The perfect plan to explore Brasov, Rasnov, and Bran

Amazing trips through southern Romania: discover places filled with legends, history, and breathtaking views! Are you ready?

Visiting new locations is one of the things that the majority of people would consider a fun and exciting activity. It is an excellent opportunity to get in contact with different cultures, learn about their history, traditions and of course enjoy some incredible natural sights.

After spending months in front of a computer it is a real blessing to be able to enjoy walking through the green fields of the mountains or relax in a quiet place far away from stress and agitation. It doesn’t hurt to have a break from the continuous exposure to work. If you have the possibility to relax, do it without reservations. This is a good way to keep your mind fresh and ready for more work.

Romania has caught the eyes of tourists from all over the world. Why exactly? Because this East-European country has many treasures hidden within its land. Here, you will be able to find ancient constructions (some dating even from Roman times), impressive palaces, castles, breathtaking views and plenty of customs that are really amazing to watch.

Photo credit: Tinel Andronic

On top of that list, you can also add welcoming people and incredible culinary treats that you should not miss. Sounds pretty enticing, doesn’t it? Well, it truly is! The time has come to enjoy the beauty of a great experience, one that remains with you for years. It is important to forget about daily routine and work difficulties.

There thousands of tourists that plan this August and September to visit Romania, especially the southern part. They find it more convenient to explore these areas its closest to Bucharest. Many of them arrive in Romania by plane (in OTP Airport) and they have created routes that have as starting point the capital. It’s definitely an excellent way to begin discovering Romania.

The southern part, especially the Carpathians are packed with dozens of attractions that are worthy of your time. This is where you will find a wide range of places to visit and things to do. It matters a lot to begin your trip with joy in your heart and, if possible, with friends nearby.

Photo credit: Vasile Prisacariu

This region is an excellent way to discover nature in a different way and cherish its wonderful gifts with pleasure and without stress. Locations such as Bran, Rasnov, and Brasov are amongst the most popular vacation destinations.

It is understandable, as these places provide a beautiful mix of incredible nature, centuries of history and manage to preserve the charm of a small and quiet mountain village. Get your camera ready because you will use it with enthusiasm to capture amazing photos, worth sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.

Photo credit: Ștefania Lău

That being said, how exactly can you make your stay in Romania memorable and see the major objectives in the southern part? We have a couple of suggestions that you may want to consider. In the following lines, we will provide more details! Why not discover a couple of interesting things about Romania and its beautiful touristic gifts?

A perfect route for your holiday in Southern Romania: Brasov, Bran, and Rasnov

One of the main questions that tourists seek an answer to is: how can you make the most of your vacation? Since our days off are often limited, it’s natural that we are interested in finding ways to maximize them. This mainly comes down to being informed properly and planning the activities performed each day. In this manner, you will be able to see as many important landmarks as possible. Of course, this is a holiday which means that you have to leave room for spontaneity but it can’t hurt to have clear goals. The joy of a good holiday can help us rediscover the pleasures of life.

We are here to help you have an amazing touristic experience in Romania. With that in mind, we suggest that you plan an itinerary that will include locations such as Brasov, Bran, and Rasnov. These are fairly close to each other so if you have a couple of days to spare, you can visit all of them!

Bran cetate vizita Brasov

Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

Brasov is an old mountain establishment that managed to maintain a picturesque outlook but also with fairly many modern elements which can accommodate tourists for an enjoyable stay. This is a city that always delights visitors with its mountain vibe. It would be a shame not to stay a couple of days in this beautiful city.

Among the most popular touristic objectives you could visit in Brasov we can name the Black Church, Council Square, the Rope Street (which is the narrowest street in Europe) and of course you have to admire the panoramic view of the city from Mount Tampa. People that visited Brasov fell in love with this lovely city and we’re certain that you will love it as well.

Brasov Tampa

Photo credit: Laura Seghedin

Bran is another fairytale land and it’s one of the most popular attractions in Romania as this is where you will find Bran Castle. Many tourists are still seeking to unravel the mysteries of the legend of Count Dracula. It’s human nature to be fascinated by the unknown and the possibility of a dark yet seducing lifestyle was an interesting base for many movies and books. The castle in itself is an architectural masterpiece, impressive in size and luxury. 

Photo credit: Ionuț Dușmanu

Rasnov is another important destination as here you will find a beautiful citadel with the same name. This powerful fortress was built in the 12th century as a large defense system for the Transylvanian villages. Up to this day, we can still admire this impressive construction which as its solid walls untouched by the unforgiving passage of time. 

In each of these locations, you will find many interesting legends that have quite a unique tale to share. You will definitely learn something new and will create many fun memories with the people you care about. However, as we’ve mentioned previously, a little bit of planning is necessary. Besides choosing the route, you must also find a proper means of transportation. 

Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

Coming to a new country can be exciting but also quite challenging. The need for a reliable vehicle is essential. You have to be able to travel freely and without stress. That is why many tourists choose a rental service. If you will collaborate with a professional agency, you can even expect to have the car waiting for you straight at the airport. 

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