Ten Romanian locations that you should not miss this summer

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Seduced by the joyous sounds of a wonderful touristic experience in Romania

Year after year we do our best to enjoy summer vacations. To this happy end, we work hard to plan everything with attention and high attention to details. We wish with all our hearts to enjoy every minute of the trip and experience it without stress. It is not particularly surprising to see so many people search for efficient ways to make the most out of their vacations. In addition, they want to visit new countries, packed with stories, welcoming people and delicious food. There are many European that can be visited with delight. Among them you will also find Romania, a country that delights visitors with its touristic gifts. In order to fully enjoy the vacation set in Romania, we should take a little bit of time into proper research and documentation.

When we have free time, we should use it intelligently. As a result, we put in the effort to make sure that everything goes in the right direction. Sometimes we should be patient and look with attention through the existing touristic possibilities. There are many opportunities to follow up, especially if we have the extra free time on our hands. If we are prepared for the vacation, then our chances to have fun grow exponentially. Romania is currently a rising star in the international touristic community. If you are reading this article, you are also interested in visiting Romania or at least you are thinking about it.

As you might have noticed by now, there are many amazing places in Romania that should be included in a thriving itinerary. Tourists know the importance of enjoying every moment of the vacation. With a little bit of preparation, the vacation becomes a source of joy and pleasure. It is important to know where to go, what to visit and where to eat. With this in mind, we invite you to discover 10 places that can be included in a travel plan. These are places that we had the pleasure of visiting in the past.

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Ten beautiful places to visit this summer in Romania

Thousands of tourists have discovered in the past Romania in different ways. Some emphasized their need to have fun and go through amazing emotions. There are other people that want to experience cultural, artistic and historical emotions, touched by the unique tenderness of Romanian heritage. They are able to discover amazing places, with stories that bring to light a joy to experience life. We also know that there are tourists with a weakness for Mother Nature. This is where the Carpathian Mountains and Danube Delta can become sources of joy and fun. It is quite difficult to get bored in Romania. For many tourists a trip involves a close relation with Mother Nature and its many gifts. With a little bit of patience and dedication, tourists can go through amazing experiences in our country. The trick is to be well-informed and not go blindly into the touristic night.

In the last couple of months we had the pleasure of exploring various Romanian regions. It was pretty amazing to go from one place to another, trying to take in the beauty of various touristic hot-spots. This is why we decided to draft a small top, which includes 10 amazing destinations, worth visiting in different occasions. So, are you ready to discover a couple of things about the places that impressed us? If your answer is yes, maybe you could read the following rows with patience.

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  • 1. The city of Targoviste: visit the former Royal Court and Chindia Tower
  • 2. The capital city of Romania – Bucharest: visit the Parliament Palace and Herastrau Park
  • 3. The city of Suceava: visit Cetatea de Scaun Suceava
  • 4. Bran Castle
  • 5. Rasnov Settlement
  • 6. Sarmisegetusa Regia
  • 7. Corvinilor Castle
  • 8. Palace Culture in Iasi
  • 9. Voronet Monastery
  • 10. Rarau mountain village/resort: Pietrele Doamnei

These are beautiful places that we visited in the past and impressed us in one way or another. As a result, we could recommend them to anyone that wishes to explore Romania. Keep in mind that each places comes with its unique story. You could search online information about them and then use it to make the most out of the trip. When you decide to visit a specific location, go there with all your heart. This is probably a good way to keep away the ugly hands of stress and anxiety. We want to be happy tourists and discover new and fascinating places. There are times when we can do so with pleasure and utter delight.

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Photo credit: Mihaela Abalaesei

Romania can be a wonderful travel destination, especially if you want to share it with friends and family members. If you’ve never been here, you are in for a treat. Just remember that the Romanian roads can be a bit of an issue. There are some bad roads that can present some issues. With a little bit of attention and a good car, you can enjoy the trip to the destination.

Still, patience and an extra caution needs to accompany you in order to elude problems that might appear on the road. We can talk all day long about the particularities of the places included in our top. They helped us go through positive experiences, which stuck with us for years and years. So, we humbly invite you to discover Romania this summer! If you need car, remember that we could help!

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