The car and services met our requirements perfectly

In September clients rent cars from us with confidence…and what do they say about the services received?


When we have to travel to a new country, we need to make sure that we can get to our destination with ease and without problems. Still, how do you identify the right means of transport for the trip ahead? This is a question that has to be answered after a patient documentation. There are people that use public means of transport and they plan their trip accordingly. Still, some travelers prefer to opt for more freedom, thus renting cars for the duration of their trip.

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

In Romanian cities and airports, you will find various firms, with countless rent offers for small and big cars, appropriate for distinct travel necessities. Yet, opting for a specific firm can be quite bothersome if not challenging. How come? Well, the simple answer relates around trust; basically, you don’t know who to trust.

It is a normal attitude, especially if you are visiting for the first time the respective country. What is the most efficient way to find a firm to work with without reservations? Well, you trust your instincts or you can perform a small documentation process, during which you should identify the traits that make a company great.

If your plans involve dealing with a serious company, one with 10 years of experience in the Romanian rent a car industry, then you’ve come to the right place. There were many happy travelers, from different European states, that used our services with pleasure.

They wanted to work with a serious firm, always there to help them if need be. Our agents were always ready to deliver professional services and quick access to good cars. We value our clients and we do whatever we can to make their stay in Romania pleasant.

Why should you consider renting a car from AutoBoca?

We can tell you a couple of things about the quality of our services and the values that guide our activities on a daily basis. In addition, we invite you to read the latest testimonials, written by clients that used our services. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for the positive response to our invitation to complete the quality questionnaire.

They left us constructive reviews which we use to improve and to correct certain aspects of our services. It is very important to keep close client feedback and use it to significantly improve the overall quality of the renting process.

We talked about offering some guidelines about our services. Due to our 10 years of experience in the rent a car industry, we managed to go develop professional services. We have a carefully designed fleet, where you will find countless cars, appropriate for a wide array of activities.

From the beginning, we wanted to add cars that can be used by clients to discover Romania in a pleasant manner. As a result, AutoBoca specialists analyzed with attention the prospects of adding new cars in the fleet. It was very important for us to offer clients the possibility of renting the cars they need and not the ones we have.

Today, our company has 13 offices in Romania, where we offer clients access to welcoming cars. Our renting process is 100% transparent and we can answer any questions you might have regarding it. Every member of our team works to deliver the best possible services. Now, let’s see what other clients have said about us after renting a welcoming car. Are you ready?

calatorii prin tara 2018

Recently we received a couple of answers to our quality questionnaire that underlines the professionalism of our services. Mrs Laura Gordas has this to say about us, after renting a Citroen C-Elysee in Iasi:

“The car and services met our requirements perfectly. The staff was very helpful and friendly. We picked up the car immediately. There was no waiting time. The drop off was really quick. We encountered Bogdan just before the entrance to the airport and left the keys to him. It was extremely quick as we had Casco insurance and no check up was required. The car was very clean. It was in perfect conditions. The engine was pretty strong and this was helpful during our trip. Very easy to find, inside the airport building, right at the exit. Will you contact us in the future? Most certainly when I will be in Iaşi/ Bucharest again!”

Rent VW Jetta in Romania great price

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

Another client that left a feedback this September was Mullin Orlaith, after renting Suzuki Vitara in Bucharest.

“Very good value for money. Excellent. No problems. Very efficient. No problems with instructions given by the office in Bucharest and a phone call from the Cluj office. No hesitation in recommending to others. Without a doubt. The customer service was the best we experienced from any car hire company and we’ve used a few in our time.”

Photo credit: Bogdan Tofan

If you are looking for a professional rent a car service in Romania, take a moment to browse through our offers. This is a good way to discover whether or not we can help you find rather quickly a good car.

In 2018 AutoBoca is more than ready to help you find fast the best car from our fleet. When you have the right car for the trip ahead, the whole experience becomes more special. If you are patient and attentive, you could also find an offer right for your next trip! Contact us in order to rent a good car from our fleet!

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