Reopening of Transylvania airport in Tg. Mures

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Targu Mures is an important regional point of access in Southern Romania. Each year it attracts thousands of curious tourists and talented people that are drawn here by the immersive natural beauty and historical, cultural and artistic richness. In recent years, Targu Mures has been through a considerable economic development which improved the value of the city and its presence on the map.

The city emerged as a source of intellectual vitality and cultural prowess. It seems that a growing number of people come here to discover the city’s deep historical links with the past and its cultural anchor. They don’t leave empty handed especially when they begin to plan ahead.

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It is not at all surprising that this beautiful establishment has become a major attraction for tourists from all over the world. Not only that, but Targu Mures was included in a prestigious list of “top cities to visit in 2018” which improved the touristic activity in this area. Also, Targu Mures is an excellent location to develop businesses and partnerships.

Many international investors have estimated the market potential here and decided to invest. All of these actions have led to an increase in visitors to Targu Mures. Even professional tourists come to uncover the city’s secrets and manage to write thrilling travel notes about their experiences. Some notes can be found online and make great reads especially if you plan on visiting this stunning city in the near future.

Each year, more and more people are interested in getting here either for their vacations (plenty of fascinating attractions to visit), either for business reasons. This risen interest for Targu Mures has determined the local authorities to take action for a better and improved infrastructure.

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Thus, in June, one of the biggest airports near Targu Mures was reopened and ready to welcome thousands of visitors from all over the world. This airport plays an important role in the town’s development, helping investors and regular folk come here with ease. As a result, we salute its reopening this month and we hope it will become one of the most important Romanian airports in the next decade.

Transylvania Airport was first built in 1936, but due to some difficulties, it was shut down for a long while. Luckily, thanks to the efforts of Targu Mures City Hall, there were several restorations projects implemented and in June 2018, the airport is back in business. Now, it’s easier than ever to travel to Targu Mures from pretty much any location in Europe and the globe (where there are approved and operational air links).

Major European cities accommodate such type of travel: by plane. It’s a fast and time-saving method which can allow you to get to all of your desired destinations without stress or worries. If it would take 10 hours to get from Paris to Berlin by car, with a plane you can arrive in Berlin in less than 2 hours. Quite a difference isn’t it? Not only that but during this time, it’s not your responsibility to focus on the road. You could watch a movie and by the end of it, just arrive at the desired place and get on with your activities!

Of course, large airports are the ones that get the most attention, but we should not underestimate the importance of regional airports. Sometimes they can save us from a very long and boring layover and help us get faster to the place we want. Or perhaps, your intention was to visit a smaller city which most likely is closer to the regional airport than the major one in the country. It is important to easily reach your destination without headaches.

Priveliste oras Targu Mures

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Thus, the reopening of Transylvania Airport in Targu Mures is a big step towards better and more efficient travels and fluidity from getting from one place to another. Even for those who have internal trips will discover the usefulness of Targu Mures airport. It’s an excellent chance to save a lot of time and energy. Basically, you will have more resources to focus on the things that truly matter: admiring breathtaking views and spending quality moments with your loved ones.

If you are planning to visit Targu Mures, then it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to be properly informed about how to travel swiftly from one place to another. The majority of tourists opt for a rental service from their arrival at the airport. Wouldn’t be nice to have a car ready and waiting for you from the moment you set foot in Romania?

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With that in mind, we suggest that you let AutoBoca help you travel with ease. We are a professional rental firm and we always put our clients first. For 10 years we have managed to help Romanian and foreign tourists obtain easy access to high-quality welcoming cars ideal for various auto experiences.

Our goal is to help people begin their trips with a smile on their face. We’re not afraid to go that extra mile in order to fulfill this objective. According to our latest feedbacks, 96% of our customers would recommend us further. Thus, we can conclude that we are doing some things right. Every day we try to find ways to make our services better and more effective for our clients.

For your trip to Targu Mures (and perhaps for your exploration of Transylvania), we are ready to greet you with some amazing new car models straight at the airport. Not only that, but you will have the opportunity to rent these new vehicles at an amazing price. Curious to know more? If your answer is yes, then keep on reading the rows below!

de unde pot inchiria o masina

Amazing welcoming cars straight at Transylvania Airport near Targu Mures

Transylvania is one of the most controverted regions of Romania. There are dozens of legends associated with this place and probably the legend of Count Dracula is the most popular one. Each year, thousands of tourists, rush to visit Bran Castle with the hope of discovering one of the many mysterious secrets of the dreadful Count.

Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

However, Transylvania has much more to offer. The natural environments are absolutely spectacular and with proper information, you will discover many other fascinating touristic attractions on the way (including Targu Mures, Sibiu, and Brasov).

With a good car, it will be quite simple to get around. And this is where AutoBoca comes in. We always welcome our customers with a smile and hospitality. It’s our responsibility to ensure that each client has an amazing experience. Also, if anything bad happens, you can count on us to find a solution.

What kind of cars can you rent from us? In AutoBoca’s fleet, you will find many new and fascinating models including the new VW Jetta and VW Touran. These are excellent vehicles which can be easily used for long trips or short trips, depending on your needs. VW Jetta can be a good choice for a family vacation. This is a powerful and spacious vehicle properly equipped to get you safe and sound to your desired destinations.

VW Touran is a beautiful minibus which can accommodate up to 7 people. This model can be an ideal road partner for a larger family or a group of friends. One of our agents will guide you through the entire renting process and help you make the proper decision. He or she will be more than helpful.

Or, if you already know what you want and don’t have time for phone calls, you can easily reserve these lovely cars online. In just 3 easy steps, you will have the desired vehicle waiting for you at Transylvania Airport. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Contact us today and take advantage of our amazing offers! We can’t wait to help you rent a good quality car anytime you need it!

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