The difference between VW Polo Automat and Hyundai l20

Looking for an efficient and practical car? Discover two models that are an ideal choice for agglomerated places right now!

Travelling through the main cities in Romania can be an exciting adventure, as you’ll get to discover a glimpse of our culture and lifestyle. Still, you need to travel in a safe and pleasant manner, with no stress. It can be easy to enjoy a town. How? Well, read the following rows to discover!

Locations such as Iasi, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta and many more are considered to be the main points of interest for tourists that come here to spend their vacation. Not only that, but in towns like these you’ll find the biggest commerce chains and business activities. In such towns you will enjoy multicultural society, with people from different  parts of the world.

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However, they all have their uniqueness and they present a different side of what our beautiful country really is. This means that if you have to travel from Bucharest to Constanta, you can expect to find plenty of diversity when it comes to natural landscape and people behaviour. In the capital, the main feeling is that everything has to happen fast, quick and that there is no time to be wasted.

In Constanta, people are warmer, more laid back and more prone to striking conversations. Most likely, the environment that people live in affects their mood. Pretty sure you’d also be less stressed if you had the sea shore right next to you! You can enjoy the warm embrace of the Black Sea and its many gifts.

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There is a lot of beauty located in the outskirts of the main cities! Actually there is where you will find some of the most charming and mysterious places. For instance, nearby Iasi you can take a short trip to Barnova Monastery. This construction was built in around the 1600s and has seen many centuries of history. It stands today almost intact and it’s a symbol for the Romanian Christianism.

Here, only monks live and you’ll be extremely impressed with the picturesque lifestyle and the amazing natural landscapes. If you’ll look carefully, you will find such locations pretty much in any city that you’ll go. You have the chance to turn your vacation into a very interesting and fun experience. Why shouldn’t you take advantage of this opportunity to discover the pleasure of discovering a new place?

Photo credit: Dușmanu Ionuț

Nevertheless, regardless of the itinerary that you have compiled for your trip, one thing will remain constant: the means of transport you will be using. If you plan to go to the main cities of Romania, then you need to come prepared to face some intense traffic and agglomeration. That is why, a very popular choice for people that have to undergo such travels is to rent a mini car.

They prefer small vehicles because in this manner they can be on the road without stress (easier to drive, to park and to handle in general). Why do so many people prefer to rent such models? You will be surprised to see why!

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Nowadays, it can be a real pleasure to discover a city especially after you’ve managed to identify a good deal on a car that would best suit your travel needs. This process can be easier than you think: simply consider doing a comprehensive research on the market’s current offers. In this manner you will discover the right car, optimal for what you are about to do. With that in mind, AutoBoca suggests that you rent a VW Polo Automat or Hyundai I20. In the following lines you’ll find out more about the benefits of these cars!

Make the most of your trip and discover new and exciting cities in Romania with a VW Polo Automat and Hyundai I20!

Choosing the right car for your travels can be quite a complicated and lengthily process. You’ll have to find out more details about a good rent a car firm, what are the possible options and how could they benefit you. However, things don’t have to necessarily look so gloomy. With the proper information and guidance, it will be very easy to choose the right vehicle! AutoBoca is here for you and willing to help you with all the steps of the renting process.

According to the reviews and testimonials left by our clients, the majority of them preferred to rent a mini car whenever they had to travel to a busy city. The most popular choices were Hyundai I20 and VW Polo Automat. The overall experience with these two mini and charming cars, was positive and our customers showed a high level of satisfaction with their road performance. But what exactly makes these two vehicles so perfect for big cities? Here are just a few advantages of renting mini cars:

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  • Very easy to drive: with a VW Polo Automat (for instance), driving will become a real pleasure! Everything is smooth, simple to handle and you can focus all your attention on the road!
  • Very easy to park: Hyundai I20 or VW polo Automat have a small constitution, which means that you don’t need a lot of space to park these cars. Also, there is no need to perform very complicated manoeuvres to get them in the right spot.
  • Escape traffic: that’s right! With these two mini cars, you can easily slide though the most terrible traffic and find your way out. It’s definitely easier when you’re driving a smaller vehicle than an SUV!
  • Practical: both Hyundai I20 and VW Polo Automat are designed to maximize efficiency. You will get a compact car that will provide you with all the tools necessary for a comfortable ride. Don’t worry about the space in the trunk either: there is plenty of room for a several days trip!
  • Economic: due to the way their engines were optimized, Hyundai I20 and VW Polo Automat will not have high costs with gas consumption. That is always a plus, right?

These are just a few of the benefits of renting mini cars in big cities. And perhaps you should also choose one for your trip! Let’s find out how this can be done!

Where can you find good quality cars available for rent? Enjoy your travels with a welcoming car from AutoBoca! It is easier than you think to access one of our offers! Remember to take advantage of our small summer prices!

We are a professional rent a car agency and we our main goal is to make sure that our customers stay happy! That is why in AutoBoca fleet you will find two amazing tiny cars which deserve your attention: VW Polo Automat and Hyundai l20. Not only that, but you will get to drive a new VW Polo Automat, as we’ve recently made this addition. Nevertheless, these are the cars that can make your life amazing in any Romanian town!

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Within a few minutes you can have your vehicle with a tank full of gas and ready to go on the road! Sounds too good to be true? The best way is to test this out yourself! Our agents are always ready to help you with the renting process. As they have a lot of experience in the field, it won’t be difficult to get you the right car and have you all set to go! So why say no this opportunity? Get your mini car today!

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