Top 5 weekend summer destinations in Romania

This summer enjoy discovering the natural wonders of Romania: a land of magic, tradition, rich culture and history! Are you ready?

For the majority of us, summer holidays are the most sought-after period of the entire year. We love to search for new places to visit and write new stories. Why? Because we can finally relax, forget about stress, worries, and anxiety and simply focus on the things that bring us the most joy.

After long tiring months where we devoted our energy to work or other activities of a financial nature, we can take advantage of these days off and get involved in new activities. Going to a new and exciting location brings out most enthusiasm out of us. We begin to feel in our element and thing about life in a quieter manner. The tumultuous elements in our lives are left behind.

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Perhaps we can even learn something useful or dig into the marvelous world of ancient history. There are hundreds of lessons that our ancestors have left behind and some of the most beautiful accomplishments of past generations can still be admired today. The past is a source of wisdom.

It would be a shame not to gather information about some of the most beloved places in Romania. This stunning country can surprise you in a good way. There were many people that decided to spend their vacations in Romania and were greeted by amazing feelings of joy and satisfaction.

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Rasnov Citadel in Brasov, Alba Carolina Citadel in Alba-Iulia, Peles Castle in Sinaia, the Palace of Culture in Iasi, Brukenthal Museum in Sibiu are just a few examples of locations where centuries of history are preserved carefully for curious eyes. You will be able to admire unique weapons, hundreds of years old, which were once used by powerful leaders in many fierce battles. Why shouldn’t you take the time now to discover a special museum? This is a beautiful place that you should visit with friends and family members.

Imagini castel Peles

Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut


Another option can be to simply explore the beauty of nature and its marvelous sights. Romania was definitely blessed with an incredible landscape (mountains, seaside, diversity in relief and so on). Why not visit a remote mountain location or a charming village, or a beautiful sunny beach?

You can find all of the necessary ingredients for a spectacular holiday, in Romania: century-old history, beautiful architecture, breathtaking sights, majestic mountains, impressive sea and dozens of charming customs and traditions. It will be very difficult to get bored traveling through this East European country. This is a country that always impresses with its surroundings and historical treasures.

Photo credit: Vasile Prisacariu

Even if time is not always on our side, we can transform a weekend into a real touristic adventure, if we have the proper information and the help of professionals by our side. Sadly, we don’t have too many vacation days, but we can make the most of our weekends. In just 2 days we can explore a beautiful location and enjoy unforgettable moments with people close to our hearts.

With that in mind, we have 5 interesting attractions that you may consider visiting this summer. We’re convinced that you will fall in love with these places. Are you curious to know more? If your answer is yes, then keep on reading! The following rows might prove to be more than useful.

5 weekend destinations perfect for this summer in Romania

Romania is a land of magic and pretty much in each region that you will visit there will be something unique and fascinating. It’s no surprise that so many tourists decide to spend their holidays here. There is diversity when it comes to the activities that you can perform which means that every member of the family will be excited and will have an amazing time.  There are many things to do, worth sharing with friends. 

But, why not go on holiday and also learn something new? Each construction in Romania has a background story that is worth listening to. Without any further ado, here are 5 amazing weekend destinations fit for your weekend travels this summer! Are you ready to discover a couple of things about them?

Photo credit: Marius Isac

Sturdza Castle in Miclauseni. Built in the 16th century by the Sturdza family, this impressive architectural masterpiece has managed to survive the many tests of history up to the present day. This medieval construction was praised for its unique style, carefully decorated exterior and interior and generous gardens surrounding it. 

Photo credit: Marius Isac

You could spend an entire day wandering through the spacious rooms of the castle, admiring the handmade wall paintings, luxurious furniture, and several art collections. And if you are feeling adventurous, you could even visit the monastery nearby. Also, the castle has a beautiful restaurant where you can treat yourself with some delicious dishes.

Neamt Fortress in Targu Neamt. One of the most impressive medieval constructions in Romania is the Neamt Fortress. It was built in the 13th century and has faced many difficult battles in its glory days. Due to its solid foundation and the powerful stones used to build it, this fortress was never seized by enemies. It’s located at 400 meters altitude, which means that you will get a panoramic view of the city.

Photo credit: Vasile Prisacariu

Bicaz Lake and Bicaz Canyon. These are another two wonderful weekend destinations. They’re located close to each-other, which means that it won’t be difficult to drive through this distance, especially if you have a good car by your side. These are beautiful locations where you can relax and enjoy some peace and quiet in the heart of nature. Bicaz Lake is a great getaway from the stress and agitation of the big cities. Bicaz Canyon is a stupendous natural piece of art, consisting of tall rocks (over 300 meters in height) carved within the mountains.

Photo credit: Mihaela Abalaesei

The littoral of the Black Sea. As it’s summer, it would be an excellent idea to spend some time on a sunny beach. And why not visit one of the many beautiful resorts near the Black Sea? These are small pieces of heaven where you can enjoy the magic of the sea and forget all about your worries. Also, during July and August, there will be several festivals organized which promise tons of fun and entertainment.

The Danube’s Cauldrons. If isolation is what you’re seeking and you are interested in completely escaping the agitated environment of a big city, then going to Orsova may be a smart idea. This is a location situated on the Danube’s shore and very close by you will have access to Danube’s Cauldrons, a real natural paradise. Here, you can go on a boat ride and admire the breathtaking views and also catch a glimpse of the impressive statue of Decebal carved into stone. 

Photo credit: Georgiana Boca

Of course, the number of weekend destinations for this summer in Romania will exceed this top 5, but these suggestions can be an excellent point to start. We have an incredibly beautiful country and it would be a real shame not to take advantage of its treasures. However, in order to travel without stress and in complete conditions of safety and comfort, you will be needing a reliable means of transport by your side. 

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