The art of driving good cars in Transylvania

Embrace the magic of Transylvania: a real paradise for all curious minds. Are you ready for something more?

Bran cetate vizita Brasov

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Transylvania is far more than just a mountain region in Romania. It is a mystical land filled with magical surroundings, breathtaking views, centuries of history and it never ceases to amaze its visitors. There were books and movies dedicated entirely to this incredible region and with good reason. Transylvania brings something unique to the entire touristic experience.

Here, you can find places that are truly amazing and no other location in the world could match their beauty and cultural value. Whenever somebody comes to visit Transylvania, he or she can obtain an amazing set of memories. This is a wonderful region that houses a lot touristic objectives. There is much joy in exploring various regions.

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According to the Minister of Culture and National Patrimony, in Transylvania, there are over 8000 historical monuments some of them existing for hundreds of years. The oldest construction in Transylvania is the “St. Michael” Church which was built in the XII th century. You will be amazed by the building’s appearance and historical core. It is located in Sibiu County and it is indeed a sight to see.

You’ve probably seen it in thousands of pictures and videos, present in various The purpose of this religious construction was to support the Order of the Teutonic Knights, the true protectors of the realm. To this day it maintained its original structure, being built entirely out of stone on top of a hill. It is without a doubt a gorgeous sight, one worth immortalizing in stunning photos or short videos.

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This was a mere example of the real touristic treasure hidden within the heart of Transylvania.  There are thousands of people that visit this area and want to know where to go and what not to miss. Considering that the list of touristic attractions is quite lengthily, you will have to choose just a couple of them, depending on how much time you have on your hands. Use your time wisely. This is a good way to gather important information on all objectives worth visiting.

Cluj-Napoca, Targu-Mures, Sighisoara, Sibiu, and Brasov could be some of the main points to check if you plan on making a tour of Transylvania. There are the major attraction points in this region, but they only cover a very small percentage of the whole natural, cultural and historical legacy kept in this land. With attention and patience, you will be able to create an itinerary which will bring you incredible touristic experiences. Why not discover a new town to explore with those that you love? It is easier than you think these days.

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Most of the cities in Transylvania have a strong medieval background and you can expect to find pretty much in any of them at least one majestic castle or a fortress. They were key points in planning the strategic military, and in present day you can still visit some of the most impressive constructions ever built in Romania.

On top of all that, you will be bewildered by the magic of the mountains. The Carpathians are real jewels of nature and their forests are like a gate towards a completely different land with sights which our minds cannot fathom. The mountains are without a doubt a source of pleasure and delight.

Photo credit: Ștefania Lău

Szeki Palace in Cluj Napoca is a real architectural masterpiece. It was built following neogothic influences and many of its decorations are carved in stone. Here, you can also spend some time in the Union Square, a place where revolutions were ignited. Also, you can visit Cetatuia, a beautiful fortress built at a 400 m altitude which will provide a panoramic view of the city.

If you’re passionate about medieval constructions, then you will simply love Sighisoara and Sibiu (with over 900 years of history). Pretty much every street has a story to tell and you could spend hours walking and still be amazed at the beauty hidden in these locations.

Photo credit: Constantin Seghedin

On the way, you will also find some really special places with an unexpected turn. For instance, in Sapanta, there is the only “happy” cemetery in the world. All the graves are unique, with handmade crosses, carefully painted and each one of them as a special inscription. Usually, these are short verses that encompass the personality of the deceased. It’s a different approach to spirituality and it’s a beautiful way to mark the essence of a life.

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In Transylvania, there are a plethora of mountain villages and most of them preserve a picturesque look and the traditional lifestyle. You can visit charming flea markets where you can purchase unique souvenirs carefully crafted by the masters. At the end of your vacation, you will leave with many memories and pleasant experiences. Nonetheless, there are some practical elements to be considered and AutoBoca can be of help. Let’s find out what we have prepared for you!

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Without a doubt, your trip to Transylvania can become one of the most amazing touristic experiences you will ever have. It may sound like a bold statement, but once you will set foot in this land, you will quickly realize that it’s not that farfetched as it initially sounded.

However, in order to make the most of your vacation here, you will need to make sure that you have a good car by your side. The whole point of the trip is to travel freely and without stress to any place that sounds interesting to you. Thus, with a good quality vehicle, you will even enjoy driving and being on the road.

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What type of car would be best suited for your vacation in Transylvania? There are a few factors to be considered, such as the number of passengers, the route you will take, the length of your stay and so on. However, you don’t have to worry about that. One of our agents will do all the work for you and will provide valuable recommendations.

For instance, if you plan on travelling with a large group of people (7-9), a good solution would be to rent Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer or Renault Traffic. These are excellent minibuses which provide a good level of comfort and safety. Not only that, but you can rely on them even in the most difficult of situations.

If you planned a family vacation, then you may want to consider the new VW Jetta. It’s a spacious, elegant and highly performant car that will definitely not disappoint. On top of all that, you will have plenty of room in the trunk, so you can take all the necessary luggage with you.

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Couples can opt for a VW Polo Automat, also one of our latest additions. It belongs to the mini class, but this doesn’t mean that its features are mini as well. On the contrary! Polo Automat is an excellent vehicle, easy to drive, comfy and safe. It can be ideal for 2 or 3 people that want to explore the magic of Transylvania.

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