Seven places to visit in Romania in 2020

Romanian travel experiences that never cease to amaze! Discover an amazing country in 2020 and 2021!

The year 2020 was not ideal for international tourism. Dealing with Covid-19 and government restrictions meant a 90 and during lockdowns 100% travel stoppage. Everyone was worried about possible infections with the novel coronavirus. Even though in August died down, the fear still exists, as the second wave struck hard in countries around the world. It is not easy to think about visiting a new country when there is still a high risk of getting the virus. Still, we need to get back to normal. One way or another, we need to regain control over our lives and passions.

There are tourists that cannot wait to begin their travels in Europe and go through amazing experiences. Slowly but surely, countries began to open their borders and welcome tourists. There are rules to follow and certain restrictions in place but at least we can travel again. The lockdown was very hard to handle. Some people were courageous and resisted well to the pressure of staying inside so many months. It was important to slow down the virus spread and find possible remedies.

Today we want to talk about Romania, an East European country with lots to offer and a wide range of stories to share with visitors. Even though it is rather difficult to think about visiting a new country in 2020, we might want a break from the daily stress coming from pandemic related issues. Let’s think about this prospect and discover a couple of interesting things about Romania and its touristic offers.

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  • How to plan a trip during the pandemic?
  • 7 places to visit in Romania
  • AutoBoca and welcoming cars to rent in 2020

The time has come to plan a trip in Romania and discover an amazing country. We had enough time in our personal houses. Now the time has come to embark on a new journey, set in a country that can impress more than you imagine. Planning a trip in this beautiful country can be pretty fun and exciting. To this particular end, you should spend a couple of days gathering information on some of the best places to visit. You will thus explore an exciting land, packed with legends, myths and charming locals.

Still, you might want to spend some time researching the Covid-19 rules. There are certain regulations that you need to follow in order to safely explore Romania and not receive a fine. First, social distancing is in place. You must keep your distance from other people (1.5 – 2 meters). You must wear masks, especially in crowded places but some cities and counties have stricter rules (you might be obliged to wear masks in public all the time). Do not forget to wash your hands with soap (30 seconds) or with hand sanitizers. Try to keep your distance from people that show cold symptoms. Play it safe and enjoy your experience without restraints.

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How to plan a trip during the pandemic?

Romania is a wonderful country, with amazing touristic objectives and incredible sightseeing. Nature is quite spectacular in some places, especially in the Carpathian Mountains, Danube River and delta and the Black Sea. These are the hot Romanian places where nature is amazing! The plan to a wonderful experience in Romania starts with an attentive documentation. Still, it is a difficult to target the question. Planning a trip in Romania can take some time. You cannot go through shortcuts if you want to experience the most out of each trip made in specific regions. There are some recommendations that you could consult before going on a trip. Therefore, here are some of the most popular ones:

  • 1. Rent a car and experience safe and comfortable travels in Romania. Many tourists want to avoid dealing with crowded places. As a result, it is not surprising to see people search for car rental deals in Romania. Fortunately, there are firms more than able to offer great deals on good quality cars.
  • 2. After resolving the transport situation, make sure that you have with you food and water. You never know when you might get stuck in traffic without any “escape”. We also make sure that we have a blanket with us, just in case the heater might stop working. Do we overdo it? Maybe! Given the current pandemic state, it is normal to have around masks, disinfectant and sanitary hand lotion/gel. Use them whenever you touched public surfaces.
  • 3. Pick a destination in accordance with your passion and interests.
  • 4. Choose accommodations with comfort and safety in mind
  • 5. Make sure you have access to restaurants and terraces where they serve delicious food

These are 5 travel tips that might improve your experience in Romania. You can always complete them with others. The main thing is that you have a great time. Time to forge amazing memories, no?

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7 places to visit in Romania in 2020 and 2021

This country is more than ready to impress visitors with its many secrets and touristic delights. As a tourist, you have the possibility of discovering many interesting places. There are places that you could visit with joy and excitement. We must do them justice and include them in a short top. Seven touristic objectives managed to impress us on several occasions. Why should you extend your collection with wonderful memories? Let us see together the stops meant to become great experiences in the eccentric year 2020 and hopeful year 2021:

  • Neamt Citadel
  • Culture Palace in Iasi
  • Voronet Monastery
  • Ruling Citadel of Suceava
  • Parliament Palace in Bucharest
  • Agapia Monastery
  • Chindia Tower in Targoviste
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In Neamt Citadel, you will find a beautiful historical place, with charming stories and legends to unfold. When we visited this wonderful citadel, we managed to gather information that we never knew. It was amazing to explore this citadel. You will leave the car in the parking lot, located at the hill’s base. Wear your mask and climb the hill. It is amazing to do free cardio and exercises. It is a real pleasure to go about the whole experience. The entrance ticket to the citadel costs only 24 RON (quite cheap). You can go on a high bridge, with solid and tall stone pillars. Use the smartphone or digital camera in order to record your experience.

Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

Palace Culture in Iasi represents the most important touristic objective in Moldova. This is the perfect starting point to explore the city. You will love the city and its vibe. Still, the Palace is incredible, often compared with Schloss Schonbrunn in Vienna.  It is not surprising to see so many people visiting this place. Inside you will find National Museum Complex Moldova. You can visit them with confidence. This is a good way to discover interesting things about Moldova and Iasi city. Near the Palace you will also find Palace Shopping center, where locals come to shop, socialize and have fun.

manastire voronet 2019 vizita
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Voronet Monastery is the Sistine Chapel of the East. This is the optimal characterization since the church is beautiful, with unique elements and legendary characteristics. When we first visited Voronet, the incredible beauty of the monastery seduced us. You should include the monastery in your travel itinerary. Take the time to analyze the monastery by superb interior and exterior paintings, with the unique Voronet blue. We recommend you study the famous “Judgement Day” exterior painting, located in the north of the monastery. It is a beautiful expression of creative genius, with symbols and hidden meanings.

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Ruling Suceava citadel

The former Ruling Citadel in Suceava city can be a welcoming historical wonder. It is not surprising to see so many tourists visiting Suceava just to see the famous fortress of Stefan the Great (that was never conquered). Fresh out of a massive restauration project, the citadel is impressive (to say the least). It is one of the most important Romanian historical landmarks. You should take a moment to browse through the citadel’s alleys, walls and secrets. The legend will emerge with each step you take here. Enjoy the exploration and do not be distracted by social media notifications.

unde se afla palatul parlamentului
Photo credit: Dusmanu Adina Alexandra

Parliament Palace in Bucharest

We know that every foreign tourists wants to visit Bucharest. It is understandable given the Romania’s capital city is big, complex and always ready to have fun. Still, we invite to visit Palace of Parliament, the second biggest building in the world after the Pentagon. The sheer size is astonishing. The Palace represents a mirror image of Nicolae Ceausescu’s ego. He wanted a monumental building to reflect, in his imagination, Romania’s important role in the world. Yet, he got what he deserved, but now we get to see a predominantly empty building. Seven hundred architects worked on the construction. It also implied the complete destruction of Uranus neighborhood. Even so, Parliament Palace deserves to be on your travel bucket list.

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Agapia Monastery

In Neamt county there are many touristic objectives that can be visited with utter delight. One of them is Agapia Monastery. This is a place where flowers, nature, God and people come in sync. Everyone is willing to connect with the divine, and avoid dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. The church is gorgeous but the whole vibe charms visitors.

turn chindia poza
Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

Chindia Tower in Targoviste

The former capital of Tara Romaneasca, Targoviste should be included in your travel itinerary. Why? This is where you will find Chindia Tower, built in XV century by Vlad Tepes. This tower had a military role. It used to be a prison and a treasury. With an impressive height of 27 meters, the tower offers an impressive look over the city. This tower is a part of the national museum complex “Royal Court”. The ruins are quite charming. Reserve two hours for this particular visit.

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