Top 5 mountain cities that you must visit on your trip to Romania

Which Romanian mountain cities are worthy of your attention and what can you expect to discover in these beautiful places? We invite you to discover amazing places today!

There are trips that keep on impressing with their amazing touristic gifts. It pays a lot to know how to set the basis of a joyful adventure. Romania is one of the eastern European countries that has was founded on a mix of incredibly powerful and thriving civilizations (the Roman empire, the Ottoman empire, the Hapsburg empire and various other nations that crossed these lands). These Empires left their cultural roots in different towns and villages.

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Thus, you can expect to find numerous remains of those eras that are symbolizing past cultures, traditions and are a representation of the evolution of what Romania stands for today. Not only that, but here, you will find untouched natural landscapes, unique species of animals and vegetation and ubiquitous medieval castles and fortresses hidden within the core of the mountains. So, are you ready to discover them in a pleasant manner? Hopefully, you will say a firm YES!

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Needless to say, Romania is a fascinating land and you’ll have plenty of interesting locations which you will enjoy discovering. The beauty of Romania has crossed the borders and for this reason, every year, millions of tourists from all over the world spend some of their vacation days here. They’re seeking relaxation and a boost of energy either from trips to various mountain cities or enjoying the sun on the Black Sea shore. This is where you will find beauty in many forms. It is really important to learn how to cherish what you discover in this beautiful Romanian region. Don’t forget to spend a little bit of time in Danube Delta.

Peisaj vegetatie muntii Rarau

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The Carpathian Mountains are a preferred vacation destination by people from all over Europe. The breathtaking scenery, the wild natural environment and the charming and delightful mountain cities are good enough reasons to want you to stay here just a little bit longer. If you were to take a tour of all the touristic attractions localized in the Carpathian Mountains, you would need several weeks to be able to explore all that they have to offer.

And since time is always a limited resource (especially for holidays), you’ll have to make a very specific itinerary that will include the destinations that are most interesting for you. This is probably the best way to take the most out of each trip made in different places near the Carpathian Mountains.

Castelul Corvinilor rau

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With that in mind, we decided to compile a list of the top 5 mountain cities that you should visit on your trip to Romania. Obviously, on this list you could add many more amazing places, but we compiled the most popular mountain cities in the Carpathian Mountains. Are you ready to start exploring? If you are then the following rows will prove to be quite helpful!

Discover the charm, the beauty and the various traditions in a Romanian mountain city

If you’ll be taking a trip to the Carpathian Mountains, besides venturing into the wild and start exploring the fascinating forests and meadows, you definitely need to be spending some time in some Romanian mountain cities. There’s something really special and unique about them: mysterious yet welcoming and due to their positioning, you can expect breath taking views. So which are the top 5 Romanian mountain cities that you should include on your list? In the following lines, we will give you some valid suggestions.

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Piatra Neamt or the “Moldavian Pearl” is a beautiful mountain city located in the Oriental Carpathians and it will amaze you with its beautiful surroundings. The fresh clean mountain air, the beautiful parks and the chic cafes and restaurants will be enough reasons to spend a couple of days here. You can also take the mountain chairlift and admire the whole beauty of this city. Don’t worry, here you will find various historical monuments and museums that have on display unique art and weapon collections.

Photo credit: Laura Seghedin

Brasov is one of the most popular mountain city in Romania and it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Its reputation was increased due to famous Bran Castle located nearby. But, the city in itself is a real jewel in the heart of the mountains. There are plenty of medieval monuments that will get your attention with an impressive architecture and an intriguing legends attached to it.

You can take the chairlift on Tampa mountain and get an overview of the entire city or you could take a walk in the Brasov Council Square from where you will have access to all the interesting parts of the city (various museums, churches and not to mention bourgeois restaurants and cafes). Don’t forget about the Black Church! It is quite impressive.

Photo credit: Constantin Seghedin

Sibiu is another beautiful mountain city and in 2007 it got the title of the European cultural capital. This charming city has a history of over 900 years and you can expect to find at pretty much every corner of the street something unique and truly captivating.

The most famous cultural institutions include the following: Brukenthal Musem, National Theater “Radu Stanca”, The Philarmonic and The Ballet Theater. You can also spend some time at the medieval fortress within the city and at other various historical monuments. As it was to be expected, the scenery will not disappoint you either.

Foto: Adrian Daniel

Targu Mures. This is one of the most emblematic cities in Transylvania and it has kept its medieval aspect until today. Targu Mures is a multi-cultural city with a rich history and will entice you with its hidden wonders. You can visit the Historical Center and The Rose Garden which are a symbol for this mountain city. Here, you will find another medieval fortress that has won the battle with time. On the way you can stop at various museums or even at the Zoo.

Photo credit: Emilian Necula

Targu-Mures may be a small mountain city but its richness is beyond limits. You will definitely not regret spending some of your holiday time here.

Cluj-Napoca or “The Gate to Transylvania” is another perfect location for your holiday in Romania. As it is a mountain city, you can expect to be amazed by the amazing natural background and you can easily venture in some mountain trails if you’re feeling energetic. The most appreciated location is the Cetatuia plateau, where lies the medieval fortress with the same name. Here, you can have an incredible dinner at the restaurant nearby and glaze at the beautiful view of the entire city.


There would be other mountain cities in the Carpathian Mountains that would be worthy of your time, but if you’ll visit these five, you’ll get a better understanding of what Romania’s history and culture stands for. And in order to get the most of your trip, you need to choose a high quality means of transport that can get you safe and sound to the destinations on your list. With that in mind, AutoBoca rent a car has some special offers for renting cars for your trip in Romania!

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