Romanian getaways for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is getting closer: what are your travel plans? Let’s discover something amazing to do!

In less than a week, one of the most romantic holidays will knock on our doors. Are you ready to greet it with all your heart? February 14th is a chance to show our loved ones how much we care about them and actually try and do something nice in their name. This is a special day that can lead to amazing memories, worth cherishing for years on end.

Couples take this celebration quite seriously as any gestures on this day is proof of their devotion towards their partner. Of course, we shouldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to show our gratitude and appreciation towards those special people in our lives. However, on February 14th we can try to be a little extra nice. This is the optimal occasion to have a little of fun.

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Why not do something really special this year? Going on a short trip is usually the best alternative after a long period of stress, anxiety and a busy schedule. All of us deserve to have a couple of days off where we can solely focus on our loved ones and create some amazing memories together. This sounds like the perfect recipe for a fun holiday. If you want to surprise your special other, planning a weekend getaway can be very romantic and thoughtful. It shows how much you want to spend time with your partner and they get a special place in your life. Take a chance to discover something amazing and create unforgettable memories. 

So why not come to Romania? This Eastern-European country has a lot to offer to its visitors. There’s plenty of touristic options to choose from depending on your preferences. You enjoy spending time in nature? Perhaps exploring a charming forest? Then the mountains are the right selection. In Romania you will find many charming resorts fit for a romantic holiday. There’s one in particular which allows you to rent your very own cottage with a view on the lake! Take out your camera and use it with all your heart. Transform your creativity into amazing realities that will stick with you for years on end.

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Not a big fan of the mountain side? No problem! In Romania you will also find a generous littoral with an opening to the Black Sea. What could be more romantic if not a long walk on the beach holding hands with your partner and dreaming about the future? Even if in February the temperatures are not very high, it’s still pleasant to stay outside.

Photo credit: Diana Iordache

In case you prefer to have all the commodities of modern society at your fingertips, you can choose a city break in one of the many enticing Romanian cities. It can be a short holiday in one of the most romantic one of all: Bucharest or little Paris. It was given this nickname due to the similarities with Paris when it comes to architecture and the way the streets are structured. Indeed it is a busy location, as one would expect a European capital to be. However, there are certain places which will leave you breathless and leaving you wanting more. What can you visit here? There are several possibilities depending on your time and preferences. In the following lines, we will provide more details!

A romantic getaway to Bucharest: we can help you travel with ease!

If you have never been to Romania before or you’ve been here a couple of times but never had a chance to explore it, a great starting point would be Bucharest. It’s the capital of the country and it can be a very romantic destination. Some would argue that the streets are too busy and too noisy to get that peaceful atmosphere which allows you to be dreamy and hopeful. However, in reality, there are certain parts of Bucharest which can be given the title of small natural paradises.

Photo credit: Constantin Seghedin

What can you do on your Valentine’s Day weekend getaway here? You could begin with a short tour of the city. Bucharest is an old establishment with centuries of history and many interesting tales to share with its visitors. The Palace of Parliament could be your first stop. This is the second largest administrative building in the world (after Pentagon) and it represents the peak of the communist era. The palace was built with the purpose of residence for the former dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu. In present times, it’s opened to the public and you can admire the great architectural and engineering talents of the people involved in this grandiose project.

Photo credit: Bogdan Almajan

The Arc of Triumph could be your next stop. Yes, Bucharest has its very own Arc of Triumph just like the one in Paris. It was devoted to the heroes fallen in battle. CEC Palace is another touristic attraction to include on your list. After that, you can visit the Old Center and have a cup of coffee at one of the many chic cafes and restaurants in the area.

On the second day of your romantic getaway, you could visit the Mogosoaia domain. This is just a couple of kilometers away from Bucharest and it’s a little piece of heaven. Here you will find a luxurious Palace open to the public, surrounded by immense gardens carefully decorated. You will have a chance to feel like a king or a queen while exploring this marvelous complex.

Photo credit: Constantin Seghedin

Another romantic destination in Bucharest is Herastrau Park or Cismigiu Park. You will be greeted by narrow alleys surrounded by tall trees and beautiful flowers and bushes planted with care. There’s also a lake for you to enjoy and you may even go on a boat ride. In one of these parks you can recharge with positive energy and memories to last you for a lifetime.

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