Taking a good welcoming minibus on a long drive

Picking a reliable minibus is easy in Romania, just ask Autoboca!

The time has come to think of new ways to discover beauty in travels. It is quite easy to explore any place if you do your homework. Now, you can access important sources of information, needed to make any journey a real pleasure. Are you ready to access some of them? If you are then the following rows might prove to be more than useful!

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Taking a vacation can be an exciting touristic adventure as you will have the chance to explore new places, participate in different activities, discover a new fragment of history and rejoice with loved ones at the sight of wonderful areas. On that list, you can always add many colourful traditions and old customs that are worth admiring and maybe along the way you will learn an interesting trick about a particular trade.

In Romania, you will find many countryside locations, where people still master arts and crafts that are centuries old which result in charming artefacts and trinkets. Such forgotten arts are the crown jewel of any society.

Photo credit: Ștefania Lău

The whole manufacturing process can be seen as a tactful ritual, where a lot of patience, talent, and devotion are involved. A single pot or a delightful painting can take days or weeks to be completed and if you decide to purchase it, you will have a lifelong memory. These are the memories that stick with you for years to come.

Besides carefully designed handmade objects (that underline the rich culture of Romania), you will also be overtaken by the incredibly beautiful landscapes hidden within the Carpathian Mountains and many historical and medieval constructions. It will be difficult to get bored if you decide to take a vacation here. Of course, you will have to take some time to gather information on some touristic objectives that you may want to visit, which route is most advantageous and of course, which means of transport should you use. It is important to know how to approach the selection process.

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Thousands of foreign tourists decide to explore Romania in groups, from 4 to 7 or 9 persons. They stick together in order to get the most out of each trip they take, relying on the presence of friends and family to create amazing memories. Traveling in groups can be much more entertaining and you all can experience together all the beauties encountered on the way.

Besides, it is safer and you will be relieved of the headache of keeping up, which is an issue if you were to choose to use two different cars. For this reason, the majority of foreign and Romanian tourists that planned a vacation with a larger number of people, choose to rent minibuses. In this manner, you will know from the start that you will have a reliable and spacious means of transport by your side.

Considering the infrastructure in Romania, it is almost mandatory that you will find a strong and durable car. The roads, especially in the mountain areas can turn out to be quite troublesome, however, with the help of professionals, you will be able to rent an appropriate vehicle. Minibuses seem to be the top choice when it comes to auto experiences in Romania. It is not at all a surprising fact, given that people want to explore our beautiful country without running into problems!

However, the next question arises: which type of minibus model should you rent? Travelling groups are concerned with quality, comfort, safety and the promise of a good trip. Which is to be expected, as we all go on vacations to have a good time and disconnect from our daily routine. There are many people that want to use solid minibuses in order to reach distinct destinations with pleasure and with no restraints.

Long drives are easier to handle once you find a good minibus, as you will have better conditions to go through hundreds of kilometres without any stress. When you are also responsible for other members, it is recommended to be sure that the car you will rent will fulfill your quality expectations. Fortunately, it is easier to do so these days!

A good solution to the transportation problem can be to contact a rent a car agency and discover some interesting minibus models that are worthy of your consideration. And this is where AutoBoca comes in. We are always prepared to greet our clients with good quality cars and many exciting offers. Our sole purpose is to make sure that in our fleet you will find the vehicle you need for your travels. Take advantage of our expertise today!

We are aware of the fact that every trip has its specificities, thus it will require a particular model in order for all passengers to travel comfortably and without issues. With this in mind, we have made some interesting additions to our fleet, including new minibus models. So, if you plan on visiting Romania with a large group of people, we invite you to discover our selection of minibuses. We are quite sure that you will not be disappointed by our offers!

Amazing touristic experiences with a welcoming minibus: take advantage of our special offers

AutoBoca offers people the opportunity to rent very good minibuses, perfect for a wide variety of trips, either short or long. When making your decision, you have to consider several aspects such as level of comfort, safety, maneuverability and how reliable really is that particular vehicle. Our specialists are quite thorough when it comes to adding a new car to our fleet. They will take a lot of time to analyze all the benefits and see if that particular model will be suited for our clients or not.

So what type of minibuses can you find in AutoBoca’s fleet? We want to deliver personalized renting packages because this is the only way that you’ll have an amazing auto experience. Among our minibuses selection, you will find VW Touran, Chevrolet Orlando, Renault Trafic, Mercedes Benz Tourer and many others. Each and every one of this models has provided many happy experiences to our customers, which can be seen through the high number of positive feedback we received. If you plan on traveling with a group of 5 to 7 people, then you may want to rent a VW Touran or a Chevrolet Orlando.

These two models are ideal for family and friends vacation as they were manufactured with a lot of attention to details. There will be enough space inside and in the trunk so that everyone will feel comfortable and you won’t have to compromise on the luggage that you can take on your trip. Not only that, but a minibus such as VW Touran or Chevrolet Orlando is quite versatile and they are great choices for visiting the main Romanian cities or particular villages on the mountainside.

If you plan on travelling with a larger group of persons (7-9), then renting a Mercedes Benz Tourer or a Renault Trafic may be the best choice. These are larger minibus models, fit for trips around the country and for very long drives. They have a sturdy and robust constitution which make them perfect vehicles even for the most troublesome roads. Space, level of comfort and safety are also big pluses for these minibus models. We’re convinced that you will enjoy exploring Romania with such a minibus.

Where can you find great deals for renting amazing minibus models in November? AutoBoca is the right answer. And to make the deal even sweeter, you will be able to rent a VW Touran, Chevrolet Orlando, Mercedes Benz Tourer, Renault Traffic and others, at a really good price! Not only that, but these are new minibuses, which means that they are kept in mint conditions and are always ready for a touristic adventure. Contact us today and reserve the model fit for your trip!

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