Romanian travelling stories in 2020

Getting ready for amazing stories to create and share in Romania! Start packing now!

Every single year can become a source of stunning travelling opportunities. Some of them can take root close to our homes while others imply a more applied interest. Each opportunity to travel might lead to something amazing and as a result, we should not miss out. For most of us, the joy of discovering new and joyous adventures. Some of these thrilling experiences undergo metamorphosis into unforgettable memories. 2020 can be the perfect year to explore Romania, a country that impresses with its uncanny natural beauty and charming people.

As the early months of 2020 unfold, we begin to create the right schema to travel to, guess where, Romania! There are thousands of people, men and women, which cannot wait to discover Romanian cities and villages this year. They can uncover millennial secrets in a fun and unique way. Recent years have shown that this beautiful East-European country succeeds in offering visitors access to sublime touristic emotions. When you begin to plan a visit in Romania, you might come across a wide array of travel possibilities. Some of them deserve the right attention, especially if you want to experience something magical, worth remembering as the years pass us by.

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Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

Time speaks wonders of Romania

The first steps into the new year need to be on solid digital ground. This is a good way to decipher Romania’s touristic potential and intelligently set the stage for a wondrous experience. It can be tedious and hard work to create an itinerary in Romania but also an exciting one. Irrespective of your method of choice in regards to documentation, you cannot avoid it, quite the contrary! With a well-documented view over the country’s touristic offers, you will manage to set a plan and follow it with pleasure. Given that not everyone has the spare time to discover a new country (means of travel, where to stay and eat, what to visit and when), we decided to lend a helping hand.

The Romanian regions are amazing and some of them offer access to incredible stories, some more interesting whiles others not so such! As time has left its mark on the country’s development, tourists can now benefit from its fruits of labor. With a little bit of preparation, anyone can have a good time in Romania, a country known for its Carpathian Mountains, Danube river, Danube Delta, Black Sea, Transylvania, Hagi, Dracula, Nadia Comaneci and now Simona Halep. These highlights keep popping up when you ask a stranger about Romania. Still, there is so much more to this country than what we let to be known in the world. There are many places with incredible touristic capabilities.

When you begin to look for information on some of the best places to visit in Romania, you will come across a wide range of travel opportunities. Among those recommendations, offered by Romanian and foreign travelers, you will find cities like Iasi, Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Timisoara, Brasov, Sinaia, Predeal, Gura Humorului, Vatra Dornei, Targu-Mures, Oradea and Alba Iulia. These cities seem to impress with their stories and architectural wonders. It is very easy to have fun here and discover great sides of life. People that have visited in the past these cities were more than satisfied with their choices. Why should you not be among them?

unde se afla palatul parlamentului
Photo credit: Dusmanu Adina Alexandra

Plan and enjoy the ride!

If you have plans to visit Romania, use the internet to read articles and YouTube to view a couple of videos. This is a good way to discover the country and set some paths towards touristic success. When you decide to visit our country, get ready for a real treat. You should start with the capital city. Bucharest is a gorgeous city, with tons of places of explore and stories to discover. Unirii Square seems to be the ideal place to start your journey, especially if you want to reach some of the touristic hot spots. Among them you will find National history museum of Romania, CEC Palace, Palace of Parliament (an imposing building, the second largest on Earth) and Cismigiu Park. The old center of the city is more than generous with its tourists. You should allocate one or two hours for a walk in this region.

A route that you might want to consider is Bucharest – Brasov – Rasnov – Bran Castle. You will get in contact with the Medieval side of Romania and even search for information on the legacy of Vlad the Impaler, the historical reference for Dracula. Rasnov settlement is one of the most visited places in Romania. It is not surprising to see this location as a must visit. Brasov is a well-known city, gathering the attention of people from all over the world. Sticking in this particular region, consider continuing your journey to Sibiu and Sighisoara. These cities will surprise you with their character, beauty and uniqueness.

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