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Amazing auto experiences in Cluj Napoca behind the wheel of a welcoming car from Autoboca! Discover the joy of exploring Cluj with delight…

Traveling has become much more than a simple way to get from point A to point B. Nowadays, there are several factors that have to be considered and time is always of the essence. We all are looking for efficient solutions of transport that can provide a high level of comfort, safety and of course a pleasant auto experience.

Most of the times we manage to find rather quickly appropriate travel solutions, capable of making us smile and go forward. It is always great to have access to a good means of transport, designed to ensure stability and safety on the road. 

A car is evaluated from many standpoints and it’s the main key to an amazing journey. Imagine that you’d have to drive for hundreds of kilometers around the country. This can turn out to be an exhausting activity if you don’t have the proper vehicle by your side. Finding a good car rather quickly might prove to be quite challenging. In 2018 you have the possibility of renting a quality car and thus explore certain parts of Romania in a pleasant manner. The fact of the matter is that these days you can easily opt for a car in our country, especially if you put in the documentation work.

For this reason, major auto manufacturers are constantly trying to find new ways to improve their models. Some will come with interesting features (sensors, smart parking, wi-fi and so on), or with possibilities for a lower petrol usage (perhaps use a different type of fuel), and others will come with powerful engines meant for speed. These cars can offer pretty amazing auto experiences, which anyone would love. Fortunately, it is quite joyful to explore Romania behind the wheel of a good vehicle.

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There is a considerable number of aspects that you must consider when choosing the car to accompany you on your trips. That particular model has to be suited for your traveling needs. What is the use of a big and powerful SUV, if you will be stuck in traffic all day long?

With the help of professionals and the right information, it will be far easier to choose the perfect car for you. They are trained agents that can help you identify with ease the right car for the trip ahead. Why shouldn’t you take the time to browse through all available options?

The main goal behind each trip (whether that it’s for business or vacation), is to maximize your time and prevent possible unpleasant situations. You want to feel good and relaxed while driving, and this can be achieved if you will collaborate with the right people. 

In the past few years, Romania has drawn the attention of many foreign investors and tourists. Our beautiful country is slowly starting to progress economically and major cities like Bucharest, Cluj, and Iasi are shaped into real business centers. This means that on a daily basis there are thousands of people crossing through the main airports of the country, all busy to get on with their schedule.

de unde pot inchiria o masina

Discovering Cluj Napoca with pleasure 

Cluj-Napoca is an important key point for western Romania. This has become the headquarter for a considerable number of international IT companies and their number seems to keep on growing. Adding to the list that Cluj-Napoca is a beautiful medieval city with breathtaking views, this establishment has become among the top destinations to visit while visiting Romania.

However, in order to explore the city and its surroundings with pleasure, we return to the issue presented earlier: finding a proper means of transport. A good solution is to opt for a rental service. Why exactly? Because you will have professionals by your side that will guide you towards the right vehicle. Not only that, but you will have no stress or responsibilities with respect to the technical state of the car or if all the taxes and insurances are up to date. You simply get in and begin driving!

In a big and dynamic city like Cluj-Napoca, you can rely on AutoBoca whenever you are looking for a high-quality car. We are a serious rent a car company with 10 years of experience in the field and we always put our clients first.

During this time, we managed to provide positive auto experiences to thousands of our customers. How exactly? By working hard, every day and by exceeding expectations. It’s not easy, but we do it with pleasure and nothing motivates us more than receiving positive feedback from those that used our services.

Why should you also collaborate with us? What makes AutoBoca the right rental firm for you? A simple answer would be: because we have great cars and amazing staff that will make the entire process swift and easy. Nonetheless, we don’t expect you to take our word for it.

In the following lines, we will present a testimonial left by one of our clients that rented a welcoming car in Cluj-Napoca. Let’s find out right now what you can expect from us! Our main task is to deliver good quality services and help people reach their destination without problems.

de unde pot inchiria o masina

Quickly and professional! Perfect car!

Identifying a reliable service is not an easy task, but with patience and proper information, you will find the right solution.

And this is where AutoBoca comes in. We are always prepared to help our clients travel with pleasure to all their desired destinations. Mr. Rolland Altfater rented a VW Jetta from our office in Cluj for a 5 day period. We would like to thank Mr. Altfater for completing our quality questionnaire. We always cherish our client feedback.

In our fleet, you will find the latest model of Jetta, a beautiful vehicle, elegant, powerful and suited for long and short drives. It’s very spacious and provides the highest levels of comfort and safety. VW cars never disappoint and Jetta will definitely amaze you! This particular model has helped thousands of people to explore Romania in a pleasant manner.

At the end of the rental process, he was very kind to answer our quality questionnaire. Here’s what he had to say about AutoBoca:

How satisfied were you of the value for money? 5 STAR – Comment: Top! 

How happy were you with the way you were received/greeted by our agents at the renting office? 5 STAR – Comment: Positively surprised! Greetings to Tudor!!!

How do you appreciate the time spent when you picked out the car? 5 STAR – Comment: Unusual quickly & professional!!! 

Rent VW Jetta in Romania great price

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

How do you appreciate the time spent when you dropped off the car? 5 STAR – Comment: Short, friendly & helpful! Greetings to Darius!!! Friendly & professional!!!

How satisfied you were by the cleanliness from car? 5 STAR – Comment: Perfect.

How happy were you with the technical state of the car? 5 STAR – Comment: Perfect.

How do you think of the rent a car office? Easy/hard to find? 5 STAR – Comment: check24.de 

Would you recommend us to others? 5 STAR – Comment: Always!!! Goodbye sixt, avis, eurocar & others!

Can we publish your answers on our site www.autoboca.ro? DA Comment: With pleasure!

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

From the answers provided by Mr. Altfater, it’s quite clear that he was very much impressed with our car and services. He was pleased with how our agent handled the renting process and also with the state of the vehicle. On our official website, you can read more about the experiences of our clients with AutoBoca, under the testimonial tab. We are convinced that we can help you enjoy your travels to Cluj-Napoca.

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Believe it or not, in just a few minutes, you can have the vehicle you wanted, all set and ready to take you on an adventure on the road. Not only that but for the coming month, we have several rental offers that you should not miss. So why not reserve a beautiful welcoming car, like VW Jetta, today?

We invite you to discover the beauties of Romania with pleasure and stress-free! If you want to rent this stunning car from us, contact AutoBoca with confidence. We shall do our best to offer assistance during all moments of the renting process! 

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