Top 10 Romanian places to visit this autumn

Family trips through Romania: priceless memories with a Romanian twist

Time spent with family members can be precious, especially when we take into account our busy lifestyles. As a result, we do our best to organize time in a fashion so that everyone comes together. It can be a challenge to do so! Still, we can look at all possibilities, and choose the right one. We want to enjoy beautiful moments with different family members. With patience and proper planning, we can create a source of joy and fun for all to enjoy. If our time permits it, then we can plan a trip in a new country and thus enjoy an unforgettable memory. Are you ready to discover why Romania can become your next travel destination? Hopefully your answer is yes because we prepared an article that might help you decide faster.

Romania is a country that keeps on surprising visitors with its stories, people and amazing places to visit. When you begin to search for information on some of the best places to visit with your family in Europe, you’ll get the chance to come across a wide range of possibilities. In Romania, beauty and tranquility come together to set the basis of amazing experiences.

It is not surprising to find so many people search for places to relax and have fun. Family trips in Europe are very popular nowadays. In addition, we can see a trend in secure locations, without the presence of unwanted surprises. When we travel as a family, safety represents a major element. We need to sure that we can enjoy every moment of the travel experience without worrying that something bad might happen.

After months and months of work, stress and anxiety, we deserve to relax and enjoy family moments. It is absolutely normal to find Romania among the top touristic attractions. Even though this is a country with a poorly designed and maintained infrastructure, tourists find a way to make the most out of each trip.

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Top 10 places to visit in Romania this autumn

Autumn is a season that brings to light a nostalgic vibe. People start to reminisce of past experiences. The weather is also an element hard to overlook. It is the rainy season. There are many people that love the rainy season. They observe with delight raindrops and enjoy the cozy weather. No more heat and sunburns!

We can discover new and exciting places without having to worry about the sun’s excessive rays. In order to keep track of weather conditions, use with confidence weather apps. Such apps can be really helpful, especially when we have a long trip ahead of us. In most situations, access to useful information can make a huge difference between a great experience and a dull one. Fortunately, everyone can use the internet towards our advantage. With patience and a specific attention to details, anyone can set the basis of a great travel experience.

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Autumn in Romania can be a beautiful surprise, one that we won’t forget too soon. It is not surprising to see so many people set their trips in this part of Europe. Sooner or later, we hear the Romanian touristic call. The ancestral song of Roman-Dacian remnants keep us interested in finding more about this east European country.

Finding the ideal destination can take some time, especially when we look at the countless touristic options. This is a great gift to all tourists that ponder the idea of visiting Romania this autumn. As agents of a rent a car company, we get the chance to visit the country. We use each travel opportunity to uncover the country’s amazing secrets and stories. During our trips, we managed to discover a lot of amazing places that can be included in any touristic itinerary.

Since autumn is a complex season, with distinct particularities, we took the liberty to be pickier with the top 10. We included places that could be visited with enthusiasm and pleasure. If you want to discover them, read with pleasure the following rows. So, are you ready?

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1 City Break in Bucharest – the capital city of Romania is without a doubt a “must” stop, since it can be pretty amazing to visit. The accent should be on some of the following locations: The National history Museum, Cismigiu Park, Herastrau Park, Stavropoleos Church, Parliament Palace, Unirii Park and Triumph Ark.

2 Voronet Monastery – known as the “Sistine Chapel” of Eastern Europe, Voronet Monastery could be a strong spiritual experience, worth sharing with family.

3 Chindia Tower and the Royal Court in Targoviste city – don’t forget to take a walk through Chindia Park, a green and wonderful place to explore; this is where you will find a zoo, where you can visit with pleasure a lot of animals (properly cared for by those who work in the zoo).

Photo: Dusmanu Ionut

4 City break in Iasi – This is a superb city, where you can visit a lot of amazing places. In the list, we can mention Culture Palace, “Vasile Alecsandri” National Theater, Copou park (don’t forget to see the Eminescu tree); You can also visit Palas Mall, the social and shopping heart of the city, where locals and visitors come to shop and socialize.

5 Suceava Royal fortress – the former fortress of Stephen the Great deserves to be visited by people who love history and want to teach the little ones a couple of things about Moldova; In addition, you get to visit Suceava, a city that never stops to impress with its beauty.

6 Curtea de Arges Monastery – one of the most beautiful Romanian monasteries and complexes that you could ever see; every single time we’ve decided to visit this place, we were not disappointed. On the contrary!

unde se afla sarmizegetusa
Photo credit: Mihaela Abalaesei

7 Sarmisegetusa Regia – The former capital city of the Dacian Empire can be visited with joy by tourists; A lot of people come here to uncover historical secrets. It is absolutely gorgeous!

8 Rarau and Pojorata – If you want to reach a quiet and relaxing region of Romania, then Bukovina can be a good option to consider. In this particular region, you will find Rarau and Pojorata, two locations that you could visit with family.

9 Vama Veche – in September a lot of people come to the seaside and enjoy tranquil moments with friends and family. Are you surprised? Probably not! The prices are lower than usual. Who doesn’t like to embrace the Black Sea’s captivating waves?

Photo credit: Ionuț Dușmanu

10 Peles Castle and Bran Castle. The history legacies of these castles can’t be denied. It is absolutely normal to see so many people come to one of these castles to discover more things about the Romanian royal family. Don’t forget to take photos!

We decided to draft this top 10 in order to help people discover Romania in a pleasant manner. There are also other places that deserve to be in your travel itinerary. You can always check the internet for new and exciting locations that you could visit.

If you have patience with the documentation process, it becomes way easier to find the ideal travel destination. And if you need a good car to rent, take a moment to browse through our offers! We can surprise you with a couple of interesting offers!

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