Top seven touristic objectives to see in Romania in summer 2020

We shall discover together amazing Romanian places in 2020!

For millions of people around the world and especially Romanians, summer vacation means amazing trips in new and exciting places. Driven by enthusiasm, curiosity and the will to relax and have fun, people want to discover beautiful Romanian places with captivating stories. If you are among those that plan to visit Romania in the summer of 2020, then you might want to gather some information about the country. This is how you will discover stunning locations, with interesting stories, based on history, culture, art and even fun. The New Year comes with diverse touristic promises, with capacity to become incredible experiences. To this end, it would be nice to search for information about some of the most visited summer touristic objectives in Romania.

Access to useful information can help visitors plan their trips easier. No more rushes and headaches. In order to put in our fair share of assistance, we thought it would be great to write a dedicated article. Given our Romanian residence and constant movement in the country, we felt it important to help first time visitors in Romania. They need to access useful information in order to experience the most out of each trip. People that love to travel deserve to discover beautiful places, which we visited on countless occasions.

Photo credit: Laura Seghedin

This country is a real joy for all that want to see new and exciting places. Every single Romanian region is packed with captivating stories (to different degrees) that can be explored at will (intellectually, spiritually, artistic and so on). All that remains for us to do is completely dedicated our time and attention to the touristic experience and gently gather as much memories possible (hopefully positive).

Summer is a special season for most people. The summer vacation includes trips to beautiful places, where fun, great food, charming people, stunning nature and fascinating history. This particular summer of 2020 can include a vacation in Romania, a country that impresses with its beauty and uniqueness. For most people, taking a trip to a new place involves putting some distance between them and standard sources of stress, anxiety and depression.

These states of mind can be bothersome and challenging on the human soul. A proper awareness of these mental issues can lead the bearer to a more tranquil place. Every single moment spent far away from the things that upset and tire us, can be a victory. This is probably why we should go through a dedicated documentation. If we approach this activity with patience and attention, then we should be able to find incredible places, capable of delighting our minds and hearts.

Photo credit: Laura Seghedin

Are you ready to discover 7 amazing places this summer in Romania?

When we decided to create a top with seven places to visit in Romania, we were very careful to details and possible experiences. It was not particularly easy given that along the years we went to many great locations, which we liked quite a lot. We had to choose in accordance with the type of experiences we want to go through. We hope that our recommendations will help you during your Romanian trips. This is a good way to go through different experiences capable of becoming amazing memories. Are you ready? If your answer is yes, then read the following rows with attention.

  • 1. Vatra Dornei
  • 2. Sinaia and Peles Castle
  • 3. Cazanale Dunarii
  • 4. Iasi
  • 5. Suceava
  • 6. Bran Castle and Rasnov
  • 7. Bucharest
Photo credit: Ionuț Dușmanu

In the summer of 2020, you can embark on a wide range of great experiences in Romania. If you a structure to follow in the season ahead, surely our recommendations can be helpful. Vatra Dornei occupies our first place because it always manages to delight us with gorgeous landscapes and delicious food. We were never disappointed while visiting this amazing city. This is an incredible feat! Clean air and welcoming mountains offer access to a higher wellbeing, hard to find in other places. If you choose to visit Vatra Dornei, you can do many things. Simply look them up!

When it comes to Sinaia and Peles castle, words seem to lose track of time. We managed to visit these amazing places on several occasions with friends and family. Even the smallest members of the group had a great time. Starting with the Royal train station Sinaia and ending with Peles castle, the activities seem to grow and grow. You can walk in the city, discovering old remnants of the interwar period. In addition, you will get to learn fascinating things about the Romanian Royal Family.

Poze castel Peles Romania
Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

The Peles Castle is an architectural jewel, which deserves more attention in the international touristic community. You can appreciate its beauty and uniqueness. The interior of the castle is pretty gorgeous and interesting. As a result, if you are there, simply buy a ticket and visit the Royal castle. Peles was the former summer palace of the Romanian Royal Family. Many fascinating rooms can visited with enthusiasm and pleasure. You will feel the need to take a lot of photos and clips. Afterwards you can share them on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter or even YouTube.

Photo credit: Georgiana Boca

Dunarea represents the living border between Romania and Serbia and Bulgary. This river impresses Romanian and foreign tourists. As a result, you can take a walk to the Dunarea Cauldrons, a special section of the right, with 9 kilometers in length. This is where you will find Ciucarul Mare Mountain (present in Romania) and Veliki Strbac in Serbia. You can take great river trips. We caught a clear day, with no waves or clouds. Don’t forget to visit the Decebal head, a sculpture carved in stone, 55 meters tall. It is tallest sculpture ever done in rock in Europe, which is amazing!

Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

The cities Iasi, Suceava and Bucharest can become city breaks with a twist, bringing to light sublime emotions and modern vibes. Every city has a story worth discovering with pleasure. We shall list a couple of the places that you deserve to visit in these gorgeous cities. In Iasi, you could start your journey with Culture Palace and Palas Shopping center. From this point, follow Stephen the Great boulevard where you will find Trei Ierarhi Church, Moldova Cathedral, Roznovanu Palace and Vasile Alecsandri Theater. These are only a couple of the places that you could include in an exciting itinerary. When it comes to Suceava, Cetatea de Scaun represents that most important place to see. This is where people come to understand the military and political genius of the former Moldavian ruler Stephen the Great.

arc de triumf
Photo credit: Laura Seghedin

Romania’s capital city can be a give and take experience. This European city promises to impress visitors but also put them in face of interesting challenges. There are many places to visit in Bucharest. Some of them are obvious while others not well-known. The Parliament Palace is one of the most interesting buildings in the world. You should take the time to visit it. From here, you can easily reach the old city, where you will find Manuc Inn, National History Museum (amazing!), Kretzulescu Palace, CEC Palace and Stavropoleos church. There are also other touristic objectives in this area. You can always use Google or TripAdvisor in order to locate amazing places, worth visiting with friends or family members.

Photo credit: Dusmanu Ionut

Bran Castle and Rasnov settlement are two amazing Romanian touristic objectives, worth visiting if you are in Romania. Many fans of Bram Stocker love the novel Dracula. They have with a keen interest of visiting Bran castle! The castle is in the medieval spirit but with a royal vibe. The majority of visitors that visited the castle, were more than impressed with what they found here. There is a torture chamber in the castle, which sparks interest and curiosity. Rasnov settlement is a historical emotion in a strong essence. Rasnov city is a joy for those that love architecture.

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