. Our goal is to help you travel with pleasure and ease to any destination in Romania. How exactly? By providing excellent cars and trustworthy customer service.

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Communication is very important, as this is the only way to ensure that you get the model that you enjoy driving and that is best suited for your travel endeavors. Thus, all of our agents are very well trained to listen to our customers and identify what type of means of transport they need, by asking questions and being patient. A successful company is one that takes care of its employees with the same enthusiasm as they do for their clients. Therefore, we make sure that our staff will participate in various training and conferences in order to improve their skills and knowledge.

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Nonetheless, you don’t have to take our word for it. Testimonials, reviews, and feedback left by our customers are the best proof that our rental services are reliable and trustworthy. With that in mind, we invite you to read in more detail the experience that Mr. Georgi had with AutoBoca in Suceava. Why not travel with ease and without stress?

Very efficient, very happy with the price, very polite!

Finding a reliable service is not an easy task, but not impossible. Usually, reviews and testimonials, are valuable sources which can guide you towards the right choice. According to our latest analysis, 95%  of our clients would recommend us further and be very pleased with their auto experience. Not only that, but we even received an award for best customer service in Suceava. 

Our agents were extremely diligent and helpful, and their efforts were rewarded. It’s encouraging when we see that all the hard work that AutoBoca’s personal puts into delivering an outstanding rental service, isn’t left unnoticed. 

Rent VW Jetta in Romania great price

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Mr. Mark Georgi rented a VW Jetta in our office in Suceava for a 9 day period, and at the end of the rental contract, he was very kind to leave us the following feedback:

1. How satisfied were you of the value for money? 5 STAR – Comment: Very happy with the price.

2. How happy were you with the way you were received/greeted by our agents at the renting office? 5 STAR – Comment: Personal thanks to Alex Hutanu, who was the agent at the airport as he was extremely kind, caring and professional. He kept in touch and coordinated with me prior to the collection and return of the car by calling me and sending SMS.

3. How do you appreciate the time spent when you picked out the car? 5 STAR – Comment: Again, Alex was very polite and professional.

4. How do you appreciate the time spent when you dropped off the car? 5 STAR – Comment: Very efficient, considering we were running late for our flight. Again, Alex Hutanu was very quick, efficient and professional.

5. How satisfied you were by the cleanliness from car? 5 STAR – Comment: The car was clean and tidy and appeared to be freshly cleaned for me.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

6. How happy were you with the technical state of the car? 5 STAR – Comment: The VW Jetta had a small 1.2 petrol engine that struggled a bit on the steep climbs, but on the other hand was fast when needed and very economical. I had never before driven a car with such a small engine but was very pleased with its performance considering its size and power. Managed over 1200 km on one tank!

7. How do you think of the rent a car office? Easy/hard to find? 5 STAR – Comment: The airport is very small and the office was easy to find. On top of that, Alex Hutanu had called and messaged me the day before the trip and it was nice to know that I was expected.

8. Would you recommend us to others? 5 STAR – Comment: Absolutely!

9. Will you contact us in the future? YES – Comment: In the future, I will look for Autoboca every time I travel to Romania.

10. Can we publish your answers on our site www.autoboca.ro? YES

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

From the answers provided by Mr. Georgi, it’s very clear that he was very impressed with how our agent handled the renting process and with the quality of the welcoming car received. VW Jetta is one of our latest additions in our fleet, and as Mr. Georgi pointed out, it’s an elegant and economical vehicle: with just a tank full of gas you can drive over 1200 km! Basically, this means that VW Jetta can be an excellent choice if you are planning to go through the country.

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If you will decide to collaborate with AutoBoca, you will be welcomed by a friendly, polite and professional agent which will make sure that your entire experience will be pleasant and efficient. We don’t want to waste either your time or money. Contact us today and discover some of our amazing offers for the following month. With AutoBoca, you will travel with ease and stress-free!

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