The right way to rent a VW car in Bucharest

What makes VW cars so special? And why would you choose one to be your road companion?

It is no longer a secret that Volkswagen is one of the biggest car manufacturers that has lasted on the market for decades. And for good reason: it would seem that all the car models that they released along the years and currently fulfill perfectly the need of the drivers. How come? People want cars that are not only safe, reliable but also offer a whole new driving experience.

This is a given: once you get in a Volkswagen you don’t want to drive another car. Everything fits in so nicely from engine to the smallest details of the interior. Elegant and comfy, a VW will make you feel like you’re traveling in style. For modern families that know the value of money well-spent, VW cars represent amazing choices.

And to complete the list of qualities, VW cars are not only elegant and comfy, but they are also powerful vehicles. You can pump up the gas on the highway and you will feel how everything runs smoothly like a perfectly oiled machine.

No wonder that the technicians behind such cars spend hours and hours testing and trying to perfect them. Indeed, VW tends to be more pricy, but in the end it’s definitely worth it. Still, we are not talking about prices like the ones on BMW, Mercedes Benz or Infinity models.

Keeping those aspects in mind and also the fact that a lot of people who rented VW cars were very pleased with their performance, AutoBoca rent a car has included these wonderful vehicles in our fleet. You can rent from us VW cars such as: VW Jetta, VW Golf or VW Polo.

A model for each type of driver and each type of travel….

For instance: in a big crowded city like Bucharest, renting a VW Polo may be a solution as it’s a small and fast car which can help you escape traffic. And as a bonus, you can easily park it and it doesn’t consume much. A VW can turn out to be a real smart choice, perfect for Romanian roads, which tend to be quite challenging.

Foto: Constantin Seghedin

However, if you plan a trip somewhere to the mountain side, from Bucharest to a city like Brasov or Sibiu, then you may want to consider renting a VW Jetta. Sturdy, reliable and can take up all the challenges that come with the mountain roads. A VW Golf may be an excellent choice if you’re planning to travel in the northern part of Romania.

It’s bigger than a Polo and can be a great companion for a 2-3 days trip to visit some famous landmarks, historical buildings or simply enjoy the culture and traditions in that region. It is no wonder that Golf is one of the most popular VW models out there.

Regardless of the type of travel that you plan on doing, renting a VW can be a great choice to make sure that you’ll reach your destination safe and comfy. Also, to make the deal even sweeter, AutoBoca has some special offers if you do decide to rent a VW, right here in Bucharest.

Feel the superior design and German precision behind the wheel of a VW

Now that you were reminded of what the main qualities of a VW car are, it’s time to put them to your test yourself. No matter how much we will describe the potential of a VW, the best way to feel how this “work of art” deals with the roads, you’ll have to drive one yourself. Establish your destination: from Bucharest to anywhere in Romania. Don’t worry, a VW can last you for miles and miles without showing any signs of usage. They are cars build to last and ensure that you will love every minute spend behind their wheel.

The VW models that are available in AutoBoca’s fleet, were chosen based upon our clients preferences and according to the Romanian roads. We want to offer you welcoming cars that are suited for you and for your travel goals. We have lots of foreign customers that are seeking to rent a car from Bucharest to another city in Romania, in order to explore what our country has to offer. Depending on the place they want to arrive, our agents will make the most suitable recommendation, and it’s often that they will leave with a VW Jetta or VW Golf.

You don’t really need a lot of convincing to rent a VW Jetta for instance, as you know very well that you can expect high quality and lots of comfort with this car. Not only that, but people that love driving can test in detail the power of that mighty engine that lays under the hood.

As we promised, AutoBoca rent a car has some special offers if you do decide to rent a VW car from us. You will end up saving money without giving up on quality. However, these offers are only available until the end of March so you should hurry up. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity! Also, you don’t need to worry about the renting process: we will make everything simple for you so that you can be ready to go within minutes. We even have HQ in Bucharest and near the main airports. All you have to do is give us a call or fill our online contact form!

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