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Are you ready for a new discovery? Do you want to explore a new place in a pleasurable manner? Since you’ve came to our website, the answer is probably yes. Hopefully, we will be able to Planning for a road trip brings often a strong dose of enthusiasm, even if you’re not necessarily going on vacation. It is the excitement of visiting a new place combined with the satisfaction brought by discovering something interesting that may stimulate your creativity and sense of adventure.

Of course, you have to come well prepared, especially if it’s an area that you’re not familiar with. Today it is very easy to gather information about a new location. The internet is always ready to provide swift access to useful details about a new place.

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In this period of the year, considering that there are so many celebrations attached, it’s not at all uncommon to find yourself in a continuous frenzy and agitation. Everybody is trying their very best to make the most of their days off and create as many precious moments as possible. A considerable number of people come to Romania either to visit friends and family or simply to enjoy the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains. The allure of Romania keeps on attracting new visitors, from all corners of the world. Our country has become a beacon of joy and excitement for tourists.

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There are many things to be done and to be seen if you choose to spend your vacation in Romania. One thing will be clear: you won’t deal with boredom. During winter, the mountains are a wonderful home to all curious tourists.

You could practice some winter sports (skiing, snowboarding), go on a mountain trail (to see some breathtaking sights and discover some hidden meadows) or simply take in the local culture and customs which are charming on their own. There are charming people that can impress you with their stories and generosity.

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People that visited Romania have fallen in love with it and are always looking for opportunities to come back. It’s understandable, as this is truly a magnificent land with centuries of history, impressive constructions, medieval cities and many fascinating legends that inspired some of the classic books and movies which are popular to this day.

Nonetheless, before venturing into your exploration of Romania, you must consider the downside of your trip: the infrastructure. Roads here (especially in the mountain area) can turn out to be quite difficult and since you will be traveling during winter, you have to be extra careful. Nonetheless, there is a solution to this problem: renting a good car. It’s a method often used by tourists that want to take out stress out of the equation. There are many people that opt for this service in order to get around faster and easier.

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With the help of professionals and people that are truly experienced in the auto field, you will easily find a good model fit for your transportation needs. However, here comes the big question: where can you find a reliable and trustworthy rent a car firm in Romania? There are many companies that provide such services, and most of them are a good choice, but you’ll have to collaborate with the one that can provide the best deals and cars.

A very good method to identify a company which you can trust is to verify what their clients have to say about them. What were their experiences with that particular firm? Did their services rise to the expectations or were they disappointing? Customer reviews and feedback is almost impossible to manipulate, which means that there lies the truth.

Considering those elements, if you are in need of a good car, you can always count on AutoBoca. We dare make this remark because we have thousands of happy clients which underline how pleased they were with our services and cars. Our goal is to keep a high-quality standard and always seek to personalize our offers. Along the years we have learned that everybody has unique needs and for this reason, it’s mandatory to fulfill them with a particular car model and a lot of care.

Our agents were specially trained to deal with people, to be better listeners, to be helpful and to try and understand what our clients want and need. In our fleet, you will find many new car models which you can drive without any headaches. If you’re for the first time in Romania (or recurring) and you need counseling with respect to which car to rent, you can count on one of our agents to walk you through and provide a good solution.

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Not only that, but the entire renting process takes only a few minutes, which means that you won’t waste your time on unnecessary forms. But, the best way to convince yourself if AutoBoca is the right choice for you or not is to read more about our clients’ experiences. We have a testimonial section on our official website, devoted entirely to people that rented our welcoming cars. There, you can find out what was their opinion about AutoBoca’s services.

Still not sure? Then give us a chance to tell you more about what your advantages be if you’ll collaborate with AutoBoca. Let’s find out what type of cars you could drive and what other extra services you can access! It can be quite easy to find a good car in our fleet.

Your agents are helpful and great assets to your business

Often we receive feedback from our clients telling us how much they enjoyed driving our cars and the services we provided. An example could be the experience of Mr. Damian John Makim with AutoBoca. He rented a VW Polo in Iasi for 3 days. He was very pleased with this model and he wanted to point out the friendliness and professionalism of the agents:

“your agents in Iasi and Bucharest were very courteous and most helpful great asset to your business, particularly the young bloke from Iasi who was fluent in English!”

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We have many international clients, therefore, our agents are thoroughly prepared and speak multiple languages. Communication is always key in this field and we want to make sure that we understand the needs of our customers as good as possible.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

So if you find yourself traveling to Romania and looking for a good car to rent, you can contact us. In our fleet, you will find many brand new vehicles such as VW Polo Automat, VW Jetta, Citroen C-Elysee, Suzuki Vitara, Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer and the list can go on. Not only that, but we have developed a package of extra services, meant to make your trip smooth and without issues. Discover today our offers and enjoy your vacation in Romania with a brand new welcoming car!

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