Top 5 places to visit in Moldova: jolly old good fun

Welcome to Northern with a twist of East Romania: Moldova


Planning a vacation in Romania will be a fun and quite exciting activity. You will be able to discover an amazing land, filled with historical, cultural and artistic elements, waiting for new visitors to cherish their unique characteristics. The former Soviet “satellite” is now a modern and European country, which can accommodate touristic needs from rural experiences to 5 Stars resorts.

It all depends on taste and what you want to do while in our country. Still, it is always nice to have the option of choosing a path in accordance with your standards. If you feel in your element, then you will have a great time.

Photo credit: Ionuț Dușmanu

If you decided to visit Romania this summer, then you are in for a real treat. The months of July and August are pretty amazing, especially if you want to visit the traditional areas of the country such as Moldova or Bukovina. It is important for you to know where to go and how to approach the whole experience. As you gather useful information about the location you’re about to visit, it becomes easier than ever to have an amazing time.

Moldova is one of the most visited Romanian regions, gathering visitors from all over the world. What can you visit here? Well, the answer is dipped in mystery and history. We prepared 5 answers that you could consult. Why shouldn’t you discover a couple of things about 5 amazing places in Moldova that can make your trip unforgettable?


Voronet Monastery – The Sistine Chapel of the East

Photo credit: Ionuț Dușmanu

One of the most visited places in Moldova is Voronet Monastery. This is a beautiful monastery, located in the Voronet village. It is stunning architectural construction, completed by unique paintings (interior and exterior). Constructed in the year 1488, in only 3 months and 3 weeks, under the rule of Stephen the Great, Voronet monastery impressed everyone.

Today, people are astonished by the gorgeous lines of the monastery and its beautiful paintings. This is where you will also find the famous Voronet blue, a color obtained through secret methods. So, besides architectural wonder, who wouldn’t want to discover a place synonymous with gentle serenity?


The gorgeous city of Iasi

Iasi oras

Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

Iasi has the capacity to offer visitors access to amazing experiences, which can’t be replicated anywhere else, not even in the tiniest manner. It is a gorgeous city that keeps on reinventing itself. This is where you will find the grand and unique Palace of Culture, currently the beating heart of the largest mall complex in Moldova.

Palas Mall is probably one of the visited places in Iasi, bringing in thousands of visitors daily. Besides the modern aspects of the city, you can also visit the historical side. In Iasi you will find a lot of old churches and monasteries that can surprise you in a very special manner.


The Eternal Bukovina

Photo credit: Sebastian Ilie

When you begin to explore Bukovina, you start to discover the traditional spirit of Romania. This is where you will find unique wooden churches and monasteries under UNESCO patronage. For instance, this is the region where you will find Arbore, Patrauti, Moldovita, Probota, Sucevita, Humor and Voronet monasteries.

The worldwide cultural heritage of these monasteries attracts people from all over the world. Don’t forget to eat something delicious here. Bukovina is known for its traditional dishes, prepared with attention by very experienced cooks. It would be a shame not to eat something good here.


Carpathian Mountains resorts

The resorts in the Carpathian Mountains (Orientals) can offer people the chance to relax, unwind and have fun. There are many places that can be chosen for your next vacation in Moldova. This is where a good documentation might come in handy.

It is important to find a place close to your expectations. For instance, you can choose Vatra Dornei as your first stay close to the Carpathian Mountains. Other resorts that might spike your interest are Slanic Moldova, Durau, Campulung Moldovenesc and more. These are places that impress with their authenticity and capacity to help people relax and have fun.


Cetatuia and Golia Monasteries

Foto credit: Dusmanu Ionut

Two of the most popular monasteries in Iasi are Cetatuia and Golia, which tourists can visit with enthusiasm. Besides the historical value of the two places, you can enjoy amazing views of the city. It would be a shame not to discover the beautiful landscapes of Iasi, and record them in photos and short video clips.

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