Top 5 things to do in Moldova

This July we invite you to discover beautiful Moldova: a land of tradition, breathtaking nature and fascinating legends!

Every now and then it is recommended that we break “free” from our routine, day to day activities, worries, and concerns. Once we decide to break down shackles of monotony, we begin to rejoice in new and fun activities. In addition, once a month it is recommended to relax and take a step back from daily work. This is a good way to keep our sanity intact.

We are not robots and we can’t function nonstop without taking care of our health, wellbeing and energetic level. Of course, we can’t ignore our responsibilities, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t take some time only for ourselves. A little bit of relaxation goes a long way with those that work extra-hard to deliver amazing results. 

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A couple of days a month (perhaps a weekend) or maybe a long vacation (especially during summer months) can be the perfect remedy for stress and anxiety. And if you will choose an incredible location where tranquility and peace reign, then you will be able to have a wonderful time and relax completely. There are many places that can surprise visitors with their lovely characteristics and amazing background stories.

Holidays are meant to be spent with family and people close to your heart. This is the period where you can concentrate on your hobbies and the things that truly bring you joy. The best solution would be to choose a destination that provides a relaxing environment (preferably with breathtaking views) but also the possibility to venture into fun activities (perhaps visit some interesting touristic objectives, go on a mountain trail and so on). In order to discover rather easy the best places to visit in Romania, it is recommended to gather relevant information on the subject. This is a good way to spot the most reliable places to visit, in accordance with the time allocated for the actual trip.

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A wonderful location that is loved by thousands of tourists from all over the world is Moldova. This incredible region will charm you from the first moment. Moldova is the place where the ways of the old and ancient traditions were kept alive by the locals. People here have a strong connection with nature and spirituality and they put the laws of nature above their own needs and preferences. 

In the rural areas, it is believed that the crop will grow and flourish only through the will of God and it’s the duty of every individual to show gratitude and humility in the face of divinity. Maybe such practices work, maybe they don’t, but the result is a positive one: a united society, all working towards the same goal and trying to be better people. 

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Keeping traditions in Moldova also reflects on other aspects such as dress code (especially on Sunday), rituals to perform during religious holidays and of course on the local cuisine. The dishes that you will taste in this part of Romania, will forever remain in your heart. Some of the tourists return to these areas to feast their eyes once more with the majestic Carpathian Mountains and feast their taste buds with the most delicious Bukovina dishes. 

Moldova is much more than a land with a breathtaking view and amazing traditional foods. Moldova also has a rich history which is still preserved in the thick walls of the medieval churches, fortresses and other monuments.  In other words, a trip to Moldova is a trip back in time to a different type of life. There are some places where you can expect a real knight to show up all prepared for battle! It is quite magnificent that the authenticity of an old era has been kept intact. This is the level of traditional vibes you’ve been looking for. 

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What exactly should you visit on your trip to Moldova? There would be hundreds of possibilities but most likely you won’t have the time to see them all. Depending on where your starting point will be (Iasi, Suceava, Bacau and so on), you can put together a fascinating itinerary filled with interesting touristic attractions and mesmerizing views. 

With that in mind, we have a few recommendations for you. In the following lines, we will present top 5 most interesting objectives to visit in Moldova. If it’s your first time here, why not make the most of it and explore this truly magnificent land? Sounds quite good, doesn’t it? If you are interested in knowing more, then keep on reading!

Top 5 most interesting locations to visit in Moldova this summer

We have already established that Moldova is an incredible location where you will have access to breathtaking views, delicious cuisine, and intriguing legends. Now, the time has come to put together a list of the most fun things to do while visiting this region.

If you will start your trip from Iasi (perhaps you arrive here by plane in Iasi Airport), then it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to spend a couple of hours exploring this gorgeous city. Iasi is one of the main access points in Moldova and has a lot to offer to its visitors.

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Among the main attractions in Iasi is the Palace of Culture. From the moment you will lay eyes on this impressive construction, you will understand why it’s so valuable. It was built during 1906-1925 and all these decades of hard work were definitely worth it. The Palace of Culture was built in the neo-gothic architectural style and its impressive exterior, carefully decorated, is overshadowed only by the beauty of the interior. 

Cladire shopping

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Here, you will have access to the Moldova National Musial Complex and an impressive library. This is indeed a spectacular building and is definitely worthy of your attention. Not only that but nearby you will find the biggest mall in the city where you can have a couple of refreshing summer drinks (perhaps a lemonade). 

Suceava is another wonderful city located in this area. You will feel the closeness of the mountains as you can have quick access to their dense forests. Nearby you will find one of the most beloved medieval fortresses, more precisely Suceava Fortress. 

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This historical monument was built in the 14th century by Stefan the Great and even if it’s centuries old and in ruins, this fortress still has many fascinating stories to tell. It was the hardest fortress to conquest and it defended Moldova from many attacks of the enemies. In the present day, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the valleys of Suceava and also take advantage of these moments to capture some beautiful pictures. 

A little further north, you will have access to the famous painted churches and monasteries from Bukovina. There are dozens of religious constructions in this area since this aspect was extremely important in Romanian’s culture for centuries and even in the present day.

One of the most appreciated painted monasteries is Voronet. It was given the name of the Sistine Chapel of the East, as its exterior paintings were very detailed and were sending a powerful message. On the walls, you can admire sceneries from the Bible that depict the Judgement Day and Apocalypse. 

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From Voronet Monastery you can venture to Gura-Humorului, a peaceful and charming mountain resort. Here you can truly relax, enjoy the fresh mountain air and leave all the stressful sources behind. You could even consider going trekking through the woods and discover the real magic of nature. Just a few miles away, you will have access to another important religious construction: Humor Monastery. It was also built by Stefan the Great and just like Voronet, it has interesting paintings on its walls that depict religious stories from the Bible.

Vatra-Dornei is another “hot spot” in Moldova and it’s among the favorite mountain resorts of tourists from all over the world, regardless of the season. Due to its positioning, you will be surrounded only by tall mountains all inviting you to discover their touristic treasures. A couple of days in Vatra-Dornei will be enough to replenish your energies. Also, have your camera ready because there will be hundreds of impressive sights which are worth immortalizing. 

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